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  1. Shop items

    Dear players! In the comments of the current topic you can post the links or IDs of the items which you would like to see in the shop and purchase. If the item complies with the policy of our game shop it will be added. (no armor, weapon, items that can ruin game balance (tempering solution, etc.). The items must be of the version 4.6 or lower) In the comments you must only provide the name of the items with the links to the database. Recommended: Attention! You can check if the item exists in our client by copying ID of the item and putting it into the game chat. Messages of other content will be removed!
  2. Banned players

    Hello, dear players! We receive a large number of complaints that we do not take any action against violators of the rules. Namely, for selling accounts and using cheating software. To prevent such evidence-free accusations, we are creating this topic, where we will specify information about bans for violating server rules. We respond very harshly to such violations and a lot of accounts have been banned just recently. For using cheating software, full ban of all game accounts is set immediately. For the first try to buy/sell/trade an account, you will be temporarily blocked for 7-10 days. If you try to buy/sell an account or character repeatedly, all game accounts will be blocked. All punishments are issued only if there is a direct evidence! If you have such, please send them to us and we will respond to your complaint! In this topic, we will only publish the bans for selling accounts, cheating, kill trading, teaming in mass arenas and similar. Information about mutes for insults will not be posted here. We strongly recommend that you respect yourself and other players, play honestly and do not violate the server rules!
  3. Купил аккаунт

    Здравствуйте, Не уверены, что игрок не написал это шутки ради или вообще вне вашего вопроса. Тем более ответ на другом языке дан и далее идет диалог на испанском. Аккаунт вполне могли просто дать другому человеку/другу/члену семьи. К сожалению, ситуация слишком размытая.
  4. Здравствуйте, Вы используете какой-либо впн? Программы для уменьшения пинга? Если да, то нужно попробовать запустить игру без них. Если нет, то наоборот попробовать впн. Также рекомендуется выполнить проверку:

    Solved via email.
  6. Если вылезает такая ошибка, значит данные аккаунта уже введены в лаунчере и неверные.
  7. Did not recieve confirmation e-mail

    The problem is resolved.
  8. Suggestions For Improvement

    We just cut the ranks around a month ago.
  9. Suggestions For Improvement

    Maybe we should just remove the dungeons at all? The game includes all those activities, and if we remove all those, what will be the point of the game? Don't forget that you came to an x1 server, we will not just give out anything or make those things easier to reach.
  10. Доброго времени суток уважаемые игроки! Утром (04.05) в 09:00 по МСК, сервер будет отключен для выполнения технических работ. Время недоступности сервера 30-60 минут!
  11. Maintenance 04.05

    Hello, dear players! In the morning on 04.05 at 8:00 am server time, the server will be unreachable due to the maintenance. Works will last around 30-60 minutes! Thank you for attention and see you in game after the maintenance!
  12. Radar Hack

    Unfortunately on your screenshot we can't see any violation or cheating. There's a ladder for the wall.
  13. Radar Hack

