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      Ddos attacks! / Атаки на сервер!   08/16/2022

      The server is under consistent DDos-attqcks. We are testing and setting a new defense system (for now unsuccessfully). The server is unstable for now. Disconnections, unplanned maintenances are possible, as well as it may be impossible to enter the game. There's no need to contact the supports now, as until the problems are fixed generally, there's nothing else we could do you regarding this issue. Together with "standard" ddos we have more advanced attacks that seek for the breaches in the game server infrastructure breaches. 
      Since the start of the problem we have found and closed some of the breaches (and just recently closed some more). Sadly the intruder finds new ones. Closing them is not that easy, as there are no ready to use fixes/solutions for such problem. Compensations for the failed instances are not possible anymore! After the unplanned restars/server drops, the entries will be reset (may depend on the circumstances). Thank you for understanding
      Сервер находится под постоянными атаками. Работа сервера нестабильна. Возможны отключения, внеплановые рестарты, невозможность зайти в игру. Нет смысла обращаться в поддержку для решения этих проблем. Пока не будут решены проблемы с атаками мы ни чем не сможем вам помочь. Компенсации за вылеты из данжей выдаваться больше НЕ будут. После внеплановых рестартов/падений сервера входы в данжи будут сбрасываться (могут быть и не сброшены. В зависимости от обстоятельств). Кроме стандартного ddos'а мы имеем дело с более продвинутыми атаками, нацеленными на уязвимости инфраструктуры игрового сервера.
      За время атак, было найдено и ликвидировано несколько уязвимостей. Но злоумышленники находят новые "дырки" в программном обеспечении сервера. Их выявление и закрытие это непростая задача. Готовых решений для решения этой проблемы не существует.  Мы делаем все возможное для решения сложившихся проблем. Спасибо за понимание.


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  1. Maintenance 01.10

    I hope they don't remove the x2 xp next week cause this freaking billion hours maintenance is messing all my plans, including the value boost pack I used last night...
  2. Maintenance 01.10

    Close to 8... RIP Value Boost Pack...
  3. [Event] Come to Tiamaranta's Eye!

    Still the event subforum is a mess, important thing is the event date order, right now this event is placed as the 8th topic in that page, hard to see. Just saying that should be placed first following your creation date, so players can clearly see what is happening right now, not one year before, there are 2019 events topics before the current one...
  4. [Event] Come to Tiamaranta's Eye!

    Not good enough to make asmos go for the forts I guess Also, people won't even know that events are available if the newest event is not in the top of the page, nor a message ingame is shown... I realized about the event now on sunday and was posted on friday, and I come to the forums, 90% of players don't even come here... I agree. But we get the daily maintenance event though, so It's good.
  5. Can't log in for a while after crash

    The problem is not the crash, it is the 8 minutes logged in... Happens even when i logout from menu LOL. Sometimes i try to change account and can't log in for 10 mins, just by leaving the game normally...
  6. Can't log in for a while after crash

    I found where the problem is and it is server side, i was double logging with 2 chars in party one of my chars died in pvp and while still dead game crashed, that character was the party leader, i kept the party to see how long he remained online after my client was closed already, close to 8 minutes... Why does my character stays online for 8 minutes after a crash? This is not an aion feature. Right after I saw that my character disconnected tried to log in with the account and Ta-daa logged in without a problem, no "you're already logged in" and infinite corridor... 8 freaking minutes LUL. I can't solve this, this is totally the server's problem and doubt that I am the only one affected by this... The ball is in your court now, let's see if you care to fix this or not, definitely installing the game, checking the game one million times will do nothing in this case, it is a server's problem.
  7. Can't log in for a while after crash

    Installed again, same shit happening but after today maintenance now servers disconnect you every 5 minutes, and this is not my problem, so basically thanks to this bug I play 5 minutes then have to wait 10 or more for game to "unlog" my IP...
  8. Can't log in for a while after crash

    Completed a full file check with defender off, logged ingame, pressed ctrl alt supr and now I can't log with any account for some minutes... Can you think about anything else? Cause I ran out of ideas... Pause button works, what it does not work is F10 after going pause mode when my game gets running shugo after any dredgion or arena. My main problem is not running shugo, it's being unable to log in after "you are already logged in" when disconnect or crash.
  9. Can't log in for a while after crash

    No VPN, no modifications, added it to whitelist, also followed the windows defender guide in guides, tried the part download, then the one time download, tried to install but hit play and do not update as I saw you saying in other topic... Tried updating afterwards as not working as well... Don't know what else I can do, I actually formatted a second computer and using it only for this... Still same problem no matter what I do. When I get the forever corridor thing with one account by a disconnect I can't log in with ANY account, not just that account that disconnected, any account. I have to wait for some time and try later. About running shugo: the solution to that is to hit pause button then go to character screen but it does not work in your server cause once running shugo happens I can't do anything, I am disconnected. Here is a video about running shugo problem that I used many times in the past in official and other servers, search for: "Game freezes on running shugo - workaround" in youtube (it seems I can't link videos here), in your server if I press F10 to bring the menu after pause it does nothing and disconnects me, so going to char screen is impossible, just stays in pause mode till disconnection. Now I am going to make a full file check without defender and if it does not work I am going to install it for a last time but with these many problems (disconnections and Ddos) playing in the afternoon-evening is basically impossible for me... So making playing basically pointless cause most content happens then...
  10. Can't log in for a while after crash

    Luv all the disconnects while enjoying this bug... Every 20 mins a disconnect and a 50% chance of not being able to log back in in 20 minutes... Perfect quality server <3
  11. SM mana management macro

    I remember that there was a macro removing gear and putting it again to recover more mp when using mana recovery skills but I can't find any definite macro anywhere... And all my efforts trying to create it have been unsuccessful... Does anyone have any info?
  12. Is the weekend xp buff really working?

    What? Can you read? Says x2 exp ON WEEKENDS, not "not only on weekends", seriously... https://forum.euroaion.com/topic/1489-double-exp-on-the-weekends/ Sry but don't come bring false info, thanks. Same xp now and during the week.
  13. Every weekend since I lately started playing have been noticing no xp buff on weekends, this week I decided to check again mentoring an alt and the xp it is getting is the same than on Thursday... Rates are in progress on Saturday and Sunday: from Saturday, 12am to Sunday, 11:59pm! Why don't you use just 00:00, 12:00 and 24:00 your 12am is 12:00 one hour before 13:00? is it as soon as saturday starts at night? Right now is Saturday 9:22 and double xp is not working. Can bring screenshots if needed. Tested under identical conditions.
  14. Can't log in for a while after crash

    This is getting annoying as F... As soon as one account crashes, then the "you are logged in" then you get the infinite corridor backscreen till kicked out of the game... The funny thing is that if you try to log in WITH ANY OTHER ACCOUNT you get the same backscreen and can't log in neither... No crash is needed, just logging out, quitting and restarting brings this bug as well and no one is giving a fuck for 2 weeks already... Right now I am waiting cause as usual EVERY dredgion crashes my game with running shugo screen at the start or at the end. It's 100% chance... Perfect quality server...
  15. Are there entrance to forts instances in Katalam?

    Yes, I knew that, maybe the portals in main town came with a small patch after 4.6... You also needed to have ownership of the fort ofc... But pretty convenient.