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  4. Quest Bug

    I am having this issue too.. EDIT: after 10 attempts and a logout it passed..
  5. Pet

    Hello, Nothing ever disappeares. Please, check everything once again and try to remember what you did.
  6. Blackscreen after ncsoft logo

    Hi, When i first downloaded client few days ago everything was fine, after two days of playing without any problems, i cant enter the game. After launching aion, after the ncsoft logo screen, i only see cursor (which i can move) and black screen. There is no music. I tried many options including "Black screen with sound on the logging in stage and the music is playing", reinstalling DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++ and Net framework, changing client to 32 bit. It seems like only option for me is checking the files before every start but it takes ages for it to finish. Is there something more i can do?
  7. Cannot Connect The Server İssue

    Hello, You need to fix your wifi, so the problem will be gone.
  8. Со следующей недели количество выдаваемых монет за стримы будет уменьшено! Вы не сможете получите более чем 1 монету за 1 просмотр по статистике. И это количество может быть уменьшено при несоответствии условиям сотрудничества. Ограничения в минимальные 500 просмотров в неделю сохраняются. Вы можете отказаться от сотрудничества если вас не устраивают условия.
  9. Cooperation with streamers

    Starting from the next weel, the amount of the coins for streams will be cut! You will not be able to get more than 1 coin for 1 view in the statistics. Furthermore, this amount can be cut if you don't meet some requitements of the cooperation. The restriction in minimum 500 coins a week remains. You can always stop streaming if you don't agree with the terms.
  10. Ecoins

    after the galation for the server does not give coins,,,, I have already voted for the server 5 times but I have 0 ecoins....Help plz
  11. Yesterday
  12. Wild idea of getting our server updated to 4.8

    As several people mentioned above-I will uninstall the day game moves to 4.8. Thanks.
  13. End game as a begginer

    Farm BM and in 4-5 weeks you will have full BM gear. Enchant it to +10 (L80-L90 for weapon; L90-L100 for armors). Don't miss on sieges as they give nice rewards. Both Tiamaranta and the "normal" sieges even if your faction doesn't win. Get an expert profession or/and gather skill and use it to make kinah. Do Steel Rose solo instances daily. Make all dailies for ancient coins - 3 you take from Katalam [Coin] and 2 from Indian Depths [Coin]. When you get BM weapon and armor (should do it in 2 weeks of BM farm) put manastones in them and spam Sauro 1k. Eventually you can farm Raksang and Rentus for Kahrun coins but I don't like them because I get crashes in both instances, sometimes multiple in a single run. Might be because I'm using a comparably old graphics card but I'm not the only one experiencing it and sometimes these instances take way longer than Sauro even though they're way easier. As in general I've issues with the geodata in Sarpan both the land and it's instances. Farm Tiamaranta's eye mobs for a jackpot 600kk(at minimum on elyos side) Fine Recovery Serum recipe. Join a popular/big legion especially if on elyos side as we have way too many small carebear legions and asmos are dominating the PvP areas ever since I started here. This is a very good guide for money making although the given Strange Ide Crystal farming spot is always full of people and in my opinion inefficient for newbies.
  14. Last week
  15. Теперь всё понятно. Спасибо за информацию.
  16. Да,сундуки в данже открывал. Но я думал это ключи от сундуков в оке Тиамаранты.
  17. В таком случае вам поможет только переустановка ОС (нормальную сборку, лучше чистую) или обновление ПК (если он слишком слаб)
  18. Здравствуйте. Вы открывали сундуки в данже ? Проверьте предметы "Выкупа" и торговца, вероятнее всего вы их или продали или выбросили.
  19. Пропали 3ключа от сундуков мин. через 20 после прохождения Рунадиума. По квестам давалось 3 ключа.
  20. Pet

    Hi, yesterday I noticed my pet has disappeared. I'm 100% sure that I didn't sold it or threw him out... It was a [Red Diabol Egg].
  21. Ничего из этого не помогает
  22. End game as a begginer

    Too late, everybody got gear and there's nothing at broker. Buy a character Ok
  23. Здравствуйте Эту ошибку не решить одним советом. Полный гайд по ней смотрите здесь
  24. При входе в игру вылезает такая ошибка. Windows 7 32-bit. Пробовал все способы из темы, закрепленной выше. Не помогает. Что делать?
  25. Доброго времени суток уважаемые игроки! Утром (25.11) в 09:00 по МСК, сервер будет отключен для выполнения технических работ. Время недоступности сервера 30-50 минут!
  26. Maintenance 25.11

    Hello, dear players! In the morning on 25.11 at 08:00 am server time, the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 30-50 minutes! Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance!
  27. [Works] Happy Halloween!

    Prizes: 1st winner - AHONIMER - 2000 E-Coins + 1 permanent mount from the new update on your choice 2 winner - Aelitka - 1500 E-Coins 3 winner - Gale - 1000 E-Coins In order to get the reward you must contact Nimfeya on the Forum in PM and provide your account name Призы: 1 место - AHONIMER - 2000 E-Coins + 1 постоянный маунт на выбор из новинок сервера 2 место - Aelitka - 1500 E-Coins 3 место - Gale - 1000 E-Coins Для получения награды необходимо написать на форуме в личные сообщения Nimfeya свой логин. Nimfeya
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