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  2. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    I don't really understand all your 4 points . I haven't complained about version of the game, the only thing i can really pick on is the voting website which can't be changed to english so no point of that vote button . I also don't mind donating but i rather donate for cosmetics rather than shortending my way to 65 by spending 10 bucks on one amulet . I also know running the server costs no need to point obvious things. And yes let's praise the server for what we get and see how Euro gonna be like Gold was.
  3. what happened with Ely?

    Asmos in general ALWAYS leveled up faster than elyos,(due to quests that give signiifaicant way much more exp than ely quests in similar zones)no wonder most people choose asmo side . Ely side is pretty much drama from one certian person who insults everyone around,threat people like shit etc,so got your answer why elys are lazy and not enjoying playing on ely side . Not to mention dragging people to sieges number of players that actaully is 65 is below 100 on peak times cause ''how much time leveling takes'' got your answers ? .
  4. what happened with Ely?

    Almost 1 month later and the situation is just getting worse. People are leaving every day, and the Asmodians clearly show that they are toying with us by this point. They can absolutely crush us anytime they set their minds to it. We are starting to have problems even assembling enough people to take any fortress at all on sieges. I am not sure what can be done about it, but the stress on the Elyos side is showing in all other parts of the game as well, not just the sieges.
  5. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    There are several options to choose from online regarding Aion so I don't see the issue really. Second: EuroAion is marketing as a genuine 4.6 server, so you play here for this version of the game. Third: the Admins of this server appear to be Russian so understandable that some aspects are still in Russian - translating all is much work and this server is f2p and based on donations, so who is going to pay for that work? I do not think donations are massively. Fourth: running an Aion server costs money, time and energy. So I think it is logical to expect to give some donation at least. For professional perfection we need to go for retail but as we all know that server isn't perfect either and that's why many of us are here. Perfection only exists in fairy tales I am afraid I am grateful for what I get. Thales
  6. Remodel Restriction

    Nobody is stopping you from using original lvl 30 wings appearance if it is available. Just remove whatever skin you've applied and you can apply original skin to new 50 wings.
  7. La misión tiene un error

    Hola, ¿estás hablando de la búsqueda de oro? ¿El problema persiste?
  8. Kromede's Trial entry quest not available

    Hello, Does the problem persist after the today's maintenance?
  9. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    Since we can't edit posts . Altrough it's quite sad to make server x1 and add to cash shop exp scrolls... Theres no way to obtain e coins any other way than swiping credit card since vote website is in russian we also are forced to make an account on some website to even start with . I don't like the idea of putting faster leveling by pay wall , i wouldnt mind paying for that but since im not exactly enjoying currently leveling i'll either stick to exp x1 + my pathetic 50% scroll and tea which took me nearly an half hour to get 1 lvl at adma ,or i'll just do what most new people do and leave . And let's face it retail like server with rates x1 okay... now tell me Retail in times had thousands of players new/old whatever so you could actually do stuff to progress and level with other people (rookie server where people from all servers could do instances/quests/etc) here im quite sick of constantly asking people to help me do/run certian stuff cause we all would like to do our own stuff instead of babysitting other people.... Even tho asking pretty much in most cases end with no replies ,unless you're asking for holding group . For me in case where server is compared to retail (without thousands of players) and enjoyable to play (if you actually manage to get to 65 before quitting) is just a missunderstanding. I know i'll get lot's of hate due to my post but let it be , 5 days playing lvl 46 lol with constantly quest tracker stuffed with quests 39/39 GG .
  10. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    Gotta admit im really frustrated with ''old fashion'' leveling since we don't have dark blue quests which appeared in 4.7 or 4.8 it's VERY time consuming to level up 1 character not to mention alts if someone doesn't actually enjoy playing current one . I wouldn't mind at least rates x2 for quests im working 8 hours a day and doing shit tons of light blue quests for leveling is horrible . But no matter what we say post is thread won't get any further replies from staff what's the point then .
  11. Remodel Restriction

