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  1. Shop items

    Dear players! In the comments of the current topic you can post the links or IDs of the items which you would like to see in the shop and purchase. If the item complies with the policy of our game shop it will be added. (no armor, weapon, items that can ruin game balance (tempering solution, etc.). The items must be of the version 4.6 or lower) In the comments you must only provide the name of the items with the links to the database. Recommended: Attention! You can check if the item exists in our client by copying ID of the item and putting it into the game chat. Messages of other content will be removed! If the item is missing from the game client, please do not publish such messages. They will be deleted without explanation. Also, we kindly ask you to avoid flooding in the topic and clearly formulate your request, observing the requirements described above. Applications that do not meet the requirements of registration (there are no links to the subject or ID) will be deleted. Respect yourself, other players and the Administration! I would also like to once again specify the situation with the weapons of dragons (fire, water, air and all others) - at the moment it is IMPOSSIBLE to add this line of skins. Please do not produce posts with links to these things. As soon as we can fully implement the introduction of this weapon, we will immediately introduce it into the game store.
  2. Игровой магазин

    Уважаемые игроки, Возвращаемся к самому началу данной темы: Оружие Водного и Огненного дракона Оружие Бритры (Манорна) НЕ МОГУТ БЫТЬ ДОБАВЛЕНЫ ИЗ ЗА ОТСУТСТВИЯ СВЕТОВЫХ ЭФФЕКТОВ И АНИМАЦИИ Внимание! Проверить наличие предмета в игре можно скопировав ID предмета из базы и вставив его в чат в игре. Если отобразится название предмета, значит он может быть добавлен в шоп.
  3. Уважаемые игроки, в комментариях вы можете разместить итемы (предметы) которые бы хотели видеть в шопе и приобрести Если итем будет соответствовать политике доната нашего сервера - мы его добавим. (никаких доспехов, оружия со статами (кроме вещей 1 лвл с минимальными статами), итемов нарушающих баланс (вода и т.п.). Предметы должен быть из Айон не выше 4.6 - 4,8 версии) В комментариях указывать только перечень итемов с ссылками на базу знаний: Оружие Водного и Огненного дракона Оружие Бритры (Манорна) НЕ МОГУТ БЫТЬ ДОБАВЛЕНЫ ИЗ ЗА ОТСУТСТВИЯ СВЕТОВЫХ ЭФФЕКТОВ И АНИМАЦИИ Внимание! Проверить наличие предмета в игре можно скопировав ID предмета из базы и вставив его в чат в игре. Если отобразится название предмета, значит он может быть добавлен в шоп. Если предмет отсутствует в игровом клиенте убедительная просьба - не публиковать подобные сообщения. Они будут удаляться без объяснения причин. Также убедительная просьба избегать флуда в теме и четко формулировать вашу просьбу, соблюдая требования, описанные выше. Темы, не соответствующие требованиям оформления (отсутствуют ссылки на предмет или ИД) - будут удаляться. Уважайте себя, других игроков и Администрацию! Также хотелось бы еще раз оговорить ситуацию с оружием драконов (огненных, водных, воздушных и всех других) - в данный момент добавление данной линейки скинов НЕВОЗМОЖНО. Просьба не плодить посты со ссылками на эти вещи. Как только мы сможем полноценно реализовать ввод этого оружия - мы сразу же введем его в игровой магазин.
  4. Здравствуйте, Купить крипту через бинанс можно. Через п2п это делается очень просто: Также связались с поддержкой пэйпалыча по поводу приема платежей с Украины. Пока не известны сроки возобновления приема, но работают и обещают разобраться с этим.
  5. Здравствуйте, Убедитесь, что не используете ничего вместе с игрой. Мы уже увеличили лимиты для игроков по "нагрузке", сейчас Вы единственный с такой проблемой из всех игроков. Если делали изменения в клиенте, скачайте новый, чистый клиент. Если используете впн, программы для пинга, попробуйте зайти без них.
  6. Использование чит-программ: Abeille
  7. Banned players

