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  1. Сами виноваты. Пошли с каким то но неймом без лега, а теперь "ой ёй он нас кинул". Да и ему уже всё равно, он скинул весь лут на основной аккаунт, а этот можете банить. Cами делайте алики, или идите с кемто кто хоть сколько то известен на сервере
  2. Game Just dont start

    Do you use any software to reduce ping?
  3. Bard ninjas Taha GS

    Why bother anyway? This is a skin weapon that's available in shop if you want it later on. Not like he stole Sauro weapon from you.
  4. Sweet kinah - how do ppl do it

    Farming BMs and selling them as Ancient Coins is alteast 36kk a week. Doing Bridge/Sauro/RST/Kata/TS every day/week can easily get you 200-300kk in manastones/enchantment stones every week since enchantment stone prices are very high. You can also lvl up cooking and make tons of sushi/dumplings and sell those for profit.
  5. Это проблема м драйверами nvidia. После какойто версии начался такой баг. Нужно просто поставить более страрую версию, и проблема исчезнит
  6. Shop items

    These wings are not available in our version.

    How do you have 100+ ping IN GERMANY? Wtf? I have a friend who is playing from Siberia with ping 90.
  8. [Event] Munin's Ghost

    Ok-ish event. Still, zerg fest for most people to get some quick AP. Haven't got anything moderately useful from it though. One thing I enjoy is going into Ingisson with friends and farming asmos that come there. That said, you need gear for it. So for most ppl its useless. And event itself gives nothing specials. I do it on 4 chars and haven't got anything worth my time.
  9. Transfer of server!

    My ping got ALOT better actually. I'm using ExitLag, and after they've removed Strasbourg from route options, I had to use Frankfurt02 as it was the best available option, but it was still not as good because it's farther away from the server location. Now that server is located in Frankfurt, my ping went from 55-65 to...well this. And it feels SOOO GOOOOD! So thank you very much EDIT: I can do a bit of testing with different routes for ExitLag and Battleping (The two ping reducers that work best for me) and post results that work best for me.
  10. Eternal Bastion - Templar

    3000 accuracy and 1000 crit (With scroll and food) is minimum what you need for most PvE here.
  11. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Oh yes, we had that event once with "50%" drop chance of tempering which is BS, but still it dropped prices to 130kk. It was an amazing event, and made people actually active and play aion to get something instead of AFK near chest spawn locations.
  12. Expand your inventory

    The first expansion row is bought in starting location main village. Poeta and whatever starting location are for Asmodians. +4 additional rows can be bough from shop.
  13. Ну лично я 50 за прошлый раз вынес, не знаю как вы...
  14. Этот "ивент" уже был 100500 раз, все и так знают что, где и когда. Опять топовые инроки вынесут по 50+ воды с него, а новенькие буду сидеть и завидовать. Лучше бы дали храм шиго недели на 3