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  1. Donations for the project

    Hello, Everyone having the issue with error 730: Unfortuantely, we cannot influence it, and we do not have any additional information on why it happens. For us the error looks the very same way: error #730. All that we can suggest in this case is to try using digiseller. We re sorry for this inconvenience, but there's nothing we can do. It wasn't only disabled for us, but for many other users as well. Now we don't have any access to it.
  2. Доброго времени суток уважаемые игроки! Утром (24.02) в 09:00 по МСК, сервер будет отключен для выполнения технических работ. Время недоступности сервера 30-50 минут!
  3. Maintenance 24.02

    Hello, dear players! In the morning on 24.02 at 08:00 am server time, the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 30-50 minutes! Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance!
  4. Report of Illli (No animation Assa who has been banned 2 times already)

    Hello, If you have other reports on the player, you can provide them. We never ban because someone says "i know it is true" Can clearly see that chars Illli and Yes are in permaban.
  5. Abyss Rank

    You can always see your place in the ranking in your game profile -> abyss.
  6. Payments Ecoins

    Hello, Unfortuantely, this is not that easy as it may seem. It is not like we were sitting and deciding on how to set the most inconvenient system possible so our players will get more problems. We are also having problems along with you, if they appear. We cannot just take any system we like and add for available on our server. Some of them are just not available for us due to the location, the others are not possible to implement due to their terms and conditions. We are sorry if you're having problems with the donation methods, and hope you can figure it out one day.
  7. Payments Ecoins

    Could you please tell what exactly is the problem? You can't enter your phone number? If yes, do you enter it with the country code?
  8. Payments Ecoins

    Malheureusement, nous ne pouvons pas dire ce qui se passe là-bas. Nous ne pouvons pas voir l'erreur que vous obtenez. S'il y a une erreur, c'est que vous avez mal saisi certaines informations ou que le paiement a été refusé sur certains côtés. Vous pouvez essayer de contacter leur support pour demander pourquoi votre paiement n'est pas accepté. Si l'argent a été prélevé sur votre compte bancaire, vous devriez recevoir le code d'échange tout de suite sur l'écran + sur votre e-mail. Entrez ce code dans votre profil sur notre site Web pour obtenir les pièces.

    Hello, Unfortunately, this is not something that can be fixed. The system of GP accounting was created by NCsoft, and we are not influencing it. On the other hand, we are working on some changes, and maybe they will make it more convenient.
  10. PVP buff for elios side

    Hello, Adding a PVE buff will only encourange elyos go to the dungeons at the siege time even more. We are curretly working on the changes in the siege system, hope that they will have an effect really soon.
  11. Forgot Account name

    Hello, Please, provide the following info to our email [email protected] from the email LINKED TO THE ACCOUNT: -list of all characters on the account with their names, classes and levels; -donation bills if there were any; -screenshots of level 65 and under; -possible username(s); -email linked to the account.
  12. Boost pvp buff

    Hello, We are working on the changes in the siege system and hope that the full changes will be applied soon, making some natural changes in the factions balance.
  13. Abyss Rank

    Hello, I'm sorry, but this is not possible. The system is built in the game. On the website we already have several rankings for the pvp. Plus you can always see your stats and your spot in the character information (Profile - Abyss)
  14. GP/Glory Points/ Honour Points System

    Hello, I'm sorry for giving a reply with a delay. It can be harder to reach the high ranks if you start the game after some time, but it is still always possible. All the time players were able to reach ranks even if they started playing years after the server start. We already have the system which doubles the GP loss for the people in ranking. Regarding getting the gear, it is not impossible, just let's not forget that it is a game genre, which requires time in exchange for items and levels. There are different types of gear as well to choose from. Changing anything in the gearing system will also be unfair for the players who had spent time for getting it.
  15. Balance

    Hello, We've made the server retail-like and therefore all the skills and classes work as intended by the game creators. For some players it is easy to play, for others not, or just depending on the class. All the classes are balanced to some extent, meaning having the plusses and minuses, opposite classes. I'm sorry if some things can be inconvenient for you, but we are not going to change any class balance. The players come here to enjoy unchanged aion, plus the point of the server to provide the untouched game.