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  1. I got 4th phys Trillirunerk's wings

    Pole is 20% chance. Wings are 50% chance. Getting the wrong ones in a row 4 times is around 3% chance.
  2. Shop items

    @Booblik Ну позязя Raven General's Uniform - Aion PowerBook
  3. Here is an idea to refresh some grind. Add Elite Ancient Manastones into Danuar Sanctuary with a slight chance. I'm talking about these stones [item: 167020081] Ancient Manastone: Magic Boost +35 - Aion Codex [item: 167020074] Ancient Manastone: Physical Crit +24 - Aion Codex [item: 167020079] Ancient Manastone: Weapon Damage +8 - Aion Codex And others. This change could bring some needed benefits. - Refresh Danuar Sanctuary and make it a viable instance to run. - Give completionists another route to grind high-end manastones for their precious gear - Add another potential way to make kinah from farming PVE. Drop chance should be either very small from boxes, or higher chance but with drop only from last bosses. It will have no effect on in-game balance. PVP doesn't benefit from it as AP gear doesn't use Ancient Manastones. PVE players will have another activity to keep them interested in playing the game while not disrupting the balance. People certainly won't be able to solo Kata with these manastones.
  4. Сложность временных зон

    Помню когда Легенда закрылась, все легенданутые пришли сюда и везде кричали "А п0чЕмУ тАк Сл0ЖнА". В каждый 65 дандж хотели пойти в кв шмоте, и еще возмущались если их не брали.
  5. [Event] Save the Harvest!

    Don't save it. Just let it burn
  6. Game updates

    4.7 didn't remove Katalams. It added Akaron (Atleast how its called in EU version) and changes to socketing system.
  7. NPC for Hyperion Mythic Equipment

    I fail to see how exchanging 100 Hyperion pieces (50 weeks of farming without reset scrolls and failed runs) for a single armor piece is "easy". Even if you do 4 runs a week with reset scrolls, that will put you on over 3 months of non-stop Kata farm. How is that considered "easy"? Oh and btw, do you consider Hyperion armor and weapon boxes that drop from Snoflakes "easy"? They do give you a chance of getting a piece without ever going into the instance. I don't see people screaming to remove those.
  8. NPC for Hyperion Mythic Equipment

    I spoke with admins about this idea over a year ago, they strictly said NO because of "Reasons". But I do think it would be fair. I have 5 characters and all of them took different amounts of Katas to get 6/6. Some took around 100, other just 12 runs for a full 6/6. I know people who went almost 200 times and still didn't get full set. Personally, I wouldn't find it "unfair" to those who did 100+ runs to get a full set. Exchanging 100 Hyperion pieces for a piece is a fair idea.
  9. Shop items

    Ты нагнул движок и теперь можешь 5.0 внехи ставить? Переведу тебе лично 100 евро если добавишь Rabbit Cape - Aion PowerBook
  10. Читер асмо.

    Активируй видну)
  11. I hate cheaters

    Is it a dirty trick? Yes Is it your fault for buying something without reading the description? Yes If people would actually read what they're buying, there would be no scammers in the first place
  12. Фарм апа

    Узы пухи по 120к за 1 рыж продаются. Баст 35к в день. Дерики и прочая бредятеня по 2-3к там и там

    Danaria - Emerald Meadown camp, next to Pradeth Fort. There is also Stigma NPC at SWB camp, but thats for physical classes (I think)
  14. Для ПВЕ Aion stigma calculator ( Для ПВП уже пускай другие показывают. Там много вариантов под разные стили игры