    Cheating: Abeille
  8. Banned players

    Hello, dear players! We receive a large number of complaints that we do not take any action against violators of the rules. Namely, for selling accounts and using cheating software. To prevent such evidence-free accusations, we are creating this topic, where we will specify information about bans for violating server rules. We respond very harshly to such violations and a lot of accounts have been banned just recently. For using cheating software, full ban of all game accounts is set immediately. For the first try to buy/sell/trade an account, you will be temporarily blocked for 7-10 days. If you try to buy/sell an account or character repeatedly, all game accounts will be blocked. All punishments are issued only if there is a direct evidence! If you have such, please send them to us and we will respond to your complaint! In this topic, we will only publish the bans for selling accounts, cheating, kill trading, teaming in mass arenas and similar. Information about mutes for insults will not be posted here. We strongly recommend that you respect yourself and other players, play honestly and do not violate the server rules!
  9. Payment options

    Hello, 1 EСoin ≈ 0,0175 € 1 euro = 1.06 dollar (10 March., 18:54 UTC)
  10. Bot

    Hello, This character was banned. Due to the reasons above, we don't quire understand what this video is. The character was banned some time ago, so it cannot be a fresh one.
  11. Использование чит-программ: Invul Inwul Exq Offense Qunqb Release Captivity
  12. Доброго времени суток уважаемые игроки! 10.03 в 09:00 по МСК, сервер будет отключен для выполнения технических работ. Время недоступности сервера - примерно 30 - 60 минут! До встречи в игре!
  13. Maintenance 10.03.2023

    Hello, dear players! 10.03 at 8:00 am server time, the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 30-60 minutes! Thank you for your attention and see you later in game!
  14. Использование чит-программ: Zeppo
  15. Banned players

    Cheats: Zeppo
  16. [Event] Return to Tiamaranta's Eye

    You can join the location from low levels too, however, you probably won't be able to kill any mobs in there, as well as any other players.
  17. Berserker Sunayaka has recruited new troops to protect the treasures, which have been delivered here during the last few months safely hidden in the secret holds of the Dredgion. But the best scouts of Atrea are the best for that they are aware of such things. Are you brave enough to fight against the bloodthirsty army and to challenge it's governor and get the desirable treasure? Don't hesitate. Go and win. Protectorate's Treasure Chests Treasure chests will occure all over the territory of the Eye. You can open them if you have a matching key. For the duration of the event, we have REDUCED the respawn time of chests, and also added an additional reward to them! Additional rewards: [Event] Composite Manastone Bundle Gold chest - high chance Blue chest - average chance Common (green) chest - low chance From them you will get one of the following composite manastones of level 60: An additional reward for the event from the chests will be available from 03/03 to 13/03 inclusive!
  18. (1)Cryptocurrency is no the only donation method that we support. There are as well bank cards and electronic wallets. Bank cards are available both in LAVA and Paypalych payment systems. Most of our players use these donation methods. For cryptocurrency we have a detailed guide that you can follow, in case you decide to use this method. It is based on a dollar equivalent currency: Paypal cannot be added for many reasons. First of all, being trustworthy on one side, it can be unreliable. We used it before and many users would just report the finished transactions and request refunds, proving it as if they have never received a purchased item. This lead to bans on our paypal account for at least one week (up until the case is solved). So we had paypal one week and didn't have it for another one, constantly dealing with their supports to solve the problem with the players. And surely the decision has never been on our side. Therefore, more fines and bans were applied. We are not going to use this system again.
  19. LEVEL UP FAST 1-65

    Hello, This is classic x1 server. We do provide help with levelling to the players, however, let's not forget that the server is not a pvp one. Cryptocurrency is not the only donation method, please, stop spamming this wrong information in every possible thread on the forum. Thank you.
  20. How to buy cryptocurrency and donate to the server

