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  1. Aion patch version

    I love this mindset of "The server will never get a upgrate, deal with it" . I think we explained why we do think that updating the server would be a nice idea, while the mindset of "Never upgrating" didn't not, except for TheAlmigthy.. If someone desires, send a PM to other Aion servers that do not have 4.6 and they make upgrates...
  2. Aion patch version

    Maybe someone of the community could lean a hand with Java and then slowly start to building a experimental server, I don't know, I guess many of us would like to be beta-testers to their favourite game and help it be better. I do agree that not touching or updating content, would eventually mean the death of the server, as nostalgia effect banishes (Maybe?) It maybe be worth to try, but playing the same maps and do the same over and over like a mindless drone, gets annoyed. "Aion feels like a job" - Anonnymous player "Aion is a game, not a job" - Annonymus player
  3. PVP buff for elios side

    Gez... better don't go to underground, with or without buff Elys crawl there..
  4. PVP buff for elios side

    Same situation with asmodians on Hellion and nobody cared about it, so dunno why Elys cry so much.
  5. I know how @bladegunner feels, I see his POV. I played Hellion some years ago, I did managed to be 2* few months, maybe two, well, you should say that you could get 2* gear? WRONG! I did have no knownledge of the game, I didn't get that much a ceranium, it was blessing to me to get two each day, I wasn't doing dreds or arenas, i hate loosing all time , my GP kept stable and increasing. When servers merge, true, didn't change for me as was like 4* officer, but we got joined with Anhuart, a older server, does feel bad having to loss your rank because someone played EARLIER than you. I could say: I deserve have 5*, I played for some years stright! Well yeah..I would deserve it, but never was enough, I could't manage to close my gap as always was 50-100 position bellow, and the gear.. dear is a pain to farm, is no easy when you have little to none knownledge or do have some party to aid you. We do tend that not everyone is able to find a premade so quick (I myself i am a example), so one player do not earn the same and do gear up as quick as it would like. Also I am afraid that the team won't gonna lift a finger to change anything, they want it as vanilla as posible, wich is loable, but let's be serious... this version only is good because of Katalam, ask others about how a pain is socketing composites after they break (Granted, it's easy here but still a pain) and they all disappear, everyone became happy when vanilla did remove that and only the manastone that was beeing socketed would break. ATM I do play on another private server on another game, it's Korean too and it's about all farming, when got max level, I saw that the curve to get a gear spiked, and oh dear, was a blessing to be able to ask for a free gear on the website, gonna make an example; Imagine yourself getting intro Katalam and mobs are hard to kill, you got at best, Daevanion gear 55, imagine that the gear you need , you need by farming some medalls that mobs drop, it would be a good drop, but they need a lot , let's say for the sake of argument.. they would cost twice the Karum set does cost. Imagine farming that with the Daevanion gear 55, a real pain... wouldn't be fun. But what if you could claim once per account that same gear but randomized? This gear normally have 6 manastones and 2 ancients and +15 enchantment, but the gear you gonna get does not have manastone socks and it's only +5, would be slow at frist, but each time you get a piece of armor, you kill faster, you get medalls faster and the more armor you have , you would be faster, and yeah, the armor you gonna buy is the gifted one, but you buy it because you can make it to suit your needs. I honestly belive that newer versions of Aion, above 4.6 are better, granted, not all are good, some are lamae, but on this particular version, that no other thing exists besides Katalam, is no worth it and I am afraid that I won't put a feet back on EuroAion if tings stand still.

    It's possible to enstrengh loosing faction NPC when they attack the fort and make it equal to a dredgion? That could work as a balancing system
  7. Boost pvp buff

