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Found 7 results

  1. suggestion: For the time being, one of the bigger issues I guess is that ranking up /keeping rank has been turned over to chance. i.e if you get disconnected during siege and when you get disconnected during siege. Albeit removing gp from sieges would be a massive mistake on the same scale as removing gp from arenas. A temporary reduction of the amount of gp recieved is perhaps something to be considered in that the people lucky enough to get gp amidst sieges will still get gp but the difference of 100-900 gp per day is at the moment a to high number to be left to chance. Just food for thought, that way it will still be rewarding to do siege as gp is given – and perhaps an increase of relics/medals could be added for the set period – but not enough gp is given to leave the rank ladder based to more or less 75% at this moment to chance due to random DDOS guy. Idk who to tag but whatever.
  2. Дорогие разработчики! Всем известно насчет осады на сервере и это очень печально, вы в большой степени для баланса сил нечего и не делаете (запущенный вами якобы ивент это только смех вызывает). Предлагаю Ивент именно за Захват крепости в каталамах и на бездне за элиос, за хорошие бонусы или итемы. Возможно это стимулирует (исходя что в ивенте дают), ну хот это немного подтолкнёт нях. Подумайте насчет этого предложения!
  3. Performance fix

    So i've been til now had the issue with client crashing, freezing or going down to 9 fps in every siege as soon as there are more than 100 people around me which tbh have made me skip siege a lot of times. However today i tried a different config of the system file and had a walloping stable 40-50fps in the taking of Miren. So i thought that I'd share the lines i added if more people are having issues with freezes, crashes, fps drops etc. I should add that my graphic settings are everything on the lowest besides texture detail which are at second highest, object range at farthest and terrain range at farthest with the high quality engine. as far as i've understood this sort of modding is fine as it simply makes the game run smoother with no detectable game changes, mechanics or looks wise. sys_spec_ObjectDetail = "0" sys_spec_Particles = "0" sys_spec_Physics = "0" sys_spec_PostProcessing = "0" sys_spec_Shading = "0" sys_spec_Shadows = "0" sys_spec_texture = "0" sys_spec_Quality = "0" ac_animErrorClamp = "0" ac_clampTimeAnimation = "0" ac_clampTimeEntity = "0" ac_disableFancyTransitions = "1" ca_AnimWarningLevel = "0" ca_AnimationDeferredLoad = "1" ca_AnimationUnloadMaxPerFrame = "0" ca_AnimationUnloadCheckPerFrame = "0" ca_AnimationUnloadDelay = "0" ca_ClothMode = "0" ca_EnableCCG = "0" ca_EnableCubicBlending = "0" ca_EnableLightUpdate = "0" ca_EnableTangentSkinning = "0" ca_MemoryDefragEnabled = "0" ca_NoMorph = "1" ca_NormalizeBases = "0" ca_PrecacheAnimationSets = "1" ca_SSEEnable = "1" ca_SafeReskin = "0" ca_disable_thread = "0" ca_thread = "1" d3d9_AllowSoftware = "0" d3d9_PSforce11 = "0" d3d9_TripleBuffering = "0" e_CullVegActivation = "0" e_clouds = "0" e_DecalsLifeTimeScale = "0" e_Dissolve = "0" e_DynamicLights = "0" e_GI = "0" e_GsmCache = "0" e_GsmLodsNum = "1" e_ParticlesMaxScreenFill = "16" e_HwOcclusionCullingObjects = "0" e_HwOcclusionCullingWater = "0" e_OcclusionCullingViewDistRatio = "0" e_ParticlesThread = "1" e_PrecacheLevel = "1" e_cbuffer = "2" e_PreloadMaterials = "1" e_PrepareDeformableObjectsAtLoadTime = "1" e_ProcVegetationMaxSectorsInCache = "64" e_Recursion = 0 e_Render = "1" e_SkyBox = "1" e_SkyQuality = "0" e_SkyType = "0" e_StatObjBufferRenderTasks = "0" e_StatObjPreload = "1" e_beach = "0" e_clouds = "0" e_flocks = "0" e_fog = "0" e_HwOcclusionCullingObjects = "0" e_HwOcclusionCullingparticles = "0" e_HwOcclusionCullingVegetation = "0" e_HwOcclusionCullingWater = "0" e_light_maps = "1" e_light_maps_quality = "0" e_optimized_render_object = "0" e_proc_vegetation = "0" e_recursion_occlusion_culling = "0" e_shadow_spots = "0" e_skip_terrain_culling = "1" e_sky_box = "1" e_stencil_shadows = "0" e_streamCgf = "0" e_sun = "0" e_water_ocean_soft_particles = "0" e_water_render_distance = "0" e_weather_fx_enable = "0" es_DebrisLifetimeScale = "1.0" es_UpdateInvisibleCharacter = "0" g_MaxFPS = "-1" g_NoWarFog = "1" g_chainSkillChangeCooltimeDelay = "0.000" g_chainSkillIndicateDelay = "0.000" g_chatlog = "0" g_client_var = "0" g_enableSkillVoice = "0" g_loadSlotState = "3" g_save_preset = "1" g_showFPS = "1" g_showUIActionMsg = "0" g_show_breath = "0" g_uiContour = "0" g_ui_stillview = "1" g_muteMyPet = "1" g_openSpecialServerList = "0" g_playerprofile = "custom" r_ChromaticAberration = "0" r_checkSunVis = "0" r_DeferredShadingAmbientLights = "0" r_DynTexAtlasCloudsMaxSize = "2" r_DynTexAtlasSpritesMaxSize = "2" r_EnvCMResolution = "3" r_EnvCMupdateInterval = "1.0" r_EnvTexResolution = "3" r_EnvTexUpdateInterval = "1.0" r_FSAA_samples = "0" r_GeomInstancing = "0" r_HDRBloomRatio = "0" r_HDRBrightLevel = "0" r_HDRGrainAmount = "0" r_MSAA = "0" r_MeshPrecache = "1" r_MotionBlur = "0" r_MultiGPU = "2" r_MultiThreaded = "1" s_SFXVolume_COMMENT_GOSSIP = "1.000000" s_SFXVolume_COMMENT_NPC = "0.377564" s_SFXVolume_COMMENT_QUEST = "1.000000" s_SFXVolume_COMMENT_SYSTEM = "0.600000" s_SFXVolume_ENV = "0.350000" s_SFXVolume_FX = "0.188782" s_SFXVolume_UI = "0.232347" sys_warnings = "0"
  4. Hello, I was wondering if is posible to turn Gelkmaros and Inggison sieges to lv 65, keeping their mithil /ceranium rewards but adding GP for those who like it, I think that Gelkmaros and Inggison have a interesting way to work, making everyone to go to Silentera (or add a portal somewhere to invade enemy land but that can be destroyed as happens to Perchelonin /Theobomos). i do propose this because on future patches Gelk and Inggi are already 65 and it be quite nice see a change on Katlam > Abyss monothony
  5. Siege

    Simple question/Suggestion, Can you remove GP award from sieges, and idk maybe add different reward? its been 3 months asmodian do not wanna work together. this is literaly booring and not motivating, this is not fun....
