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    and what u've done? can u like post fixes and etc? or it is ultra hard to do?
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    Daevas, we call for your help! Intelligence from both factions has detected suspicious activity in the Balaur lands. As it turned out from the reports, the Balaurs are preparing to move strategically important resources from to another base. At the cost of incredible efforts, we managed to find out that the cargo will be chests with relics, medals and other valuable resources. The chest has the following appearance, and it will take at least 1 minute to open it (solo) If these valuable resources in such quantities fall into the main shelter of the Balaurs, it will greatly strengthen their position. Under these conditions, the commanders-in-chief of both sides gave the only possible order: to attack the dredgeon carrying the treasure, destroy the crew, and dump the valuable cargo in the Silentera canyon. Unfortunately, such agreements between two hostile sides were very rarely executed verbatim. The transporting Dredgeon will indeed be shot down, and the treasure will indeed be dumped in the Silentera canyon, but... they still can be found. For easier movement to the Silenter Tunnel, special rifts are installed in the capitals of the factions (they appear on the schedule: from 11:00 to 20:00 server time) The conditions of the event: The event starts on September, 11 and lasts until September 19 (inclusive) Chests appear throughout the "Silentera Canyon". Time of the chests respawn: from 10:00 to 22:00 server time 30 chests will spawned at once. Time of respawn is 30 minutes Good luck in hunting!
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    Даэвы, призываем вас! Разведка обеих рас обнаружила подозрительную активность в землях балауров. Как выяснилось из рапортов, балауры готовятся перевезти стратегически-важные ресурсы с одной своей базы на другую. Ценой неимоверных усилий удалось выяснить, что груз будет представлять собой сундуки с реликвиями, медалями и другими ценными ресурсами Сундук имеет следующий вид, а для его открытия понадобится не менее 1 минуты (соло) Если эти ценные ресурсы в таком количестве попадут в главное укрытие балауров, это очень укрепит их позиции. в таких условиях главнокомандующие обеих рас отдали единственно-возможный приказ - атаковать Дерадикон, перевозящий сокровища, уничтожить команду, а ценный груз выкинуть в тоннеле Силентера. к сожалению, такие соглашения между двумя воинствующими расами очень редко исполнялись дословно. Транспортный Дерадикон действительно будет сбит, а сокровища действительно будут выкинуты в тоннеле Силентера, но... их все еще можно будет найти. Для более простого перемещения в Тоннель Силентера, в столицах рас установлены специальные рифты (появляются так же по расписанию: с 12:00 до 21:00 по МСК) Условия ивента: Ивент начнется 11 сентября и продлится до 19 сентября (включительно) Сундуки появляются по всей локации "Тоннель Силентера" Время появления сундуков с 11:00 до 23:00 по мск Кол-во сундуков при появлении 30 шт. Время респауна 30 минут. Удачной охоты!
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    Hello, dear players! In the morning on 11.09 at 08:00 am server time, the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 30-50 minutes! Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance!
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    Hello, We have just checked and the ID wasn't changed for anything and they still work correctly. Nothing ever disappeared and disappeares, so, probably, you just left them in the warehouse, pet, or maybe discarded them. Now the boxes contain invisible candies, this is made on the request of many players.
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    Next up they will put these chests in Sanctum and Pandemonium for everyone's convenience so that people won't have to go anywhere.
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    Моя бабушка говорила , технические работы в четверг , это к ивенту .
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    Because people (Myself included) refuse to carry dead weight around. If you have low gear/starter gear, pls do Kahrun's/TF/S1K/BM for ancient coins and try getting some gear and/or experience before going into higher-end instances such as RST/Kata. If I do RST, Kata, or even S2K, I would like DPS classes to out DPS my templar. I don't know about you, but I care about my reputation as a player. I always make my own groups to almost every instance (Except Runa Normal). In this case, I don't want to be that guy who always takes randoms and fails instances almost every time. Sorry, but that's how most geared people act in this game. It wastes my and everyone else's precious time. And it applies not only to DPS but also to the overall experience. Just yesterday actually, I went Sauro 2k with a random low gear ranger because it was late, and I some top quality DPS in pt. Guess what happened? Without saying anything, that ranger decided that 2k was the same as 1k and went to bug a boss. Thankfully I'm a decent cleric and along with my friends, we cleared all the mobs without dying. A couple of months ago the same situation happened with another sin, but that time we failed 2k because PT was under-geared and inexperienced, and the cleric wasn't able to get up and loci us quickly. You're saying "WE SHOULD SUPPORT EACH OTHER", but how exactly do you support my PT by being a low DPS, low skill pile of pixels that we carry around? We do DPS/tanking/healing while you wander around and agro random mobs that you shouldn't agro, wipe your PT in Kata/IS because you don't know that you have to run away when Hyperion nukes you, try bugging Sauro 2k when you just have to stand and agro mobs around the boss, go panic mode in RST when a bunch of mobs spawn and more and more and more things that you mess up and let us clean it after you. As @Haku said, make your own groups, or join a legion, or try making friends and gear up together. I in fact like helping players who are actually asking for it. If a player is saying that he/she is new here and needs help getting gear/experience, I'm happy to help with whatever I can. What I don't like is when I'm making PT to an end game instance, and someone keeps applying and applying even though I said that I don't need that person in my PT for various reasons.(gear, experience, have a friend coming) If you're an active player and you come to me asking how Sauro or Danuar Sanctuary is done, I will be happy to explain. I will take you in pt, maybe ask to join Discord if you can, take a friend or two whos' also willing to show a new player how an instance is made and we will go with the teaching mindset. We will take our time to explain everything, each mob, each boss, etc. And if you keep playing and getting better, I will be happy to take you forward into Sauro 2k/RST/Kata with me constantly. And when you have enough experience yourself, you can make your own PTs. But please, do not apply to high-end instances when you have no gear nor experience to do them. You will piss off players and make a bad image of yourself.
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    Meet the best players in PvP events in the last season! Arena of Harmony: Argothon, Hakurin, Dagoma Banek Shineex Arena of Glory: Shikastyler Wasserkocher Yuniez Arena of Discipline: Dagoma Votan Vootan Arena of Chaos: Wimee Schattenkrieger Biyakuya Kamar Battlefield: Xelyus Sethern Promise Ophidan Bridge: Tommy, Soeri, Shikastyle Ivey Chitra Terath dredgeon: Kinnari, Ivey Salar Selenia All the users in the list receive the following rewards: 1st place - Large present box: 2nd place - Normal present box: 3rd place - Small present box: Everyone can fight to become the best PvP player in every category! The whole month is ahead! Show what you can! Let every player on the server to know your nickname!