    But what happen outside siege? A grup of ely/asmo with a buff would cause a lot of problems for the winning faction because they hit harder and they are harder to kill, imagine a grup that's pretty much dominating doing PVP on a garrison with the buff, would be hard kicking them out.
  8. Oh dear I do love this kind of post as say "I can do it and I am casual, do yourself", pretty much on the direction of "do not change nothing". Aion do have a huge problem within with new players, as the game "rewards" you with "beeing loyal" basically with beeing easy as you spread your network of friends on the game, and that's something I do always think on: A network of friends do help to improve on a game, every one, and Aion is no exception. Some people do find easy to make friends and they can aid them with a SWB or a Kata run, or some dreds and some do not have that easy way, and I myself I was Officer 4 Asmodian on Retail and it took YEARS to fully make a obsolete 2 officer gear decent. Also, joining the winning faction does not mean be easy, you gotta need score frist if you want to get the medals, and those veterans on sieges will know where and what to do to get a Rank 1 (Wich is a thing I do , but I don't get any Rank 1 on this server, on retail it was very unlikly) To be honest, I started to dislike this version of the game, as I read previously: It' not fun beeing killed while doing garrisons. And they are right, there is no fun of beeing oneshot by a mass of enemies that makes you have to visit the garrison when it turns your faction again, and that can take hours, I think that other versions are new-friendly, as the Kaisiniel/Marchutan long quest line for gear, wich yes, it was long and hard, but they gear was quite good, and the ArchDaeva update, you could go to some dungeruns like Library of Knownledge and get that gear, then, at the Abyss, you do garrisons and you could run by some epic or mythic bloodmedall gear. I recently revisited another private server, (Not "Aion", it is another P2W game sandbox that everyone was hyped on) it was itching me, when I did left that game, they were at 3.0, now they run 5.2 , and honestly, they are not doing that bad, they are adding new stuff , self made stuff, constant stuff, I didn't feel like much was changed, just some stuff gone but mostly, they still with somethings that should had gone because they work, what I do try to say is, that EuroAion should be not afraid of touching the game to improve it, of course, they can do custom events, but they should be sure that they are not like the boxes on Silentera or South Katlam , wich it was mostly for gankers. The team could sit, think and wonder: "Is this version letting us to do a lot of stuff we do want to do?" "Is this version really worth it as it is or do need some tweak?" "What does needed the vanilla version and how can I make it better?" They want to make the game more accesible without touching too much the game? They could lower the requisits of the Soldier's gear, less AP and Ceranium need, they could add MKK entrances at both landings on Abyss so players can go without problem, they could give the same medalls to everyone despite rank that would be only for GP, they could make harder the boss of the loosing faction to avoid beeing disencouraged as it happens frequently. Katalam is not the best map of Aion, period, if people do want still get intro the map, then we could settle portals somewhere (Sanctum and Pandaemonium seem a choise) to make them accesible again, we do know that when a patch is applied, the maps simply hide, and retail was able to bring Tiamaranta's Eye for a event once, so it's possible to kept Katalam while advancing on patches. And no, Aion does is not only unfriendly with new players, they are unfriendly with those who make potions, scrolls, items for a living too...
  9. will you ever change gametime?

    And why not, and it's a suggestion, display Winter and Summer times at the same time? So confusions are minimum.
  10. pvp buff

    Bad... bad idea... worst idea ever... (BTW I am asmo and asmo since GF and GF did put this and was awfull)
  11. Hehe I don't really think so, i am pretty lonewolf, to gear myself I took very long time, I have no rush
  12. Hello, I joined this server because I did miss Aion and the 4.6 was favourite all over the players, yet I do have my own dobuts, I did had a lot of fun but felt quite alone and on top of that, making some cash become a problem (I do guess because botting), my question is: how much did changed? It does is worth return to give a try as an asmodian gunner?
  13. Time change

    I don't know why they wouldn't fix the timezone, Summer time is ended and having the game that is one hour ahead of us makes just things a bit complicated, arenas and dredgions open before and they may grab people bussy or at work, if they keep having Summer time, then schedule would be like this: Sieges Frist Tiamaranta Siege: 1pm - 2pm Lower Abyss Siege: 3pm - 4pm Second Tiamaranta Siege: 4pm - 5pm Gelkmaros / Inguisson: 7pm - 8pm Upper Abyss - Katalam/Danaria: 9pm - 10 pm Arenas Dredgion: 11 pm - 01 am Chantra dredgion: 1pm - 2pm Therath Dredgion: 7pm - 9pm Orphidean Bridge: 1pm - 2pm / 6 pm - 8 pm Kamar Battlefield: 8pm - 9pm Steel Wall Bastion PVP: 11pm - 1am Arenas: 11am - 1pm / 5pm - 11pm Arena of Glory: 7pm - 9pm
  14. Events rewards

    Then why two almost stright events of PVP serum a month ago? That isn't practically giving top rewards to top PVP or zergs?