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  3. QQ encounters

    Orber "challenges" 3k mboost gunner in a Sauro run #Fanboyism
  4. pvp buff

    u asmos have kkm since ages, get ceras/ap gear shuffed up your ass, and yet u sit here and cry on forums about pvp buff ... ZZZZZZZZZZ u really got me snoring mate
  5. Shop items

    Please add housing staff like a broker.
  6. Siege Quests?

    Dose Kata and Dana have quests for sieges for medals? Been looking everywhere but cannot find any. Oh also is there any other changes like this Where you can get Ceramium medals?
  7. Quest Bug "Dignity and Bluster" (Heiron)

    Hi! Found out the english mob name of the Hohngespenster: It's Sneering Boggart
  8. Shop items

    You asked, so here I am. Is there a chance on adding Antriksha/Ashelon weapon skins? They're linkable in game, skins are from 4.75, not 4.8, which I assume should have no issues with animations and such. Any feedback on that would be nice. [item: 100901294]
  9. Is Crafting worth getting into ?

    Crafted armors/weapons are decent gear. But it's really expensive to craft. And because it's not BiS, it's not really worth investing that much to craft them. But armorsmithing can be useful for other things than crafting armor. With master armorsmithing you can craft ceramium medals from fragmented ceramium. This gives better exchange rate than exchange quest in katalam/danaria camps. You can also craft dmg godstones (405 dmg with 10% proc chance). As for other professions: Weaponsmith - myth weapons are basically same case as myth armors, but you can use it to craft material for extendable weapon (alternative path if you don't want to get DLR extendable). Tailoring - myth armors same case as armorsmith, can also craft ceramium medals and dmg godstones (4050 dmg with 1% proc chance) Handicraft - weapons same as weaponsmith, I'm not sure if handicraft weapons can be used to craft extendable weapon material. Can craft ceramium medals from mithril medals, power shards and fabled idians. Myth jewelery can be BiS in some cases. Alchemy - usefull for consumables like scrolls and potions. Can craft composite manastone bundle and higher level manastones from lower level ones. Also can craft fine bracing water that gives shield that lasts 20s and absorbs 50k dmg. Cooking - usefull for crafting food, beverage and DP jelly. Can craft adaptive idium crystals needed by other crafts.
  10. Hi! The Quest "Dignity and Bluster" seems to be buggy. You have to kill 4 Brutal Zombies and 6 Stinking Zombies. However, both brutal and stinking zombies counted for the Stinking Zombies, and instead of 4 Brutal zombies, I had to kill 4 (I'm sorry I don't know the english mob name, just the german:) Hohngespenster. So it is possible to complete the quest, if you know that you have to kill Hohngespenster instead of Brutal Zombies.
  11. Boost pvp buff

    oke but when? i dont want pusing but my game anywhere is have untill when not come 1 elios. not just im alone is have very strong fustrating. dosent matter i have ap gear with weapon or not if kill me full bm set geared elios. superfun for elios side but shit for asmo side.
  12. Abyss Rank

    This is only true if you are already 1-star officer or higher rank. If you are still Soldier Rank 1 your place in ranking is not displayed, so you can't tell how far from 1-star officer rank you are.
  13. bug

    hello, i have a situation on my character Lizzu i was farming 154 Blood Mark to enchant eapon termination pistol to discordant pistol i exchange and im not get anything ,my termination pistol and 154 BM missing. Can u help me. thx
  14. Donations for the project

    Жаль, что вы теряете много пожертвований от пользователей, потому что у большинства такая же проблема. Кроме всего прочего, я не понимаю причину вашего изменения .. после PayPal теперь это тоже .. иди к тому, чтобы стать хуже, на мой взгляд ...
  15. Fake Item/Price

  16. Yesterday
  17. Donations for the project

    Ok. I checked the other donation systems but the issue I have with these systems is that they are asking for too much personal information and also from vague companies. Bitcoins is something I was already interested to try since everyone is talking about it, so I see this as an opportunity to know how it works and get used to it, the problem in terms of the agreement' is a pdf in the Russian language which I couldn't translate to English. Thanks anyways for the information and hopefully in the future there will be a smoother solution or more options.
  18. Dracan seekers LV56 Sarpan

    Okay, what is the correct spot to drop me the item? THX.
  19. Hello, I would like to trade my Attack plume (+6) for Magic Boost plume (+6), asmo side. I will compensate your extra stats with kinah.
  20. Shop items

    Hi, could you please add Ludas/Udas blue gear skin as unrestricted by class? Also, Invasion skins for example:
  21. Решила хилом сделать кв на вход для мирки, а его нет,, нпс невыдает, попасть в святилище немогу, хил 65.хэлп
  22. Donations for the project

    Hello, Everyone having the issue with error 730: Unfortuantely, we cannot influence it, and we do not have any additional information on why it happens. For us the error looks the very same way: error #730. All that we can suggest in this case is to try using digiseller. We re sorry for this inconvenience, but there's nothing we can do. It wasn't only disabled for us, but for many other users as well. Now we don't have any access to it.
  23. Доброго времени суток уважаемые игроки! Утром (24.02) в 09:00 по МСК, сервер будет отключен для выполнения технических работ. Время недоступности сервера 30-50 минут!
  24. Maintenance 24.02

    Hello, dear players! In the morning on 24.02 at 08:00 am server time, the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 30-50 minutes! Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance!
  25. Disabling donation methods.

    나는 Digiseller 가 맘에든다 간편하게 잘됨
  26. Fake Item/Price

    I know about Private Store but it's illegal listed it is similar price with snowflake , but the item is very shitty
  27. Fake Item/Price

    So let me know what kind of player would sell Platinum Coin with 2.8kk each? M I Joke to u?
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