    I didn't play when the game had subscription if that's when you could do that, so then they changed it or introduced that property on some items (and like all the wings have it) after it went free to play cause they need to make money out of the shop to keep going. But they still also put it on some in game equipment and if you like the skins you have to drop them multiple times. For me I like Tiamat and RST skins and they both can only be remodeled once. The thing is you probably can't pull stuff from older versions cause either stuff gets deleted or altered heavily, also some variables may change and some call outs might return different things and that might break the game, else we could have aion 4.8 with sarpan, tiamaranta, katalam and danaria still there. Or having 4.6 with the 4.8 gameplay changes that are really nice. Well the warning about not being able to reuse the skin is like in the item itself, the remodeler is used for every type of item so there's only the warning that your item on the bottom would be destroyed.
  12. ник аккаунта Aleksjeff ник в игрe alekjeff хилл (38лвл) Нет квеста начального на прохождения в данж Кашмар А так же нет квеста в деревне Юврасин на золотые монеты уже 3-4 раз делал проверку
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  14. La misión tiene un error

    me gustaria ayudarte pero trata de ser mas especifico es dificl ubicar que pj hablas, si sos asmo u elio etc esta mison decis? si te tiene que soltar algo, es que bueh es asi si algo anda mal pero ponelo en ingles por que ni empedo te entienden esta gente jajaja
  15. Доброго времени суток уважаемые игроки! Утром (19.02) в 9:00 по МСК, сервер будет отключен для выполнения технических работ. Время недоступности сервера 20-40 минут! Спасибо за внимание и до встречи в игре после технических работ.
  16. Hello, dear players! In the morning on 19.02 at 08:00 am server time the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 20-40 minutes! Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance!
  17. La misión tiene un error

    voy a la misión me manda hablar con Sahnu pero luego me manda una posición del mapa voy me estoy mas de una hora y no me da el ítem de misión, y no tengo manera de acabarla podrían arreglarlo??
  18. Remodel Restriction

    NCsoft changed it so the publishers can make more money. Before, you could change by using any wings' skin on level 30 wings, and then later when you get better wings like level 50, you can use level 30 wings' appearance to change level 50 wings' appearance. But never mind. I expected the Admin/Mod to revert the changes for me over testing something worth 240 ECoins just to realise it's gone to waste. Thanks for the infos DevWolx. NCsoft clearly hasn't done their work instead of getting paid for half-baked effort. They could've at least stated a warning on the remodeler window that "if you are using skin to remodel, the skin will disappear and you will not be able to remodel from the remodeled item".
  19. Kromede's Trial entry quest not available

    Same probleme. Name ig : Amara - elyos Thank you
  20. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    Personnellement je trouve le serveur parfait telle qu'il est ! Au pire si vous voulez up 80 en 48h il vous restent la solution de GameForge 🤣 Mais dans touts les cas la plus grande parties ne cherche pas a up en 48h mais a découvrir ou redécouvrir la meilleur version de Aion Sur ce très bonne journée.
  21. Kromede's Trial entry quest not available

    Hi, I have this probleme to, can you fix that please ? Thanks you ! my name ingame: Teruky
  22. Editing posts

    Ok thanks for explaining. Yes I see how it makes sense that this is the case. Greetings Thales
  23. Editing posts

    Hello, The option to edit disappeares in some time after the post is created. This is made on purpose.
  24. Streamers invited for cooperation! EuroAion Gunner Gameplay Ger/Eng
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  26. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    Me too I don't have a lot of play time and sometimes i don't even play for days, just do it at your own pace no rush, sometimes forcing it can make you not enjoy the game. If you are willing to buy stuff from shop to go faster, I'd go for the energy of repose boost only at low level (unless the other bonuses of the value pack seems worth for you) you get that strong energy of repose, not a big difference from the normal one but well, you can regen it with 100% Teas after it reaches 0 to boost XP from any source so there's that. There's also +200% XP amulet from shop if you gonna do some bashing, some people sell them in game but quite expensive.
  27. Editing posts

    Ok now I see I can edit the former post. Is there maybe some algorithm involved that decides whether one can still edit? Cheers Thales
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