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Found 9 results

  1. Enraged Veille and Mastarius

    Hello everyone, Since the latest interest in Ingisson and Gelkmaros sieges from both factions. Would be great to have some more motivation to entice more players to join the fights! Would be great to revamp this Sieges and Bosses! Add an new event or permanent drop to Veille and Mastarius as: Temperings, 120/130 Stones, Composite Manastone and Godstones bundles, Candies, etc. (Any idea is welcome - and let's not forget about the beautiful Weapons and Armors skins from them!) I would like you to consider also the possiblity to add Glory Points to these Sieges, and bring back those old nostaglia vibes of Siege and PvP in such great maps. I belive such improvements would be a great motivation to all the players and factions to join the fight! Thank you for your time and consideration. C.
  2. Aion Shugo Emperor Vault

    Hello Everyone, Since now i sfew years that everyone is enjoying this server and year over year there are always the same "boring" not so challenging event, it should be time the EA team could implemente something to bring people enjoy and challenge an event and not just farm it over and over with 1 milion character. IS TIME TO BRING BACK Aion Shugo Emperor Vault !!!! I hope the managment will considere it, if enought people will see the forum and share it i am sure we will get a positive answer! Thank you Everyone.
  3. Shop Event

    Dear Support, I'd like to request if possible to make an event like the one in retail where you can purchase the previous special skins and housekeeping objects from all events (like christmast event, halloween etc.etc.) There have been recently a lot of returning and new players in Euroaion, as many old players that may had missed the chance to purchase that for theyr own house.... I remember in retail there was this event (I think was chinese new year event or annyversary) where you could purchase those... is that possible to have it also here in Euroaion to allow people to purchase event skins/housekeeping back? Thank you for your time and keep up the good work

    You said that left festival heart has to come in my inventory every hour. But it isn't. Check it out pls
  5. Halloween Event?

    Hi there, I was just wondering, Halloween season has begun and there is no such a seasonal creative event in the Euroaion yet. Personally, I really love to play thematic seasonal events as they are usually designed in creative ways of how you can acquire various items (or seasonal items) which makes the gameplay a slightly more original/fanciful. Does the team have any plans to release such an event in few days or? Thanks a lot.
  6. 310 Ice picks , 250 buy , 60 was mine . Use x2 speed .
  7. I think it is wise to find some way to test content before deploying it to the public. If you can't afford having a test server, can you not run the same build of the server locally for testing ? Either that or communicate with the players to get feedback and also discuss between staff members. Because taking the current event as an example, the outcome was obvious as an instance for level 40+ looting for level 65, 12 chests, 5 times per day, and the other one 3 chests, 16 times per day. And the fact that people with multiple characters/accounts can run it. When you release something like this out in the open suddenly, players will just think that this is how the event is supposed to be and that the administration did testing and approval before the launch. You should always think ahead and carefully before deploying anything. Now after the change, people are just gonna run Steel Rose over and over again with reset scrolls. Also there's a chance that people will start taking all the chests in level 65 instances and not letting other people get theirs. Some suggestions for the current event : 1) Remove steel rose reset scrolls from shop temporarily for the remainder of the event. 2) Compensate by either raising the chance of the ice pick drop or add more chests. *the adding of chests is for Steel Rose, the ice pick drop chance can be general. 3) Make chests loot for everyone instead of being a unique item that one person could all take from himself. *for level 65 instances that requires group/alliance, you can decrease the number to one per person but everyone gets his chest not a unique loot. I'm not saying THIS is what you should do. This is a discussion and other can add their own suggestions and ideas and we can reach an understanding on what's better and fair for everyone. Because saying that everyone have same conditions and that it's fair is not true since people can just buy reset scrolls and do steel rose infinitely. Before anyone could do the event since the only abuse is having multiple characters and that's basically the "fault" of the players for having only one character, not fair, not the same conditions, but understandable and it's okay. The right way would have been to decrease the number of chests on said instances that were removed. Now it's reset scrolls on the shop and that's not the fault of the players but the server and that's just seems totally not okay and p2w just like when people bought reset scrolls to get more serums, same story.
  8. Hello, Daevas! We've got some good news for you! From now on we will have doubled rates for experience and loot every weekend! The changes are permanent! Rates are in progress on Saturday and Sunday: from Saturday, 12am to Sunday, 11:59pm! Have fun playing and see you in game, Daeva ! p.s. x2 rates do not apply to the quest experience. Attention! Rates do not apply to the starting locations (Ishalgen/Poeta) and have never applied!
  9. Hi, as in this screenshot showed, i have got 2 seperated "[Event] Greater Running Scroll" items. Those don't "stack". You can see on that screenshot 20x & 47x "[Event] Greater Running Scroll" items. And within my hotbar, those count together as 67. BTW & PS, this is the best Aion Server I have ever met within past 10~15 years. Your server performances are GREAT!! I am willing to donate you up to 100 EUR!! This rocks, really. But you need to do more advertisements. However, on some sites your server is already on Rank #2, gg!! This is a best Aion server and I would like to see more players <333