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  1. Well, today the server shut down for the majority of people however since we can clearly see photos from a small number of people in the discord server – if we are to disregard the active tracer of people being online – yet again the claim that everyone gets disconnected which has been the case before in many cases but it also in quite a substantial number at this point, has not been the case. I also want to add that this factor in making sieges less about contribution but luck does not take into account the issue of when and where you get disconnected incases where it does not strike everyone at precisely the same moment. So yet again my suggestion is to take meassurement similar to those I gave in the original post.
  2. Notification

    Suggestion: since notifications of server going offline and why (when its planned) is being broadcasted on the discord. Why not add when it goes online as well?
  3. suggestion: For the time being, one of the bigger issues I guess is that ranking up /keeping rank has been turned over to chance. i.e if you get disconnected during siege and when you get disconnected during siege. Albeit removing gp from sieges would be a massive mistake on the same scale as removing gp from arenas. A temporary reduction of the amount of gp recieved is perhaps something to be considered in that the people lucky enough to get gp amidst sieges will still get gp but the difference of 100-900 gp per day is at the moment a to high number to be left to chance. Just food for thought, that way it will still be rewarding to do siege as gp is given – and perhaps an increase of relics/medals could be added for the set period – but not enough gp is given to leave the rank ladder based to more or less 75% at this moment to chance due to random DDOS guy. Idk who to tag but whatever.
  4. Godstones

    Given that the gp reset happened i have a very hard time seeing how there have not been a nerf or complete removal of godstones so far. Whereas a complete removal may be a bad solution an overall reduction of a minor percentage is highly needed. See 5.0 for possible coding tips.
  5. Fix group pvp

    For months and perhaps longer the issue and to me the biggest reason why people dodge in every pvp content is due to the immense unbalance of the match making. You face people where you have 0% chance to win which makes dodging a logical and understandable choice or you meet people where unless your group disconnects, you have 0% risk of losing. The game when it comes to group pvp is very influenced by group setup, gear level, connection and perhaps the least often mentioned, experience and with that synchonicity in the group from having been playing for a long time together. What that means and brings to the game is that you have groups or alliances that can only lose against each other whereas any other matchup is a 100% win. Solving this would have 2 major benefits. 1. more people can actually do pvp and 2. less dodging will occur. My suggestion is to make the ranking and the mmr system that goes along it stronger or in easier words making sure that the more points you get – i.e wins – the matchups will increasingly bring harder opponents.
  6. Refreshing Glory Ranking