    Cryptocurrency is NOT the ONLY way to donate to the server! There are as well bank cards and most of the players do use them!
  21. Good day dear players! Given the wide geography of our project, some users have problems making donations using their bank cards. For this reason, we want to offer you a guide on the use of cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Cryptocurrency payment is available anywhere in the world. Using exchange markets is the simplest, legal and affordable way to exchange your real money for cryptocurrency and to use it further. The most popular and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platform at the moment is Creating an account on the Binance exchange 1. Follow the link and register an account on . Follow the standard procedure as on most sites. All data entered must be real. Use Latin alphabet. 2. After registration, Binance will offer you to pass an identity check. This procedure is required by law to protect you and other exchange clients from possible fraudsters. Either passport or driver's license can be used to confirm the identity. How do I top up my account on the exchange? Top up can be performed by bank transfer or by card payment. Depending on the country, different methods can be available. 1. Follow the link and you will see the page for purchasing cryptocurrency using a bank card. You will immediately be prompted to choose your original currency and the cryptocurrency you want to buy. We recommend using the USDT cryptocurrency - in the future it will be the easiest to work with, it has minimal commissions and you may not be afraid that the price for it may drop. The USDT cryptocurrency is equated to the dollar price. 1 USDT = 1 US dollar. 2. You will be asked to add a payment card details (you can save it and use it immediately in the future) and to confirm the payment. That's all. You have now become the proud owner of a cryptocurrency called USDT (following the same steps, you can buy other cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, and so on). How to make a payment using cryptocurrency? Log in to your personal account on our website, select the PAYPALYCH payment system (if you encounter cryptocurrencies for the first time, choose only this system to avoid making mistakes in transactions), enter the desired amount of Ecoins and click the "Donate" button: You will be redirected to the payment system page. In the left in the menu, select "Cryptowallet". There is nothing specific to do (at the time of writing this network, this system supports payment only in USDT currency in the TRC20 network). After that, you will be sent to the payment page, where you will see all the necessary information. When using the Binance mobile app, you can send cryptocurrency by simply scanning the code from the website! You need to copy the specified wallet number (circled in the screenshot). Alternatively, if you use the official Binance application, it is enough to scan the QR code and all fields will be filled in automatically. To send cryptocurrencies from Binance to the above mentioned wallet, you need to log in to your wallet (you can do the same with the menu. In the upper right corner, click "Wallet" - "Fiat and Spot") and click the "Withdraw" button next to the required cryptocurrency (in our case, USDT): In the "Address" field, insert the previously received wallet address (circled with a red frame in the screenshot above) and choose the network to send. In our case, this is the Tron network, it is also called TRC20 or TRX. Wherever you make a payment using cryptocurrency, the network will be indicated on the wallet page. When withdrawing funds to this wallet, you need to choose exactly the same network. In our case, this is the Tron network, aka TRX, aka TRC20 Pay attention to the commission that is charged for the withdrawal of funds! You need to take it into consideration when making a payment. The amount you send should be equal to the amount requested by the site. In our example, you need to send $1.86. The system commission for withdrawal is $1. For this reason, we enter $2.86. Click the "Withdraw" button and wait for the payment to be confirmed on the PAYPALICH payment page. This process may take up to 5 minutes. When the funds reach the specified address of the payment system, you will be redirected to our website with a message about a successful donation. P2P exchange Apart from the standard crediting method with bank cards, you can as well use P2P exchange. This is quite easy-to-use and safe way to buy USDT. The point is that the exchange is carried out with the other users in the system. You choose a needed payment system (there are a lot for every currency), send the funds directly to another user and receive USDT on your account (this sum of USDT is automatically blocked on the other user's account, so that they cannot avoid sending them). The pros of this method include a lot of payment system available and more profitable rate of exchange. That's all. The short course on the cryptocurrency usage has been completed We hope you that have understood how it works. At first glance, everything may seem quite complicated, but it's not. And if you install the Binance mobile application, the process of sending cryptocurrency will be maximally simple - you just need to scan the QR code on the payment page. Additional information is optional to read. It is for general understanding, for those who are interested in it. If you have any questions, please contact us! Thank you for your attention and enjoy the game!
  22. How to buy cryptocurrency and donate to the server

    Hello, we have replied to your email regarding this.
  23. Использование читов (никнеймы): Roen Jel Blackdragoon Darise Deremin Sassi Yamoto Aqwa Miyamoshi Saphora Alkashnya Cherlok Pektusin Cocaineeeeeeee Ehow Walar Zid Ertys Panzar Srqw Wogy Penteho Willard Weaz Melcorn - Silverhorn - Luminiferous Feargod Evreycheek Banduryst Waizu Rusmusician Lethality
  24. Banned players

    Cheating (nicknames): Roen Jel Blackdragoon Darise Deremin Sassi Yamoto Aqwa Miyamoshi Saphora Alkashnya Cherlok Pektusin Cocaineeeeeeee Ehow Walar Zid Ertys Panzar Srqw Wogy Penteho Willard Weaz Melcorn - Silverhorn - Luminiferous Feargod Evreycheek Banduryst Waizu Rusmusician Lethality
  25. Banned

    Hello, As far as I can imagine, you've been playing on someone else's account, and that very account was used with cheats just a couple of days ago.