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    what a useless event, maybe you should increase the chance of getting temperings in Sauro, EB etc.
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    IGN: Tinaturnma A pleasant summer night and a sunny day at the beach in Atreia
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    IGN: Victimsilence (Asmo)
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    Summer is amazing! IGN: Varenta
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    Name: Malandra In this summer keep on using mask
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    IGN: Looooooooooooool Have a great summer
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    New shop updates brings to you new skins! Gear and weapons of Tiamat Stronghold Keys for Aethertechs Dazzling weapons of Agent Orb and shield of Gurriki Shop
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    Oh yes, we had that event once with "50%" drop chance of tempering which is BS, but still it dropped prices to 130kk. It was an amazing event, and made people actually active and play aion to get something instead of AFK near chest spawn locations.
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    Okay after the 5th time it worked =D
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    The Problem here is the big picture, its not about whether temperings are in an event or not, it also matter what the event is and who can reasonably expect to profit from it.Yes you aren't forcing anyone to participate but that excuse can be made for literally everything you do and is kind of mute. Events are the most efficent way for you as admins to adjust the ingame economy, ballancing etc. so when u use it you should also take into consideration what effects it will have on those variables. So yes, due to many ppl reaching the same level of gear temperings went up in price by a lot really quickly and correcting for that would help a more stable economy and the overall ballance. but this event is badly timed and chosen for this cause: A. target group is already endgeared maxed pvp players which currently really dont need another boost. B. Tempering prices may go down but the profit will be just pooled up in the same top players wallets so the overall economy just shifts even more towards them. C. Instead of making it possible for medium geared players to just get the tempering, you are now forcing them to keep buying them from the players who already have billions in wh. D. since everyone and their mum is now in need of kinah (as its the only way to get those temps unless u are zerging or got a pocket cleric and 5*) the E coin value also drops to the floor with current prices coming out at 10-13+€ per tempering even for those willing to donate in order to gear up. (elyos) The initial impuls of adding an event with tempering is great but it would have had to be one where the nubs can also get them, some kind of collecting shit or shugos or lottery or whatever crap would have worked as long as the tempering and entchant stone supply gets split across different gear and exp levels. That way you would: A. Keep the economy ballanced since the supply and demand for temperings would match more closely. (edit: I hope you are aware but the price for tempering on elyos side was stable for over a year before, so this is actually quite reasonable to expect) B. give new and gearing up players a chance at a starting fund from participating and selling. (temperings in events and drops are generally the best boost for new players as it brings in enough kinah to actually make a difference at most any step of gearing) C. give those who want tempering two options of either cashing in or grinding the event. D. would still get a boost in ecoin sells since many will chose the first option. (this includes me, I was all willing to spend a couple bucks on this since I work more atm, but the proposition of ~13€ a pop for temperings is just ridiculous) E. the likelyhood of high end players stockpiling the Temperings would be lowered a lot. (the same people as always will be keeping their temperings now expecting prices to go up again after the event, making the current prices artificially higher as well) F. give both sides equal chance of catching up with gear. so yea no idea how this shit isnt obvious tbh. but maybe just think of the overall impact you have with the event design next time instead of wondering afterwards why the changes you made aren't seen as good by your players, try to understand WHY they ask for something instead of just giving them whatever they shout for the loudest. oh btw. overall I think you are doing a good job with this server, just in regards to events you still seem to get it wrong quite often in this regard.
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    Seeing as this a x1 rate private server with official features in a rather forgotten patch I'm wondering how many of you like to enjoy all aspects of the game instead of rushing up. Have you tried to complete every single quest? Have you read the lore? Have you tried to explore every place in the map? Lastly, have you found others that you can actually have fun while achieving in game goals without the frustration of competing? And are you returning to relive the nostalgia, beautiful scenery and beautiful composed music? If this game has made you more happy whether or not you shared it with friends I'd like to know what Aion means to you.
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    pls check the ranger sleep trap skill....it suppose to sleep the target for 1 min and it sleeps for 5sec...or i dunno something?
