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  1. La misión tiene un error

    Hola, ¿estás hablando de la búsqueda de oro? ¿El problema persiste?
  2. Kromede's Trial entry quest not available

    Hello, Does the problem persist after the today's maintenance?
  3. Editing posts

    Hello, The option to edit disappeares in some time after the post is created. This is made on purpose.
  4. Remodel Restriction

    Hello, The line "can only be used once to remodel appearance" goes exactly for the appearance. So if you used it once (the appearance of the item) it cannot be "used" for the second time. This line has never made a problem to anyone both on the official servers and here. The items work right according to the description.
  5. Question / Info

    It is in the coupons
  6. Remodel Restriction

    Hello, All the restrictions are mentioned in the item attributes. We haven't changed them and aren't going too, so there's nothing misleading. The items work as the MUST work. They have been made this way by the game developers. We are not "another" private server and have other features (which is being retail like). We cannot change the work of the items.They have always been singe-use, as well as mounts have been untradeable.
  7. New Player

    Unfortunately, we cannot fully understand you. If you're referring to the premium packs (value boost packs), they are in the shop in the section "premium", but there are no items for 1 day.
  8. New Player

    Hello, What bonuses do you mean exactly?
  9. Suggestion

    Try to use another browser, as here it works fine.
  10. Suggestion

    Why? Do you have any error?
  11. Question / Info

    I think you must still have some quests or kinah extentions, according to the number of opened cells you have. If no, the cube extention tickets are available in the shop only.
  12. Question / Info

  13. Suggestion

    Google translation is not good. Good translators won't use it. Cannot say for the translators who translated our website into French, as I don't speak French. For PayPal you should choose the first button (left button) (DONATE / Faire un don).
  14. Suggestion

    Paypal is available when you press "Donate" button., Which is near the "paysafecard ...". The shop is made as it is. Probably we could think of changing the sections, thank you. The translation was made by the translator. and not for free. Making a French section here would still mean for us using google translate. You can find French channel in our Discord server, where you can talk with the other people speaking French.
  15. Active Anticheat - Privacy Policy

    Yes, the developers of the anticheat say that they will add the Privacy Policy and added that none of the listed above actions are carried out on the users' PCs.