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  1. [Event] Shugo Kingdom Adventure

    I got 2 serums on a single character already.
  2. Anybody succeeded to craft an extendable?

    There is an Elyos templar named Encore, hes got Katalium extendable greatsword. Ask him.
  3. Templar Stigmas and Gears

    Depends on what you want to be and where. Both PvP and PvE have different builds for DPS and tanking.
  4. Shop items

    It literally takes one day to farm Miragent Set.
  5. Extendables + Wrapping

    this is exactly my point....
  6. Extendables + Wrapping

    And it also gives people with billions of kinah a chance to buy extends directly.
  7. Extendables + Wrapping

    Those are totally different scrolls. There are 2 types - Wrapping scrolls and mail passes. There are no mail passes on this server because they would add huge P2W element.
  8. Ow, I also wanted to know that. Thanks for bringing that up @mezmer and @TheAlmighty for answering.
  9. Ok. Thank you for clearing that up for me.
  10. Hello Which coins are we talking about? The only coins that matter are Platinum Coins and Ancient Coins. Everything else is meaningless. Only LvL50+ Alchemy and Cooking recipes matter. Everything else is just stuff that you sell to NPC. Yes. Crafting is extremely useful and important at end game. Most valuable professions are Alchemy and Cooking. You need Magic Boost and Magical Accuracy manastones for bard.
  11. ChocoLand открывает набор

    Привет. Конечно, напишите Gostrade, Ashur или Totimirka. Примем вас.
  12. Shugo Tomb Event

    This is true. When I joined in late January, we barely had 700 people at peak times, now we constantly have 1.6k - 1.8k online, and over 2k over during peak times. Many people would love to have decent drop from Shugo instance rather than running around South Katalam, collecting some useless pieces of garbage.
  13. What witch craft are you doing to put Rosenimbus into account warehouse? As far as I know, there hasn't been a single mount that you can put into account warehouse. Only exception is when its in the box.

    Classes are exactly like on retail 4.6. Gunners, bards and SMs are still mad OP in PvP. You better run if you see any of them. Sins are viable if you have stable 40 or less ping and skill to play that class. Gladis, templars and dps chanters absolutely require extendables for PvP, but those are extremely hard to get on this server. Many have them already from previous events, so you will struggle to get them. Ping is stable. My ping here is perfectly stable, staying around 44-47 (Living in Ireland). Never had issues with it. All end game instances are fully functional without any issues or bugs (Unless you count Sauro 1K bug on last boss that existed on retail).
  15. Shugo Tomb Event

    Kinda weird after we had 2 Beritra Treasure events since last Shugo Emperial Tomb event. Same for "Collect 2 pieces of X to make Y" aka Valentine hearts and Rabbit paws events.