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  2. Shop items

  3. hello I have the same problem, please can you give me this quest manually as well? Character name "Najo" , level 34 Ranger. Tellarius does not give me the "killing for castor" quest, therefore i can't enter the eracus temple cavern
  4. Today
  5. Hello, Please, write your nickname here and also be online in order to receive the quest. We are going to give you the quest manually.
  6. Calydon Ruins

    Change into Calydon and go to stone plate to rub but you cannot rub you just stand there. Level 49
  7. А когда рестарт сервера не подскажите?
  8. Здравствуйте, с квестами всё будет в порядке после следующего рестарта.
  9. I have the same problem. Will it be fix???
  10. Yesterday
  11. Hair dyes

    Hi, please add the hair dyes in shop for like 25-30 ecoins [item:169840503] for example -> asmo white hair
  12. Hi, here is my list of suggestions for this week: double entry for Kamar with halved GP; double entry for EOB with halved GP; fix the anticheat program that this server chooses to use so that shugo console works; panda candy toggle; new skins from the many that were suggested in the thread on the Forums (and on the removed suggestions channel on the EuroAion Discord); address the stigma shard problem that has been mentioned since the day the server opened- multiple solutions have already been suggested: give a few stigma shards for every hour online, put stacks of 10k in random event rewards (instead of giving us temperings, and ruining your own server's longevity, give us 10k stigma shard stacks), put them on shop, etc.; announce maintenances more than a few hours/minutes before they happen (24h+); more support for player-organised PVP events (rewards and/or special map and/or staff overlooking during an event to port out troublemakers that attack the people fighting/watching) or more activity from the staff to organise such PVP events (3v3, 2v2, 1v1 bracket-style tournaments and KOR-style tournaments); add Unstable Abyssal Splinter Bonus Entry Scroll on the shop (with 1d 22h CD ->; add courier passes to the shop and/or events (Special Courier Pass (Eternal/Lv. 56 - 60)-> and Special Courier Pass (Eternal/Lv. 61-65) ->; Please & thank you.
  13. Shop items

    i see now sry mistake ^^
  14. Üdvözöllek! Magyar játékosok jelentkezését várjuk a <Keyboard Fighters> légióba. Napi szinten PvE/PvP insták. Megfelelő létszám utána saját EB premade. Játékban / DC-n mindennap elérhetőek vagyunk és tudunk segíteni ha elakadsz. Ha szeretnél csatlakozni hozzánk írj játékon belül vagy keress minket DC-n. Játékon Belül: Agnetha vagy Yittta DC: (Legion recruit only for Hungarian Players.)
  15. Greetings, It would be nice that, unlike EU retail, the weapon switch delay would be removed. While this is of some effect to some classes, it is most effective on gunner of which weapon switching is a more essential core part of the class design which requires frequent and rapid weapon switching in order to do their full DPS. The current delay is not affected by player latency and it's removal has been noted on other servers as well (not only on not aion). It lasts even up to 1 to 2 full seconds in real-time before weapon switching takes effect, essentially making this a "dead time" in which no skill can be used.
  16. Я целый день онлайн,а так никто и не смог зайти и помочь в данной проблеме,целый день открываю почту и не вижу ответа даже, ник был прописан в самой проблеме,зачем по несколько раз спрашивать его? Из-за одного квеста остановился целый кач,очень досадно(
  17. Op

    you have to review the Gunner class, a class that kills with just 1 skill.

  19. Shop items

    Plss add this item only see remodel Mask or Hood. ID:110901014 NPC:Executioner's Outfit
  20. Фортуна легиона.

    Купил - доволен. Тему можно закрывать.
  21. Noexp command

    Hello, We do not implement this command on purpose and are not going to add it.
  22. Фортуна легиона.

    Спасибо. Наконец то достойный ответ. Хотел узнать как раз про седлание) если быстрее то есть смысл брать)
  23. Choose the dark side and get gifts!

    this is no longer vaild?
  24. Shop items

    Please add more skin choices for bards ID: 102001189 NPC Idgel Dome Harp ID: 102001188 NPC World Event Harp
  25. Last week
  26. У НПС нет квеста "Право на вход в подземное святилище" ник Kowkamowka, возможно конечно я не сделала какой-то квест и по этому его у меня нет,но все же.
  27. hey no problemo! I also tried on a other character same story there does not work
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