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  1. Shop items

    So since you've just added items from later versions, and promised more items from post 4.6, what can we request/expect? Can we possibly get all items that were included in pre-5.0 times? Maybe Plague doctor's outfit? Would buy it for 1000 without a question
  2. what happened with Ely?

    Current problem that I'm observing on sieges is selfishness. Nobody bothers to follow orders. People are more interested in staying AFK to gain free GP/medals rather than do something that can help their faction. Good example was today on siege with new lead. Out of 100 or so people that we had in league, good 25-30 were AFKing in Sillona, waiting for siege to be over while other part was trying to fight for Sillus while asmos were defending Prades from balaur.
  3. Remodel Restriction

    Nobody is stopping you from using original lvl 30 wings appearance if it is available. Just remove whatever skin you've applied and you can apply original skin to new 50 wings.
  4. Remodel Restriction

    Why would an item that can be used once for appearance remodelling, be able to remodel something a 2nd time? Yes, if a skin can only be used once, you can only use it once to remodel something. If you want to apply same skin to something else, you have to buy it again. Almighty already explained it to you.
  5. Remodel Restriction

    It clearly states on the main page that this server is completely like retail version. So what are you complaining about? And there is nothing misleading. Once you use "Once for appearance remodelling" item, it will say "Unable to extract appearance" on your item. Also, skins in local shop are very cheap . All skins are between 50-200 Ecoins (1-4 euros) compared to Gameforge's 100-150 Aion Coins (10-15 euros).
  6. Noob question

    What teleport system? There are flights/teleports/obelisks/scrolls that allow you to travel all over the place if you want to. There hasn't been any special teleport system added in 4.x
  7. Enchantment is total RNG. Back on retail I've managed to make multiple hyperion gear pieces +10 with random L80-L100 stones and 3-4 total fails. Then I've seen others use L110 and above on the same gear below +10 and fail miserably 5-6 times in a row.
  8. Ты должен быть 45+ что-бы открыть желтые квесты.
  9. The Ordalie pet (loot)

    Works fine for me. Have you enabled looting using pet function? Pet has to be glowing when auto loot is active.
  10. Тебе нужен активный желтый квест по убийству этих самых зомби. Только тогда из этих огней будут выползать мобы.
  11. Here is link to an event daily quest Some mad guy opening 50 boxes in this event. This video is (I think) of the original first Alchemy event that we got in late 2013 after 4.0 just have dropped. If you have any questions, ask. I can speak in Russian if that is easier for you.
  12. Hi So I've been playing here for a few weeks and for the most part everything is great except for general consumables. There is a serious lack of general manastones, food and pots in the game. I think Alchemist's event would help with this issue. Its a very simple event which is doable by absolutely everyone, providing they have level to do instances. Make it so that most group instances such as Fire Temple, Draupnir Cave(Only last boss), Adma, Theo Lab etc. drops a bag of keys for every party member who is eligible to loot (Aka not a mentor or less than 10 level above the boss) . Tempering solutions should be kept out of this event. Only Normal/Composite manastones and possibly enchantment stones (L120-L130). Also would be nice to have permanent pets/mounts in there. And other general stuff like fine recovery serums and scrolls. This event would pump more life into every level category and make people more active which will result in healthier amount of manastones and enchantment stones across the server. Not to mention a good flow of players attracted by the fact that they can participate in an event without a fear of getting annihilated by enemy 5 star xform.
  13. Shop items

    Can we get more candies? Like Wyvern for example? IMO they look alot better than penguins or bears. [item: 160010244] [item: 160010204]
  14. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    A agree with @Admin, but at the same time, something has to be done with balance and availability. Events are great, but they must have somewhat equal opportunity for every player. Currently, solo players have no chance against zergs to get anything at all. My suggestion for our next event would be Alchemy event. Everyone has an equal opportunity to get daily keys and do instances for more keys. And may I suggest you put good amount of enchantment/manastones instead of tempering solution. Current situation is fairly sad with manastones. I'm in the process of gathering and getting my Kahrun's set ready for 4.x instances, but I cannot find enough manastones to fill it up. So what am I gonna do when I hit 65? I will have an empty set that has no use in any 4.x instance. I'm not even mentioning getting high end PvE and PVP sets. And I'm not talking about composites, just HP95/100, Crit +17/19 Mboost +28 etc so that people will have atleast a good base set to start off with. And if you want to bring more life into Katalams PvP? How about transferring your season mechanic into Katalam? There were similar events in Akaron back in 4.8 on EU, and it was super chaotic but great fun. If you could bring something similar to Katalam where people got rewards for PvPing, it would bring a lot of life in there. I could write an entire page of suggestions for events, but I won't do that here.
  15. Flickering Character Screen

    Click "Previous" and then select whatever class/gender that you want again and go into customization screen. Then the issue will solve itself. You will also encounter this flickering on certain maps. I'm on Ely side so my experience will differ. But for me I get this flickering in Theobomos around broken pirate ship area and in Sarpan around Urugugu village and Kamar Prison. It has something to do with modded graphics setting in this build of the game. Maybe @TheAlmighty knows what they did. Half of the graphics settings are locked out and FPS is locked at 60 for no reason and I don't know how to fix it. Setting Engine to default completely solves the issue but 1 - it makes game look like crap. 2 - You cannot do it before creating your character.