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  1. More evidence report about Asmo bot gunner

    just buy bot for yourself also and farm. here you go
  2. want to trade kinah

    want to trade kinah from elyos to asmo (that means i give you on elyos and you give me on asmo)
  3. An error occurred. Please try again or contact support team

    Maybe u lack of money? Or maybe u need to remove restrict for amount of money u can spent online, there were an issue back in the days.
  4. Dodging tactics in Arena

    But its just your w-l rating, its not your mmr, same for any arena or pvp instance, u still be able to match against any ppl with any w-l. I doubt it actually work like it should.
  5. Dodging tactics in Arena

    but, does this even exist here?! never saw even ingame rating atleast worked once at private servers(since at 4.6 u cant view rank list but still)for any kind of arenas, and as a conclusion mmr couldn't work also. just asking
  6. Happy Birthday, EuroAion!

    but why u did this? why u cant just give it to ppl through shop for 0 price? so stupid as usual.
  7. Maintenance 11.09

    and what u've done? can u like post fixes and etc? or it is ultra hard to do?
  8. Itsmebisu cheating

    u should try to upload it on any other source than DOWNLOAD MY MP4 FILE AND WATCH. i can do more with AA as gladi, whats the point? if u know how to weave and know your rotations which allows u to not lose any dps and speed, why than its cheating? p.s. u better watch yourself selling your acc. also imagine cheating in pve instances
  9. Templar stances

    oh, so that was on retail? thats what i want to know actually...kinda stupid that u can brake your skills like that
  10. Templar stances

  11. Templar stances

    While you got active any of two stances(stubborn\swd) and while u are in it u pressing swap weapon(for sure it doesnt swap at all as it should be) and when u get out of stance you are not able to use any of stances after, until u swap weapons. is it suppose to work like that?
  12. администрацыи я б тебе тоже не отвечал
  13. таких рахитов как ты, которые ничего кроме перелива не могли на офе, даже за людей не держали, это я тебе так по секрету расскажу, тебя и твою подругу южного каталаманджа не существует в игре если что.
  14. Dragon Lord's Refuge\Tiamat Sanctuary

    Looking OK people to farm this. need brain and will. pm ingame(Insanemeshanix) or here