    Hello, The sanctions have been set.
  14. Suggestions For Improvement

    Hello, 1) This gear is still just for start and is already quite a lot for a retail-like server with x1 rates. This is pretty enough for the start, and on the high level you can already start getting blood marks and farm for the jewelry quite fast. 2) They are available in several quests, and we have as well added them to the tiamaranta's eye quest. 3) You can always report any player violating the rules and he will get sanctions if there's really some violation. Can't say much about the group leavers, we can't make or press anyone to stay in the group. 4) This is something making the game way too easy for x1 rates. Not sure this will be good. Stigma system has been working like this on retail, exactly what we seek for. 5) New players can't get the pots and scrolls on their own, they don't have kinah or crafts levelled. Even if they start saving up kinah and level up alchemy, they will need some time for it and some scrolls/pots for the meantime. These consumables don't last that long anyway. 6) Unfortunately in this version NCSoft made mentors less needed, the exp for being with one in the group is greately cut now. On the other hand we've given some good gear to be able to farm such dungeons with the same level players. 7) We add new items to the shop from time to time. There's a special topic to add new suggestions for the game shop on the forum. 8) Could you please give more info about the market board? I don't quite understand this question. Tempering solution though is the most rare item in the game, it cannot be cheap. 9) Sorry, but the function of saving the appearance of the character was created in the later versions (5.0+). Aion doesn't include the option of trying out the class. It does exist in some games, like in lost ark, but here the developers never added such a function in any version (maybe I'm wrong, don't know much about the most recent updates). However the game is pretty old and you can find tons of guides on any class on the Internet, even on our forum. 10) Nothing is that easy on x1 :c Most of the rewards are symbolic. 11) We are not prohibiting anyone to use any name. 12) Never created in aion either. 13) Unfortuantely NCSoft made it to work this way in this version. 14) Already said many times in many places that we are thinking and working on this. 15) Sorry, but just not going to include it at all. First of all it doesn't exist, secondly will cause a lot of ther issues, including faction disbalance. You can always start playing on the other side, however from the very beginning.
  15. Problemas con el saqueo

    Hola, por favor dame más información. Nombre, ID de caja, misión. Capturas de pantalla con el problema.
  16. Aetherbotting Hruhru again

    The topic is closed to stop any further spam. The final respond was given.
  17. Aetherbotting Hruhru again

    No clickers allowed, but the player DID react to what I did. What double standards? Do we have some favourite players or what? We never ban without 100% proof and this player's autonomous gathering is not 100% proved. He reacted EVERY time I was checking him, which excludes autonomous gathering.
  18. Error: close all games! 3 Tried Everything

    Hello, It is possible that you lately updated your windows, and now it is causing this issue, or there's just some other software running on the pc and blocking the game.
  19. xd

    I'd suggest you to read our rules before you get banned
  20. Serverlag

    Hello, We have found out before that the issue is on the node on the way to the datacenter. The supporters of the data center have already contacted that node, but seems like nothing is done yet. We were expecting changes with this maintenance, but they didn't fix anything.
  21. Donations for the project

    Hello, As you see, you may get some errors when donating and some of the methods don't accept your card. Please, don't think that it works this way only for players. We also face the same problem. We can't use every existing payment system, we can't meet all the requirements, or it is not available for our country. We would be happy if everything was that easy as you may see it, but it is not. We have to stay with what we got. Unfortunately paypal doesn't work for us, many other methods just provide the conditions that are not possible for us to meet.
  22. И всё же !

    Здравствуйте, Что-то до сих пор блокирует ваше подключение к серверу, возможно не все антивирусы и фаерволы отключены. Не забывайте про windows defender, он всегда идет с системой.
  23. Вам дали адекватный ответ. Мы не можем судить о проблеме, пока не разберемся, что ее вызывает. Для этого нам изначально надо знать, засчитался ли голос на самом ММОТОП, ибо чаще всего голос просто не засчитывается их сервисом, а тогда и от нас ничего ждать нельзя (монеты начисляются в соответствии с ммотоп). Спасибо, что проверили свой профиль на ммотоп. Не могли бы вы также предоставить скриншот с засчитанными голосами на ммотоп, чтобы мы могли проверить их в нашей базе? Также потребуется логин аккаунта (игрового). Его просьба прислать в ЛС, так как такую информацию не стоит распространять.
  24. xd

    Hello, You come to our forum to ask for the other servers?
  25. Aetherbotting Hruhru again

    Hello, I, personally, checked this player several times by now. The last checking was just a couple of days ago and the player reacted to my attacks, started runnig from me. Also reacted to the death of the character. Right after I defeated him, he resurrected. Without staying dead any minute. Before that the player sent me a "?" sign in whisper. This one was very long ago. Autonomous gathering means that the player doesn't participate in the game process at this moment at all and doesn't see what's going on on the screen. Here the player clearly can see what is happenning around.