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      No war! Нет войне!   03/01/2022

      Dear players, the project does not support the criminal actions of Russia towards Ukraine!
      Everyone can stop this meaningless war and must do everything for it.
      If you're in Russia, stop listening to propaganda! Use alternative information resources. The reality is not what you receive.
      Please, think about the future of your country and do all you can! Now the access to the forum is limited for the users with Russian IP addresses. For these users, there's redirection to the other resource with the addressing speech to the Russian citizens.
      This is the decision of the hosting holding our forum and we cannot influence it.

      However, do not make the chat totally offensive. Please, do not raise this topic in the game or we will have to set punishments.
        Уважаемые пользователи сервера, мы категорически не поддерживаем преступные действия РФ в отношении Украины!
      Каждый кто может остановить эту бессмысленную войну должен сделать для этого все.
      Если вы находитесь в России, перестаньте слушать пропаганду! Посмотрите альтернативные источники которых достаточно. Реальность совсем не такая, как вам подносится.
      Пожалуйста, задумайтесь о будущем вашей же страны и сделайте все что в ваших силах!

      Сейчас доступ к форуму ограничен для пользователей с русскими IP. Происходит редирект на сторонний ресурс с обращением к гражданам РФ.
      Это позиция хостинга где находится наш форум, мы на это не влияем. Но, пожалуйста, давайте не превращать чат в игре в сплошные оскорбления. Пожалуйста, не затрагивайте эту тему в игре, иначе мы будем вынуждены выдавать наказания.    

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  2. Donations for the project

    I tried to used Visa/Mastercard but said cant no accept card from my country (spain). Therefore, my only option is to buy a coupon with the comissions they have... (so much compared to visa/master). You should think of solutions, because in the end many people (including myself) prefer not to buy so as not to waste money on commissions.
  3. Ecoin kauf

    Heyho, habe am 16.05 Ecoins via Kreditkarte gekauft. Das Geld wurde abgezogen und im Browser komm ständig dieses rote Dreieck was den Kauf verhindert jetzt zum Problem. Das Geld wurde mir von der Karte abgezogen aber die Coins habe ich nicht bekommen und . das Geld ist weg bitte um eine schnelle Antwort Mit freundlichen Grüßen
  4. As a last solution have you tried unistalling and reinstalling?
  5. Yeah the thing is I did that already. I also mentioned it in my first post here.
  6. Error during Update (1)

    check this guide and follow steps to solve your problem
  7. There was a similar post on forum, and he resolve adding the game folder to the white list of their antivirus or windows defender, give it a try.
  8. When I try to start the launcher this pops up. I can't press the check button.
  9. You have to start and check the file from "EuroAion" launcher, seems that you are trying to launch the game directly from exe file in aion directory.
  10. Thank you for your reply. But that exactly is the problem. I don't get to the point to check and update the files, because when I start the launcher I immediately get an update error, without having a chance to press anything.
  11. Client startet nicht

    So, i tested a lot of things. I made a clone of my old system on an external drive and testetd it on my old and my new pc. I can start the win10 from the ext drive without any problems on both pc's. But the Aion-Client wil not start on the new one. It's the same as above. So i install a new Win10, download and install all needed files. On my old pc i can start with that. Also Aion starts very well, On my new hardware win 10 starts, but the aion-client will not start... I tried GAmeZ Aion, that uses also Active anticheat. On my old pc i can start it, on my new not. With Beyond Aion i have no problem on both pc's. It is not win 11 that makes the problem. I think, it's the active Anticheat that will not run with Ryzen 9, GTX 3080 or whatever. greetz Hasch
  12. Donations for the project

    So the final point about PayPal as a payment method, it will not happen, we can not introduce Paypal to our list for many reasons, I hope you all understand it and there are other ways for you to pay, check our payment methods on the website are a lot of options innit.
  13. Hey @christin, So for the correct start of the game, it is necessary to check the files and get the updates. Please, press the "check" button in the launcher before starting the game but if the previous solution didn't help, please, re-download our launcher: https://euroaion.com/files/euroaion.exe, with all of these changes you should be able to join our server, let me know if your problem got solved. Regards Christof.
  14. Battle Ping anyone can help? :D

    I think you should contact their support team, we can not help you with their software, and if you're trying to get a better ping my personal advice is to get VPNgame it's one of the best VPNs at the moment.
  15. inappropriate language

    If the players write something that goes against our rules, and you've got proof of it(screenshot or video) we will do something about it, and yes we care about all players on the server, and please send that information to us.
  16. Hello everyone, I tried to start the launcher today, after I downloaded it with torrent. The problem is that everytime I start it this error pops up. I tried turning off my antivirus programs and everything as well. I just dont know what else I could do to solve the problem.
  17. Donations for the project

    Please add Paypal for donation! We can't shop anything
  18. Spiel reparieren

    Vielen Dank @Sailorhuhn - jetzt funktioniert das Spiel wieder.
  19. inappropriate language

    mate mind your own business i dont know why you take place on my report in first place do you want some attention or what? i dont accept your comments snowflake is you that you fall in places that is not snowing.
  20. Last week
  21. inappropriate language

    i think you should leave not just the game the whole dam internet you too much of a snowflake
  22. Тоже пытался закинуть копейку для теста и не вышло через Енот. Он укр. карты не пропускает. Вышло через DIGISELLERENOT там где код можно купить. Не очень удобно ибо нужную сумму купить нельзя выходит, только что прописано.
  23. hello, when i start battle ping and try start my game after window with ANTI CHEAT my game not started when i stop use battle ping all its good
  24. inappropriate language

    yeah but you are not saying to me that he got punishment or at least something you are just saying that they got the information for the report that i did. Well i give up i am not gonna send again from now on i will start leaving this game slowly i see you guys dont care about us so why should we care and play a game that is full of dirt and not fair at all
  25. inappropriate language

    yes, they got it.
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