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  1. [Works] From Your Valentine...

    Nickname: Meleze Category: festive video from the game
  2. [Works] From Your Valentine...

    Nick: Meleze Category : photo or video from real life
  3. [Works] From Your Valentine...

    Nickname: Meleze Category: Screenshot
  4. [Works] From Your Valentine...

    Nickname : Meleze Category : Handmade Small video of making cookies~
  5. red

    23.10.23 this man never changed (+ ton of deathwishes in PM)
  6. [Works] Christmas Moments!

    Name: Meleze Race: Elyos Category: Screenshot/collage
  7. [Works] Christmas Moments!

    All I want for Christmas... is you! nick: Meleze Race : Elyos Category: Handmade
  8. [Works] Trick or Treat?!

    Mummy candy go wild.. Hope somebody got scary~ Real life photo by Meleze Elyos
  9. [Works] Trick or Treat?!

    Hope this Halloween bring you all happy memories and sweet candies Elyos - Meleze
  10. [Works] Trick or Treat?!

    Simple collecting of candies can turn the head... to a pumpking! Meleze Elyos
  11. [Works] Trick or Treat?!

    In the darkness of Halloween night tired spiritmaster choose an easy way to gain some candies - Trich or Treat. Choose fast. Fear is on the way... little daeva didn't know she will take both. Art by Meleze Elyos
  12. [Works] Birthday party!

    EuroAion is like a sweet cake that i want to share with everyone! Ever you are solo gamer or best coop mate - have a sweetiest time on server and discover Athrea on Euro Aion Elyos - Meleze (art made by me)
  13. [Works] Summer breeze

    Melize Asmo Summer chill with ladies straight from Udas
  14. [Works] Summer breeze

    Melize Asmo