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  1. Arena teamup

    Look 7:40 on the timer in particular, THE OTHER GLADI IS RANK 1 , his lower HP than you, and the cleric is DPSINg you, this is more obvious than obvious of fkin teaming
  2. double account advantage...

    dem thats ugly , look at him not moving untill his char is dead then going back to move lol
  3. Closing Elyos characters creation

    thats only in-game ratio, doesnt mean a single shit ab population lmfao, both side suffer from lack of faith their leader/players, once u make a good enough gathering and approach xformers / guilds / spam lfg constantly ull bounce back easily, its been like this on asmo as well, no unity so we didnt have blue forts for 2 months
  4. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    Your rates are awefull, very awefull, not even worth doing, i already spent 18 hours , looted about 250 boxes, and dropped 0 tempering sulotions.
  5. Question - Server population

    More and more players hear about each other quit, its demorelizing people to continue play something "dead" , i believe the elyos lock should be removed now. but another reason to player drop is legit the lack of actions that are being done by adminisitration , they dont listen community either.
  6. [event] Return to Tiamaranta's Eye!

    Boost the boxes rate higher, it feels same shit, i went there on 7am, "400" players according to site, found 1 green box and 2 blue in 1hour running around, makes no fkin sense.
  7. Suggestion - Faction change ticket

    Yeah i dont see future right now, i havent seen future past 2 months either, we dont really have a leader and even if i was talk between most legions and make them work together i dont have anyone to lead. im still just another player... and add the fact some peopel hate me for the shit i say about no GP , i agree with all those ideas i wish they would see light.... but need something to unite them again and aslo (THE NUMBER DIFF is another topic...)
  8. Suggestion - Faction change ticket

    I appreciate your help, but i guess you elyos dont realise 1 simle thing, ASMOS ONLY WANT GP, mentality that was made by higher rank and is all over the place now, ALLAINCE = SHIT GP REWARD, hence why u dont see any real siege. Its not about the leader, its about the followers, no one will folow by joinining alliances when thats what u get.
  9. Suggestion - Faction change ticket

    server is dead, they dont listen community
  10. Siege

    Well, i get it its a standard reward, but your game is DYING, asmo side, which will drag down the ely side when they have nothing to do, start fixing it. Removing GP is simple AF, and imo the best solution. i get you dont see sense in it, but reconsider before throwing that answer in me, thank you. P.S i dont get any fun having no sieges, no real fkin pvp going in them beside asmos going suicide at some forts and lets close our day. this is booring and only making more people give up on siege and eventually quit.
  11. teaming glory

    look at this shit , so blatently lmao , i type what i typed on discrod , admin will tell u that u did ban not getting another person to team with u instead of punishing thoe guys
  12. Siege

    i see no admin will ever reply or say his idea to this, nice
  13. Siege

    i didnt mean to have u be obligated to join, and u make it seem as u had grinding, so , getting NO GP out of it is a good reason to do it only for the fun of pvp / fort owning for defense reward
  14. Siege

    i would support more rewards on alliance/leageu but wouldnt mind to even just remove it, its the only reason people go to sieges, take that reason OUT, then lets see what people will do.