    Ok, so i am quite sure that most of the things i am about to say have already been said in different forms. But how about listing some pro's and cons first: Pros for resetting the GP ranks: -Invites or brings back new or old players that for various reasons have given up rank climbing. -mose likely sieges will be more active and balanced. -have the posibility to turn EoB and kamar into something active rather than insta win or insta lose. -forces factions to work together. I.e making it harder for top ranks to keep their small transform groups. Cons for resetting the GP ranks: -the most obvious one is that it's a major slap in the face of the people that has actively played from day 1 to the extent that a lot will quit is my guess. -it'll be way easier for people with alts to occupy multiple high ranks -Eob and kamar will be in the risk of going into only being done by dodging to gain HP. i.e both pvp instances will compeltely die. -Siege trading both kills and forts will have higher incitements. Pros for removing gp from arenas: -possible lowering of dodges and sniping off own alts. -possible shorter entries -less wintrading -less ticket farming by alt sniping. cons for removing gp from arenas: -possibility to completely kill arenas in terms of activity. -possibility of no entries at all due to no one going -redering glory tickets useless. i.e yet another slap in the face to people that give their all to win. -returning people that counts on glory to make quick ap, cera and rank loses the best method of doing so. Why it's stupid to reset gp's? Simple, a whole new range of incitements to game the system gets created. If people thought prior to reseting gp that trading forts, people killing their alts for ap/gp and the high ranks sticking together to ensure max reward were issues now, those issues are about to increase by several orders of magnitude. If you are high ranked, lets say rank 1-10 which would be governor down to gret general and you want to keep your rank. The best strategy is to simply either leech of the faction when it's certain that a fort will be captured or to never aid the faction by keeping your transform as a benefit to the chosen few. i.e ensuring the max reward for yourself as well as your friends/fellow top ranks. Next issue, why will fort trading increase? Ooh that's easy to explain, owning the forts comes with the forts defence mechanism which increases and in some cases ensures higher rewards/more gp. The logical strategy – albeit ignoring lets say moral and ethical considerations – is to simply make a deal with opposing factions legion and keep the high ranks within a select few. Why will alt killing increase? Just look up as the other factors will be more deciding in terms of gp farming people will – although one can debate if wrong or not – resort to killing their alts to makeup for the lack of other oppertunities given to the select few. Why it's stupid to remove gp from arenas? I'll try to make this one short, but will without doubt fail in doing so. Removing gp from arenas will without doubt for starters render the "top player" competition useless as there are two scenarios taking place. 1. a select few players of perhaps 10 or less will fight for the rank 1 spot dodging each other endlessly as it's the only people doing arenas. 2. No one at all will do arenas. Next thing, removing gp from arenas removes the fastest way for returning players and future new players to climb the ladder as well as gearing up. Glory arena is without doubt the best way to farm gp, ap and ceramium medals; all four being some of the key things a player needs to progress in game. By removing the gp from glory arena one can still argue that the other things remains, but it comes with an a priori assumtion that people will continue to farm glory tickets and infact do glory arena. Not to mention that the same issue as mentioned before regarding "top players" will play a role here as well, making it for example impossible for new players to get a chance on winning as they'll get matched with the minority that will be going for the top spot on the rank list. Lets continue to harmony. I dare say that the 3v3 is the most balanced pvp in the patch, EoB pvp wise as comparison for example is garbage given the huge pve factor in it. The only counter argument i can see here is that 3v3 will remain alive cause people enjoy pvp. That in itself may hold a grain of truth but it will without doubt be here as well only a very select few, for example the maximum of 15 players doing training harmonies. On top of previous issues harmony also suffers from an additional one which is that it suffers from people getting bored. If the playerbase shrinks the opponents shrink and that way the group compositions and content making it a rush to the bottom regarding the death of harmony. The only arena i will grant being a good option to remove gp from is chaos arena. To which can be gone into. But lets go outside of specific arenas, it's also stupid to remove arenas as it forces people to do sieges, eob and kamar in a as gp-ensuring way as possible which translates to what i already mentioned in the earlier section. But it also brings with it a whole new hazzard of eob and kamar ending up being 99% dodges to ensure gp. i.e killing off that content as well. Suggestion. Leave the arenas alone when it comes to giving gp. With alterations such as burning tickets upon entry pop as well as on no opponent entering reducing the gp to for example half of what it gives upon winning. albeit on doing such a thing a calculation has to be made so it is still worth winning rather than losing. Here's what I would do. -Reset the gp to answer that call albeit it wont come without a cost. -Burn tickets upon entry pop but let arenas still give gp -Alter the amount of gp for arenas I did not mention any issues regarding playable hours and so on due to the complexity of that, even if it for example affects myself to a great degree as when work hours goes back to normal sieges are to late and stopping to play becomes close to an inevitable outcome.
  7. Tia dailies

    Suggesting to make the tia dailies for mithril medals repeatable more than 30x times.
  8. Suggestion is simple, add a shop item that locks up the last row of the inventory making the max amount of slots 135 instead of 126. Will benefit both the players as well as the project.
  9. Performance fix

