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  1. Kromede's Trial entry quest not available

    Hello, the quests for asmo and ely are different.
  2. Manastone socketing

    You can get the socketings in the game as well. If they're not enough, you need to save kinah for those at the broker. Mmos are never fast and easy played.
  3. problem with my account password

    Hello, Please, provide some details of the problem. What is missing? Have you tried to restore the password through the form? What kind of error do you get when you try to log in?
  4. Kromede's Trial entry quest not available

    Hello, please, go to the NPC and make a screenshot of the dialog with him.
  5. Ita Language Missing

    Hello, We do have the main page translaten into italian, though we couldn't find the corresponding files for the game. All the versions of localization are too high for our version of the game. Sorry for the inconvenience
  6. Double exp on the weekends!

    We have already had a promotion connected to the quarantine, and it was for a week too. Now we have this double exp and loot every weekend, which is quite enough, as the server is still classic x1.
  7. Rainmeter

    Hello, this is how the program works. It cannot be fixed.
  8. Double exp on the weekends!

    Hello, we would suggest you to make a screenshot of getting exp with the doubled rates, save it, and then check the exp on the same mob when the rates are over. Then you will see. x2 is not x10, it won't increase the chances so greately that you would receive everything at 100%. You will still have CHANCE to get things.
  9. Teaming Glory

    The players received their punishment.
  10. Teaming Glory

    If the players do not kill each other, then they do cooperate.
  11. Teaming Glory here you are