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  2. Hello, dear players! In the morning on 03.04 at 08:00 am server time the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 30-50 minutes! Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance!
  3. Доброго времени суток уважаемые игроки! Утром (03.04) в 9:00 по МСК, сервер будет отключен для выполнения технических работ. Время недоступности сервера 30-50 минут! Спасибо за внимание и до встречи в игре после технических работ.
  4. Да, все именно так как вы сказали. Вижу это по логам. В этот момент работали с сайтом, вероятно получился сбой. Монеты возвращены на счет. Спасибо за понимание и приятной игры!
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  6. Ник Svado как и на форуме. Перед тем покупал маску она пришла потом краску она не пришла а выдало ошибку. щас ток 5 монет за вчерашний голос а было 85. 60 маска и 25 сняло за краску....
  7. Здравствуйте Покупки приходят на почту. Такое не могло произойти, ни единой подобной проблемы за время работы сервера не было. Что бы мы могли проверить нам нужен ваш ник или хотя бы немного кофейной гущи.
  8. Weapon switch

    Ok, honestly i didnt search on forum if this thing has already been discussed. ok nvm but it doesnt work like you said tbh.
  9. Stigma Shard

    @rulai Vergiss es, interessant das du damals hier ein Post gemacht leider nicht mitbekommen da ich erst seit Januar spiele. Den juckt das gar nicht mit den Shards hab schon 10x versucht mit denen zu reden. Glaube die kapieren nicht was das Problem ist. Habs aufgeben und bin mit Lynnn nur noch auf DMG und switche nur wenn es wirklich notwendig ist auf Heal (z.B Runadium)
  10. [Event] Boiling Point!

    From my point of view, you are the one who is crying and you also also stupid and selfish. You clearly commented while you dont understand the situation and you are probably playing a ranged class and you fear you wont have many easy kills if more melee gets extend. He gave many valid arguments in his post and i bet you didnt read 90% of it. And most importantly he NEVER asked for a free extendable for all melee classes, he asked for a realiabe way to get it, which might be still hard and take weeks of farm but after all that work i think people deserve a reward. Its not like extendable weapons are overpowered, they have heavyly nerfed stats compared to normal weapons and they are more like for making the chances even against ranged classes that kite 24/7, also dont forget that Aethertech got 7m base attack range what is same as Greatsword, Pole and Staff extandable and they dont have nerfed stats for keyblades (or whatever its called)
  11. Weapon switch

    Becasue this question was answered many times by administration already. This works as intended by developers. First, the animation of the skill currently in use should finish, and after that you can switch weapon. This works here the same as retail servers and is not gonna be changed.
  12. Weapon switch

    I'm really wondering why i didnt get any answer, tbh i don't think this is a stupid argument. But okey, fine.
  13. Stigma Shard

    This is great idea, prices are high and half of classes are hurted because of this and specially clerics, they have to change stigmats whole time. People are here to play and have fun, NCsoft fixed this problem few patches later, but we re stuck in this one. Why do not we make ourselves less wronged?
  14. They can be applied to any type of armor, as they are a costume, and they work on male characters. But they cannot be dyed (They will always be bright gold)
  15. Most basic staff skin?

    Your best bet is either the Karmic Staff you get at lvl 10 for doing the Ascension quest or one of the low level staves from the weapons merchant in Sanctum.
  16. I tried to download it using the launcher, but it wouldn't let me. I downloaded the client by torrent but, when it needs to update appears the same problem. Any solution?

    Si claro , eso es.
  18. Most basic staff skin?

    Hello, I am trying to find the most basic staff skin in game. One with nothing special about it, just a staff, which would be used in real life martial arts. Anyone knows where to find it (on Elyos side).
  19. Hello, I would like to ask if the golden armor and helmet skins can only be applied to plate armor and if they work on male characters?
  20. Yesterday
  21. Recruitment Legion <ForgottenLegends>

    Hallo seid ihr noch auf der Suche ?
  22. Covid is still a problem

    Can we see an event with ap and cera medals as rewards pls as this patch was always made for those who had no jobs so took months to get
  23. Добрый день. Утром покупал белую краску выдало ошибку краска так и не пришла но монетки списались.
  24. [Event] Boiling Point!

    Stop crying about giving every fucking melee on this server an extendible and just morph it like Elyos are doing. Stop being a lazy fucker who do nothing but PvP instances because you're already fully geared and sitting in Pandemonium bitching about stuffs (and im talking in general). Go do some gathering, go level up some professions and stop complaining about everything, ffs.
  25. [Event] Boiling Point!

    rates are so low to get temperings/extend chest that it's retarded how much time you have to spend grinding or the money that you need to invest in this, after spending almost all the event and more than 2billion kinahs in this event (opening so many soup that i ended up losing the count) i got 0 extend chest 0 tempering solution, and everything else i got from it wasn't even close to give me back 200 millions kinah, 2kkk vs 200k there is no gain at all and this event rates are just a joke on us, people need an extend weapon, mostly asmodian templars, since we have 1 less stun than the elyos + the only extend we can get (in decent times) is the level 50 one from either adma or theo lab and both of them have AWFULL stats, still it's a 100% need and you would realize it if u notice the big difference in terms of templars population asmo side who are actually playing at lvl 65 pvp wise, even just the adding of the mail attachment approval on the shop would be a great help AND will in no way make the game be unbalanced since those are only for eternal wepons of lvl 60 so you won't need to be scared that we'd pass each other abyss gear and other "more worthy" gears, please don't even consider adding them as event rewards with rates as this one because this would be pointless anyway, keeping the balance beetween the faction/classes should be a priority for you admins, also please don't bring up the excuse "we can't give it to you because there is an istance who can drop them", that istance "Dragon Lord Refuge" has a very low drop rate for weapons + it drops stuff for every class even tho you are not able to trade them, so you are just running an istance that requires a lot of time spending and it's almost not rewarding for most of the people because it only give benefits to melee classes IF they drop the weapons they need, but i played on this server since release and after some months i quitted, came back only because of coronavirus etc but if your attitude will stay like this, me and many other people will leave as soon as the quarantine is over, so please make something to really provide extends to the people who need them, it's NOT an end game weapon, because if you are not stupid you will use an extend only for chasing someone or in other specific situations, so every melee still needs to get a NON-Extend weapon to do more damage. To add value to my point, i actually did roughly 55 runs on this server of DLR and didn't get even once an extend for my class (templar) so no sword/greatsword/mace, Doing something that force a lot of people who can't actually gain from that instance is hard. a cleric or a sorcerer wouldn't need anything from there, so it's really hard to find people who wants to do this, and approximately i would need 200 runs or even more of this instance to get even 1 extend for my class, which could result in a sword (that i don't need at all) a mace (which i need but not as much as the greatsword) and finally a greatsword (main need), so this brings the chances to 1/3 after 200 runs, so please, do something about this for the people like me who didn't get an extend from the snowflake event that you made during christmas, because right now only the people who got that from that event are using it, and maybe 1/2 people for this event, please do something about this.
  26. Shop Purchase

    Yes. Wings weapons sets are only skins. You can't pay to win
  27. Shop Purchase

    Hi there, quick question, this server looked pretty fun and i just donated 300US to support, but i just realize that the inside the shop on the website that we cannot purchase actual equips. Is my understanding correct? those are use skins right? So as for the manastones and stuff we basically just go and farm right? If thats the case i am gona stay and play, but if its just gona be another pay to get gears then i am not going to bother to download the game.
  28. Covid is still a problem

    Hi Events and news stuff will keep coming, but as every thing in this world, it takes time and patience. I can assure you that we'll have more events, so don't go anywhere Thank you !
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