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Found 8 results

  1. Possible update?

    Do you have any predictions or thoughts for a version update in the game? Maybe a 4.8, where we would have new maps, new instances, new forms of stigmas, etc.
  2. Enraged Veille and Mastarius

    Hello everyone, Since the latest interest in Ingisson and Gelkmaros sieges from both factions. Would be great to have some more motivation to entice more players to join the fights! Would be great to revamp this Sieges and Bosses! Add an new event or permanent drop to Veille and Mastarius as: Temperings, 120/130 Stones, Composite Manastone and Godstones bundles, Candies, etc. (Any idea is welcome - and let's not forget about the beautiful Weapons and Armors skins from them!) I would like you to consider also the possiblity to add Glory Points to these Sieges, and bring back those old nostaglia vibes of Siege and PvP in such great maps. I belive such improvements would be a great motivation to all the players and factions to join the fight! Thank you for your time and consideration. C.
  3. Hello again, I managed to download the client but the launcher refuses to update and is stuck to 99%. I've downloaded all the other programs that were suggested on the download page but this issue keeps popping up, with both of my computers:
  4. Is the Server going to be 4.6 forever?

    Hi, I know this has been talked a lot already, just a question, if the current standing on the game is to keep it 4.6, or are there plans of moving to 4.8 eventually. Its a minor update, but healthy one. Sorry for dumb post.
  5. Game Update Error

    Hello guys, i get this error when i want to update the game , i tried installing directX, restarting the PC but nothing works. I can play the game up to the sanctum, probably that s how much the game installed but when i enter veteron game crashes. Can someone help me please?
  6. Client Update Error

    hi guys this morning i could enter the game but right now i cant.I launched the client and client updated itself before starting but during the update,this error happened.I checked the all game file on client but error still happens.I download game files from torrent and im starting the torrent 64 bit in english language.What can i do to solve that problem ?
  7. Hello Everyone, I will just drop this very unpopular bomb here.. Notes_EN_30092015.pdf I would like to hear your opinion whether or not you think it would be good idea to move on to this update as it removes unnecessary spells and buffs the one that are frequent and better... In my honest opinion i would love to move forward a bit in this direction, it makes the game a bit fresher. I know most people do not like vision stigma system... however the improvement it brings by making our usual stigmas auto-learn skills does appeal alot to me.. as someone who played every patch in aion there is, i think this was the best one, and the second best being 2.7. I'm not saying that 4.6 is bad, i actually play here only because almost everyone plays here And i like it as well.. i donated bunches of € already so im dedicated to stay just I would welcome this change... I would love some word also from Devs on what they think about this.
  8. Hello there, I get following Error message when trying to start EuroAion with your latest Launcher. I also deleted bin32 and bin64 directories as well as 2_deu and 2_esn directories. No success! EDIT_001: I have switched from english language to german and successfully started the game. Closed Aion and switched back to english language. It works now! Thanks for your time.