    Sorry I can't understand that.
  10. Performance fix

    So i've been til now had the issue with client crashing, freezing or going down to 9 fps in every siege as soon as there are more than 100 people around me which tbh have made me skip siege a lot of times. However today i tried a different config of the system file and had a walloping stable 40-50fps in the taking of Miren. So i thought that I'd share the lines i added if more people are having issues with freezes, crashes, fps drops etc. I should add that my graphic settings are everything on the lowest besides texture detail which are at second highest, object range at farthest and terrain range at farthest with the high quality engine. as far as i've understood this sort of modding is fine as it simply makes the game run smoother with no detectable game changes, mechanics or looks wise. sys_spec_ObjectDetail = "0" sys_spec_Particles = "0" sys_spec_Physics = "0" sys_spec_PostProcessing = "0" sys_spec_Shading = "0" sys_spec_Shadows = "0" sys_spec_texture = "0" sys_spec_Quality = "0" ac_animErrorClamp = "0" ac_clampTimeAnimation = "0" ac_clampTimeEntity = "0" ac_disableFancyTransitions = "1" ca_AnimWarningLevel = "0" ca_AnimationDeferredLoad = "1" ca_AnimationUnloadMaxPerFrame = "0" ca_AnimationUnloadCheckPerFrame = "0" ca_AnimationUnloadDelay = "0" ca_ClothMode = "0" ca_EnableCCG = "0" ca_EnableCubicBlending = "0" ca_EnableLightUpdate = "0" ca_EnableTangentSkinning = "0" ca_MemoryDefragEnabled = "0" ca_NoMorph = "1" ca_NormalizeBases = "0" ca_PrecacheAnimationSets = "1" ca_SSEEnable = "1" ca_SafeReskin = "0" ca_disable_thread = "0" ca_thread = "1" d3d9_AllowSoftware = "0" d3d9_PSforce11 = "0" d3d9_TripleBuffering = "0" e_CullVegActivation = "0" e_clouds = "0" e_DecalsLifeTimeScale = "0" e_Dissolve = "0" e_DynamicLights = "0" e_GI = "0" e_GsmCache = "0" e_GsmLodsNum = "1" e_ParticlesMaxScreenFill = "16" e_HwOcclusionCullingObjects = "0" e_HwOcclusionCullingWater = "0" e_OcclusionCullingViewDistRatio = "0" e_ParticlesThread = "1" e_PrecacheLevel = "1" e_cbuffer = "2" e_PreloadMaterials = "1" e_PrepareDeformableObjectsAtLoadTime = "1" e_ProcVegetationMaxSectorsInCache = "64" e_Recursion = 0 e_Render = "1" e_SkyBox = "1" e_SkyQuality = "0" e_SkyType = "0" e_StatObjBufferRenderTasks = "0" e_StatObjPreload = "1" e_beach = "0" e_clouds = "0" e_flocks = "0" e_fog = "0" e_HwOcclusionCullingObjects = "0" e_HwOcclusionCullingparticles = "0" e_HwOcclusionCullingVegetation = "0" e_HwOcclusionCullingWater = "0" e_light_maps = "1" e_light_maps_quality = "0" e_optimized_render_object = "0" e_proc_vegetation = "0" e_recursion_occlusion_culling = "0" e_shadow_spots = "0" e_skip_terrain_culling = "1" e_sky_box = "1" e_stencil_shadows = "0" e_streamCgf = "0" e_sun = "0" e_water_ocean_soft_particles = "0" e_water_render_distance = "0" e_weather_fx_enable = "0" es_DebrisLifetimeScale = "1.0" es_UpdateInvisibleCharacter = "0" g_MaxFPS = "-1" g_NoWarFog = "1" g_chainSkillChangeCooltimeDelay = "0.000" g_chainSkillIndicateDelay = "0.000" g_chatlog = "0" g_client_var = "0" g_enableSkillVoice = "0" g_loadSlotState = "3" g_save_preset = "1" g_showFPS = "1" g_showUIActionMsg = "0" g_show_breath = "0" g_uiContour = "0" g_ui_stillview = "1" g_muteMyPet = "1" g_openSpecialServerList = "0" g_playerprofile = "custom" r_ChromaticAberration = "0" r_checkSunVis = "0" r_DeferredShadingAmbientLights = "0" r_DynTexAtlasCloudsMaxSize = "2" r_DynTexAtlasSpritesMaxSize = "2" r_EnvCMResolution = "3" r_EnvCMupdateInterval = "1.0" r_EnvTexResolution = "3" r_EnvTexUpdateInterval = "1.0" r_FSAA_samples = "0" r_GeomInstancing = "0" r_HDRBloomRatio = "0" r_HDRBrightLevel = "0" r_HDRGrainAmount = "0" r_MSAA = "0" r_MeshPrecache = "1" r_MotionBlur = "0" r_MultiGPU = "2" r_MultiThreaded = "1" s_SFXVolume_COMMENT_GOSSIP = "1.000000" s_SFXVolume_COMMENT_NPC = "0.377564" s_SFXVolume_COMMENT_QUEST = "1.000000" s_SFXVolume_COMMENT_SYSTEM = "0.600000" s_SFXVolume_ENV = "0.350000" s_SFXVolume_FX = "0.188782" s_SFXVolume_UI = "0.232347" sys_warnings = "0"
  11. Server 116

    Hello! So after about a week of trying i managed to get my connection to 70-90 from 90-1000 but for some reason when i enter server 116 (1v1, 3v3, eob, kamar, iww etc) it jumps to 70-6700. Is the location of server 116 different from the normal one?
  12. Hello! So I moved today and my ping is lets say 5-10x times higher going from stable 30-40 to 120-380. So far I've tried leatrix, nimakin, with/without ncping and exitlag and improvement is 0 for all except exitlag which reduces the ping with 1-3%. Anyone else have some tips or better to just leave the game and find something else?
  13. Hello. Seems like I am running into a problem daily with the game or the client. Today the problem is that I am being constantly disconnected or shut down with the message "you have been disconnected from the server". I've recieved the message and the problem with various vpn ways, connection without any vpn interferance, connection with and without leatrix modification and both my connection through my internet provider as well as through my phone. I guess the question is, is there currently any connection issues in the game?
  14. No. I am in the alliance and everyone else (23) are inside but it did not let me (the 24th player) in due to the max amount of players (24) somehow had been reached even though only 23 players were inside.