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  2. Quest Probleme " A kill for Castor"

    Hello, The quest will be available after the maintenance:
  3. Здравствуйте, квест будет доступен после тех. работ (23.09).
  4. Здравствуйте, квест будет доступен после тех. работ (23.09).
  5. Здравствуйте, квест будет доступен после тех. работ (23.09).
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  7. "Право на вход в подземное святилище".Его просто нет,персонаж 32ур.Ник Kpolllik
  8. Здравствуйте,нет его. Ник-Tereros
  9. Aion 4.6? Am I dreaming?

    either youre a troll or you just dumb.i didnt see many new players in this game.No idea where you saw them but must be tripping.All the new players i saw were lvl 30 and giving up on the game.Most people dont even reach 65 immagine keep playng.Who return??The population is constantly dropping so who exactly returns?? This is pure truth.And you need to stop lieng to players.The server is not that populated.And a lot of people keep leaving.There will always be people that try the server?Sure ofc.Why not it happens.But to say that they will stay its truly fake.And again the servers are most populated because of old players that are already very geared up with multiple accounts.I saw that myself. 4.6 is mostly pve oriented.So its very likely the few players that are in this server is because of that.Farming farming farming.Very fun.No wonder people leave.
  10. Quest Probleme " A kill for Castor"

    I just tested on all languages, still nothing changes quests.
  11. Aion 4.6? Am I dreaming?

    Look around you. Full of young warriors. About half of my Legion is growing now. People constantly come here from other projects, because this is the best representative of version 4.6. They leave due to the fact that allowing the exchange of characters is equivalent to the complete legalization of trade and theft because of greed, laziness, or in search of new experiences. However, many return, mind you. We hear bad reviews about other servers from live people. Let's try to keep this one comfortable, okay?)
  12. завтра тех работы , всё починят
  13. Доброго времени суток уважаемые игроки! Утром (23.09) в 09:00 по МСК, сервер будет отключен для выполнения технических работ. Время недоступности сервера 30-50 минут!
  14. Maintenance 23.09

    Hello, dear players! In the morning on 23.09 at 08:00 am server time, the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 30-50 minutes! Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance!
  15. Aion 4.6? Am I dreaming?

    If you say so then have fun.I hope the server wont die as it looks it gonna be.Maybe not fast but slowly.And i didnt say "its easy to gear"Ofc its hard.If it was easy what was the point.The big point is most people dont care about new players.As they got their own gear and stuff so they dont care at all.Thats why you dont see increase in population. The server is full of old players with multiple accounts/characters.I knew a guy who had more then 8 chars lvl 65.And you dont see many "recruits in lfg".people here lie so badly.I rarily see groups for pve or even pvp..Most players have their own premades that played with since long time. I told you the truth.Evryone can try it out.But i doubht people will enjoy this server.

    Please, contact us on the email [email protected] from the email linked to the account.
  17. Нету квеста на вход в эракус! у того нпс, у которого должен быть кв на вход, просто нету КВ! Что делать?
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  19. Best PVP Players

    Xayn worst gladi in server making pvp list lol Saying teye and Hakurin are good? I saw screenshots were they got reked 20/5 and 16/0 in coop...
  20. Best PVP Players

  21. Mon moment préferer c'est les deplacement automatique on a vraiment l'impretion d'étre un ange ^^
  22. Жир ивент(нет)

    Одетый это тот который не ходит в данджи , не качает твинков и имеет кап скорости атаки + скорости магии . Я правильно понял? А можно узнать какой ивент является идеальным для одетых игроков ? он уже был на этом сервере ? можно подробней плиз . А то я как дебил радуюсь всем ивентам , а они оказывается мне не подходят .
  23. Hi, I'm french so, sorry for my english. I saw on the forum that a lot of people had the same problem off me. They didn't have the quest "a kill for castor" to enter in the temple of Eracus. I tried the solution that I saw : I've put the game in English, restart the game, but nothing happened. The next solution is apparently to wait the restart of the server, if its the solution, do you know when the restart will be done ? If you have an other solution I take it, because I really need to enter in the temple, and I successed it on an other character but not this... Thank you !
  24. Best PVP Players

    Yeah this "Dagomar" guy is really insane. He and this templar guy I think he's called Manfred rekt us in the t eye yesterday these guys are crazy fast.
  25. Жир ивент(нет)

    Баф на +10% к обеим скоростям - серьезная помощь в ПВП. Жаль закл его снимает Ну и перспектива не тратить в этом месяце 350 койнов на титул тоже весьма приятна
  26. Жир ивент(нет)

    Ивентов и так нет+воду урезали в шансе, кто зажрался?
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