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    Respect the nature in this summer, have an amazing one everyone! IGN: Greatsword Faction: Asmodian
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    Hello, dear players! In the morning on 15.06 at 8:00 am server time, the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 30-60 minutes! Thank you for your attention and see you later in game!
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    restarted my pc and it worked thx
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    Also try starting 32bit version of the game and moving the game to another folder (out of program files (x86)). Currently you're trying to start 64bit application from 32bit folder.
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    questo gioco è bellissimo
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    Hi, i didn't play Aion for seven years, i have recently tested the latest shitty version of Aion and that's why i decided to come on Euroaion, where i am not deceived by the game. But about the players, it's different. Most of high levels don't care of lowest levels. One of the goals of highest levels is too conquer the maximum fortress, to let lowest levels access it and make their quests. But in the chat, some answered me that i had to abandon my quests, because the zones where they were located, weren't interesting zones strategically... I talk about the Siel's zones, for example, which stay Elyos. How can people can become so selfish, when they've reached their highest level? So yes, i had to abandon lots of finished quests and had to level up slowlier because of this... i don't thank the selfish persons who answered me in chat, but i thank the ones, who approved what i told. I saw too, that high instances filter their players by watching their "gear"... i never saw this, there's seven years ago and everybody had a chance, supported by others players. The stongest helped the weakest to become better!!! That's why Aion was created with this kind of gameplay, with mentoring. So, this post is made to make you think about your attitude in game and maybe, if you're open-minded and altruist person, to change this attitude to make the game better and funnier. IT'S A GAME and a fail in an instance isn't the end of the world, you know? Then, try to give chances to everybody to become better, please. Kindly, Fred.
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    Hey indeed we have got a solution for that just follow the steps below: Solution: ->Add the game to the white list of all your antimalware programs including Windows defender and in the firewall. Reboot the PC and start the launcher. ->Right click on the game folder -> Properties -> Remove the checkmark from the attribute "read-only" -> OK. Start the launcher.
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    Hallo, wie im Titel geschrieben, suche ich eine deutsche Legion. Spiele Barde und später vllt. noch Kantor. Habe TS und Discord und spiele meist abends. Habe ca. 2014 mit Aion begonnen und nur auf dem offiziellen Server gespielt. Gesucht wird eine Legion mit guter Laune und ohne Verpflichtungen. Ingame: Maserjo Danke
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    The event will finish on day 06/06 at 23.59.
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    AC above BM below thats how you gonna have best stats
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    no one cares , close this topic
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    Regards @p0wned, This can be a problem with your computer so for that can you check the link below with all game problems, install those three programs and read all post, might help you out. https://forum.euroaion.com/topic/19-possible-problems-with-the-game-client/
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    Signed in today and now the quest "Price of Good Will" is available. Issue resolved itself again after the daily reset.
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    You get the coins for being logged in as well, so either go afk or quit bitching and get some gear!
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    Another mission impossible event. Great, lets make strong even stronger. (sin/gunner/ranger). Who even cares at this point
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    My ping got ALOT better actually. I'm using ExitLag, and after they've removed Strasbourg from route options, I had to use Frankfurt02 as it was the best available option, but it was still not as good because it's farther away from the server location. Now that server is located in Frankfurt, my ping went from 55-65 to...well this. And it feels SOOO GOOOOD! So thank you very much EDIT: I can do a bit of testing with different routes for ExitLag and Battleping (The two ping reducers that work best for me) and post results that work best for me.
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    There's a separate questline for Aethertechs in this version of the game. You have less campaign quests than other classes (none in Brusthonin/Theobomos iirc), but more blue quests with similar tasks to balance it out. So yes, it's normal.
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    The (in my opinion) best Gladiator and even player on the server has been banned and I don't see any explanations in Bans' post. For all the whiners who have reported him, if instead of accusing him of hacks, you would watch his streams maybe you would learn to use your Gladiator better. As for the Administration, is there evidence that he used hacks? Bots? Is incredible.
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    Unfortunately it is not possible to play with Parsec.
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    Hey, For UK players I would suggest to use AdvCash it is very similar to paypal, the only negative point about it is, its long registration process but after, it is very efficient to use.