  6. Siege

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am the Rulai, your Elyos Union Lead for almost 2 months, my reallife name is Roman, I come from the Ukraine, currently I have been living in Germany for 14 years. I am 26 years old and started playing on the European server Aion when I was 19. I played 2 years as a cleric on the Elyo side and 1 year as an assassin on the Asmos side. It was the most beautiful mmorpg years I have ever had. Because I didn't like the versions after aion 4.6, I stopped with Aion. One evening after 3 years I accidentally discovered this server and after 4 evenings I had my cleric back to 65. I really enjoyed watching the progress. It had made me sad to see how weakly the Elyos side was organized. We had no fortresses, so our equipment was very weak. So I talked to a lot of legion leaders and we organized the first form of our union. we got more people on our side and had our first success. We were sometimes too strong. So that the Asmos no longer had fun. Fortunately, however, are now recovering and, in my opinion, it is currently very balanced. I had to invest a lot of time and patience, but I also got an incredible amount of support from many people from all over the world. I can only repeat: it is really a lot of fun at the moment. But I won't be able to invest that much time in the future and I will definitely not stop with Euroaion. I've done my job. i helped the elyos when they need help. I will help you build a new and better union with even more precise rules and better organization only without me as the lead. Friday (2019-01-10 23:15 Servertime) after siege we will have a meeting with all legion leaders and people interested in fortress battles. Until then, stay strong, enjoy current balance and remember that it is not the Elyos that are your enemies but the hairy ones. Friday (2019-01-10 23:15 Servertime) Hallo Damen und Herren, ich bin der Rulai, seit fast 2 Monaten euer Elyos Union Lead, mein reallife Name ist Roman, ich komme aus der Ukraine, aktuell lebe ich seit 14 Jahren in Deutschland. Ich bin 26 Jahre alt, und habe mit 19 angefangen auf dem europäischen Server Aion zu spielen. Ich spielte 2 Jahre Kleriker auf der Elyosseite und 1 Jahr Assassine auf der Asmoseite. Es war die schönsten mmorpg Jahren die ich je hatte. Weil mir nach aion 4.6 die Versionen nicht gefallen hatten, hatte ich mit Aion aufgehört. Eines abends nach 3 Jahren hatte ich zufälligerweise diesen Server entdeckt und hatte nach 4 Abenden meinen Kleriker wieder auf 65. Es machte mir unheimlich Spaß den Progress mitzuerleben. Es hatte mich aber traurig gemacht zu sehen wie schwach die Elyos Seite organiesiert war. Wir hatten keine Festungen und deswegen war unsere Ausrüstung sehr schwach. So sprach ich mit vielen Legionsleadern und wir organiesierten die erste Form unserer Union. wir holten noch mehr Leute auf unsere Seite und hatten unsere ersten Erfolge. Wir waren manchmal sogar zu stark. Sodass die Asmos die keinen Spaß mehr hatten. Nun erholen sich aber zum Glück wieder und meiner meinung nach, ist es aktuell sehr ausgeglichen. Ich habe sehr viel Zeit und Geduld investieren müssen, habe aber auch unglaublich viel Unterstützung bekommen von vielen Leuten aus allen Ländern der Welt. Ich kann es nur wiederholen: es macht aktuell echt viel Spaß. Aber in der Zukunft kann ich nicht mehr soviel Zeit investieren und Ich höre auf keinen Fall auf mit Euroaion. Ich habe meine Arbeit getan. Ich habe den Elyos geholfen als sie Hilfe brauchen. Ich werde euch helfen eine neue und bessere Union aufzubauen mit noch genaueren regeln und besserer Organisation nur ohne mich als Lead. Freitag (2019-01-10 23:15 Servertime) nach dem Festungskampf werden wir eine Besprechung machen mit allen Legionsleadern und Leuten die interesse haben an Festungskämpfen. Bis dahin, bleibt stark, genießt aktuelles Gleichgewicht und denkt daran dass nicht die Elyos eure Feinde sind sondern die haarigen. Freitag (2019-01-10 23:15 Servertime) Здравствуйте, дамы