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  1. Skill recharger

    Thanks for the suggestions and reports. Servers have different builts, java servers have different possibilities. Sarpan was mentioned by the most of the players, that is why we have chosen it. This locations is the most free from unneeded textures and npcs, have the least freezes, which makes fpc really high.
  2. Skill recharger

    This is made on purpose.
  3. Skill recharger

    Hello, We will take a note of it. Didn't think of it for some reason Thank you!
  4. Skill recharger

    The time was set according to the sieges, dredgeons and other game events. It may be changed in the futute. For now we need to see its influence.
  5. Изменения в игре после тех. работ: Введен НПС, откатывающий скилы: Введен РБ Гневный Циклоп Менотиос в верхней бездне:
  6. Maintenance 22.11.2019

    News from the last maintenance: Added the NPC recharging skills: Added the raid boss in Reshanta (upper abbys)
  7. Внимание! Изменена награда: вместо Волшебного камня ур.130, теперь коробка содержит Волшебный камень ур.120.
  8. Attention! The changes have made in the rewards: now you can receive Lv120 Enchantment stone from the box instead of Lv130!
  9. Maintenance 22.11.2019

    Hello, Changes were made in the last maintenance:
  10. Problème avec le Launcher

    Bonjour, Si le problème persiste après le redémarrage du programme de lancement, accédez au dossier du jeu et supprimez les dossiers bin32, bin 64, l10n et tous les fichiers contenant des dossiers. Désactivez votre antivirus ou WindowsDefender et commencez à vérifier les fichiers avec le programme de lancement.
  11. Skill recharger

    NPC recharging skills for PvP Dear players, due to many requests we add an NPC for recharging skills in Sarpan (Kamar) Information about the NPC: Neutral for both races Available between 15:00 and 17:00 Resets cooldown of all skills, including DP Guardian Transformation and Guardian skills of Lords are not reset Scrolls, Potion, Food, Drinks and other items are not reset Location: Kamar Wish you victories!
  12. A Q about the balance problem

    Hello, The percentage shows how many players are online on the sides. And there are more ely than asmo.
  13. Can't join Blood Crusade

    Hello, Yes, if you got level 61, you won't get quests. It wi work with a new char. These restrictions have been created by the game developers, not by us.
  14. Meet the new menace - a Raged Cyclops, Moltenus Time of appearance in the abyss: from 19:00 to 24:00 (Server time) on Fridays and Saturdays Place of respawn: Having defeated him, you can receive: Moltenus' Sword Moltenus' Mace Moltenus' Dagger Moltenus' Orb Moltenus' Spellbook Moltenus' Knife Moltenus' Spear Moltenus' Staff Moltenus' Bow Moltenus' Pistol Moltenus' Aethercannon Moltenus' Harp Moltenus' Cipher-Blade Lv110 Enchantment Stone (12 pcs.) Tempering Solution (1 pcs. 100%) Greater Composite Manastone Bundle (5 pcs. 100%) Video example of defeating the boss: Moltenus' Attacks According to the results of the first fights with the boss, changes in its functioning are possible
  15. Nothing important :D

    Hello, No, for now we are not planning to open any new server. We have many work to do on this one, and want to work on its prolifiration