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    Вечер добрый. Вчера, на ивенте персонаж Binsliden стал меня оскорблять используя не цензурную речь, что и видно на скриншотах. Пожалуйста разберитесь с этим, очень неприятно так играть, когда тебя оскорбляют.
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    This happens when someones parents are siblings...
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    What I would like very much as a buyable skin would be the Drachenbund / dragonbound-skin for all classes, these skins that are dropped by bosses in Uda's temple and Uda's temple tomb. The problem is - nobody makes these two instances, and certainly not for a player, until the individual player has all the pieces together. I mean these things, as an example:
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    Man, he just told you to USE BLOCK.. Can you imagine if I make level 1 characters and whisper start trolling people, they would all eventually respond from anger and.... everyone would get banned every time.. You can basically get anyone you want banned with that logic. Eventually, Euroaion will have 0 players. So just use block in whispers.. LFG and normal chat and shouts is different. People get "chatbans" and sanctions from violating that.
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    Положительные отзывы? Что это такое? Никто их не пишет практически никогда. Мы давно забыли что такое благодарность от игроков, чтобы мы не делали и не вводили. Да, не нравится - не принимайте участие. Мы не будем убирать ивент потому что он кому-то не нравится и вводить каждому то что ему надо. Я уже писал выше. Все ивенты не будут ТОПовыми и всем угодить невозможно.
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    Your idea seems good but it is not at all successful for several reasons. An event from which only one faction benefits, and within this faction, only a small part, it can NEVER be considered a good event. The prices will not go down for a simple reason, all those who get serums are the same who dominate the broker, in other words, this event serves to monopolize the market even more. To this day we continue to suffer the consequences of the fire, since since the fire the prices of the enchant stones have been through the roof. Invite several friends to the server and EVERYONE has left because it is impossible for them to upload the equipment, not only because the rate of this server is a SHAME but because they cannot get enough kinah, to raise a sad set to +10. Do you want to improve the economy of the server? Put the ALQUIMIA event, put the Shugos 1 month in a row. It is very nice to think that the rarest items must be difficult to get, but the only thing you are getting is that the whales on the server do not allow new players to equip themselves and leave the game.
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    Можно ходить и убивать тех кто стоит, чем не развлечение? У всех есть право выбора. Все ивенты не будут ТОПовые для всех игроков и это факт. Всегда будут недовольные, каждому угодить невозможно.
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    Hello, I'm sorry for this, but we don't set any sanctions for whisper chat. For this case you can use the block function.
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    Skins are added as well. Maybe you missed that we added some time ago now makarma, igel dome skins, then 3.0 skins
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    Hello Nimfeya, I have the same issue. It started yesterday, since that i have reinstalled the game turned off my firewall and allowed the game through the firewall but the problem is the same. when pressing "play" button, it starts checking the game (2+/- GB size ) after checking the game it automatically starts updating it (1.07GB size ) and while downloading the update it stays for 3/4 seconds into Download (status) than it moves to Connection lost, reconnecting (for another 3/4 seconds) and so on. i even waited like 2/3 hours for the downlod to be complete with all connection lost, reconnecting issues but once it gets to 100% download, it doesn't move and keeps the same status ( downloading/ connection lost, reconnecting) I have even changed my ip but no succes... Any ideea what i could do ?
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    I have a better solution, for those who dont want to install older drivers and reinstall them every time you want to play new games like cyberpunk2077 Just kill the process [Nvidia Container] or [Nvidia Display Container] when game start freezing, just working for me, its running itself again but freezes gone for few hours for me atleast. i just killing both P.S. I think this post could help alot of people and must be attached to helping guide.
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    Hello (yes, i am polite and say hello - you're not my dog and i'm not yours...), I remind you that i played there's 7 years ago and yes, i was level 65, made all instances and at the beginning, i was supported by other levels 65 with a better gear. When i was well geared, i supported at my turn people who weren't well geared. I geared myself better, instance after instance and there were rare fails. Then, i know well (even if i forgot a lot of things about this game) what it is to wait a long time before forming a group, and fails weren't always and/or only because of bad geared characters; it was sometimes due to drunk, or tired, or high persons too. If there's a good cohesion and understanding of roles in the group, fails are very rare. But no need to post more answers to this post. I see that it is just a problem of generations, new ones becoming more and more selfish, as well in game than in life... hopefully, all isn't lost, because there's exceptions and i will find them with time on the server. So, i will level up to 65 and find good players, who will help others to level up in the good mood. Have fun, all! Kind regards, Fred.
