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  1. Shop items

    You asked, so here I am. Is there a chance on adding Antriksha/Ashelon weapon skins? They're linkable in game, skins are from 4.75, not 4.8, which I assume should have no issues with animations and such. Any feedback on that would be nice. [item: 100901294]
  2. Шмотки за кв стража Миразент, берётся в Элизиуме. Пуха за мифриловые монеты.
  3. Templar Guide for DPS

    You need a decent greatsword for a PvE DPS builds.AC with BM would be considered "low end" because BM weapons are absolute garbage. And Mace+shield is only good for shield block skills and shield bash chains OR full-on tank build with Empyrean Providence. It's not good for the main DPS build. If you want to do good DPS in PvE, you need a decent greatsword and gear socketed correctly. Right now aim for 1,000-1,100 crit UNDER food&scroll and 3000 accuracy to land all of your skills. I don't know what ping you have, but high ping (70+) would lower your DPS as templar significantly. As a templar with a greatsword, you have to weave every 2nd skill and know proper rotation to sustain good DPS. High ping prevents you from weaving efficiently. As for PvP its simple - You need PVP weapon. Something mythical like Sauro or RST greatsword at least +10 with at least BM weapon under it.
  4. Streamer using viewer Bots pt2

    Because whos gonna be watching low skill, boring-ass people do boring and repetitive stuff that everyone does on a daily basis.
  5. AP farming - 4.6 patch

    How come I don't see anyone saying "Go PVP in Katalams"?
  6. ( ask ) Design Fine Recovery Serum

    Rentus base is the most common place where it drops I think.
  7. Modern PC and heavy stuttering

    It's because Zen and Zen+ CPUs have low IPS compared to later gen Zen2 and Intel CPUs. And since this game is running on an old engine that cannot utilize multi-core CPUs (It only uses a single core at all times), Ryzen will cause stutters and low DPS when rendering large amounts of characters on screen because of its low single-core performance. I've also tried playing Aion on Ryzen 1600x and it was a nightmare. Even 4th / 5th gen i3 would run Aion with no issues at all. If you want to run Aion, you have to either OC your CPU to as high as you possibly can, or switch to Intel.
  8. Sauro door didn't open

    Happened to us too some time ago but on the next boss.
  9. Sunayaka's Hairpin

  10. Many high levels don't care of lower levels.

    Then go ahead, reach 65 and make Kata with a bunch of ungeared ppl. See how enjoyable it is to spend an hour of your life gathering an alliance and failing it and getting blamed by others for making a crappy pt. Record it and post here.
  11. Exp lose

    You lose XP if you die...
  12. Было бы интересно если вы сможете добавить АП бижу 2го офицера с крыльями и фиол пвп шмот.
  13. [Event] Boiling Point!

    I honestly can't say that I didn't like the event because I made decent kinah by selling rice.