и господа, я - Рулай, уже почти 2 месяца ваш лидер союза элийцев , мое реальное имя - Роман, я из Украины, я живу в Германии 14 лет. Мне 26 лет, и я начал играть на европейском сервере Aion, когда мне было 19 лет. Я играл 2 года как священнослужитель на стороне Elyos и 1 год как убийца на стороне Asmos. Это были самые красивые годы в моей жизни. Поскольку мне не нравились версии после 4.6, я бросил Aion. Однажды вечером через 3 года я случайно обнаружил этот сервер, и через 4 вечера мой клирик вернулся к 65. Мне очень понравилось наблюдать за прогрессом но мне было грустно видеть, как слабо организована сторона элийцев. У нас не было крепостей, поэтому наши шмотки были очень слабые. Поэтому я разговаривал со многими лидерами легионов, и мы организовали первую форму нашего союза. мы получили больше людей на нашей стороне и добились нашего первого успеха. Мы были иногда слишком сильны. Так что Асмикам уже не было весело. К счастью они сейчас поправляются, и, на мой взгляд, сейчас все очень сбалансировано. Мне пришлось потратить много времени и терпения, но я также получил невероятную поддержку от многих людей со всего мира. Я могу только повторить: сейчас действительно очень весело. Но я не смогу потратить столько времени в будущем, и я определенно не остановлюсь на Euroaion. Я сделал свою работу Я помогал элийцам, когда им нужна помощь. Я помогу вам построить новый и лучший союз с еще более точными правилами и лучшей организацией только без меня как лидера. В пятницу (2019-01-10 23:15 Servertime) после осады у нас будет встреча со всеми лидерами легионов и людьми, заинтересованными в битвах за крепости. До тех пор оставайтесь сильными, наслаждайтесь текущим балансом и помните, что ваши враги - не элийцы, а волосатые. В пятницу (2019-01-10 23:15 Servertime) Ciao signore e signori, sono il Rulai, il vostro sindacato elisiano da quasi 2 mesi, il mio nome reale è Roman, vengo dall'Ucraina, attualmente vivo in Germania da 14 anni. Ho 26 anni e ho iniziato a giocare sul server europeo Aion quando avevo 19 anni. Ho giocato 2 anni come chierico dalla parte degli Elisiani e 1 anno come assassino dalla parte degli Asmos. Sono stati gli anni di mmorpg più belli che abbia mai avuto. Poiché non mi piacevano le versioni dopo aion 4.6, mi sono fermato con Aion. Una sera dopo 3 anni ho scoperto per caso questo server e dopo 4 sere ho riportato il mio chierico a 65 anni. Mi è davvero piaciuto guardare i progressi. Mi aveva rattristato vedere quanto debolmente fosse organizzata la squadra elisiana. Non avevamo fortezze, quindi il nostro equipaggiamento era molto debole. Quindi ho parlato con molti leader della legione e abbiamo organizzato la prima forma del nostro sindacato. abbiamo avuto più persone dalla nostra parte e abbiamo avuto il nostro primo successo. A volte eravamo troppo forti. In modo che l'Asmos non si divertisse più. Fortunatamente, tuttavia, ora si stanno riprendendo e, a mio avviso, è attualmente molto equilibrato. Ho dovuto investire molto tempo e pazienza, ma ho anche ricevuto un incredibile supporto da molte persone provenienti da tutto il mondo. Posso solo ripetere: è davvero molto divertente in questo momento. Ma non potrò investire così tanto tempo in futuro e sicuramente non mi fermerò con Euroaion. Ho fatto il mio lavoro. Ho aiutato gli Elisiani quando hanno bisogno di aiuto. Ti aiuterò a costruire una nuova e migliore unione con regole ancora più precise e una migliore organizzazione solo senza di me come guida. Venerdì (2019-01-10 23:15 Servertime) dopo l'assedio avremo un incontro con tutti i leader della legione e le persone interessate alle battaglie delle fortezze. Fino ad allora, rimani forte, goditi l'equilibrio attuale e ricorda che non sono gli Elisiani i tuoi nemici ma quelli pelosi. Venerdì(2019-01-10 23:15 Servertime)
  7. Could the siege window for Katalam and Danaria / Upper Abyss Inner fortresses be moved to 21h-22h instead of the current 22h-23h (like it was in EU retail) to allow players with jobs irl to also participate?