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    Я ввел термин коляска для закла на ру офе при старте и тысячи им пользовались и че? я знаю кто собирал инфу и о чем. И кто кого где указывал в гайдах или нет. Меня интересует лишь то,чтобы опр гайды не пропадали как это происходит и чтобы люди,которые играют на этом сервере,заходили на этот сайт и читали это здесь. Фогейм или любой другой сайт не имеет никаких прав ни на пост ни на фото. Все что есть в интернете находится в разных местах и компилируется кем то и когда то и для чего то. Если люди хотят получить оргазм от новых соловосочетаний, так пусть сделают сами что-то, а то сидят сидят,решили насрать, так ты потрать свое время чтобы срать в другие места-думаю сразу перехочется. Больше отвечать на всякий бред я не буду. Я всегда был против геев, за пиратство и за торренты,надеюсь моя политика понятна.
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    Hi Daevas, is it possible to bring those sets into the SHOP AS SKINS, I think a lot of people would love them to be honest. A link to the information about the set. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Level_65_Beritra_Supplies_Set Greetings, Mxmus
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    If you are just focused on reaching level 65 as fast as possible, I recommend doing the following. 1-9 - Just kill mobs. It's very fast with the gift weapons you get at the start of the game, and you can always come back to do some individual campaigns you will need for later progress. 10-19 - Head to Verteron/Altgard and follow campaign quests. Nothing else should be required. At lvl 16 you can look for a dark blue quest to enter Haramel and clean it once to get the quests out of the way and get some extra XP, but it is not required. 20-25 - Switch to Eltnen/Morheim and do all campaign quests that are available to you. If you find yourself lacking XP, just do any light blue quests you want (whichever ones you pick is up to you) 25 - Pick up the dark blue quest for Nochsana Training Camp in Eltnen/Morheim, as well as all 3 light blue quests offered by the new Nochsana NPCs. Find someone to hold group for you and head inside Nochsana. Clean the entire instance and complete the quests. This should push you to level 27. 27-35 - Keep following campaign quests. Do your Abyss entry quests and try to get your Abyss campaigns completed as well. You should have an abundance of yellow quests that will take you straight to 35, but if not, fill it in with blues. 35-45 - Head inside Aetherogenics Lab (if Elyos) or Alquimia Research Lab (if Asmodian). Clean the entire instance. This should give you atleast a level or two. After that, do your campaigns. If you find yourself lacking campaigns, head inside AL/ALR again for one more clear. Do not use any XP amulets yet. 45-50/51- Do your Theobomos/Brusthonin campaigns, then pick up the quests for Adma/Theo Lab (depending on which faction you play as, you want to get the opposite, aka. asmos into Theo Lab and elyos into Adma Stronghold) and head inside the dungeon. There is no need to full clean it - just do the repeatable quests and get out. Do these quests all 5 times. This should get you to 50. If not, finish off with grinding mobs inside Adma/Theo or do blue quests in Brusthonin. Don't forget to take your pink (growth) quests and complete them while leveling. These will reward you with very good rewards such as manastones, a godstone, golden stigmas and other useful items. 50-53 - Do campaigns in Inggisson/Gelkmaros until you get to Taloc's Hollow. Get your stigma quest done while running Taloc. Get to 53 by doing any leftover campaigns and if that is not enough, do blue quests. 53-63 - Head to Beshmundir Temple. You will need to solo or duo this, depending on your class. Keep farming Beshmundir Temple normal mode. Use any XP amulets you have available. The white, green and blue items you get as drops here should make up for the price of reset scrolls and potions you will need. 63-65 - Do all your Sarpan, Tiamaranta, Katalam and Danaria campaigns. If not 65 yet, you can do Blood Mark/Battle Medal weekly quests in Katalam and Danaria camps to finish off.