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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I was wondering if is posible to turn Gelkmaros and Inggison sieges to lv 65, keeping their mithil /ceranium rewards but adding GP for those who like it, I think that Gelkmaros and Inggison have a interesting way to work, making everyone to go to Silentera (or add a portal somewhere to invade enemy land but that can be destroyed as happens to Perchelonin /Theobomos). i do propose this because on future patches Gelk and Inggi are already 65 and it be quite nice see a change on Katlam > Abyss monothony
  2. Hey there, What I wanted to share with you is a suggestion regarding "The Eternal Bastion" instance. As it's well known, in this patch it is necessary to conquer the Icetorn Frontier Post (aka Garrison number 81 for my european fellas) in order to unlock the access to the dungeon. Now, I understand that that's how it works and that's how the patch is, but I think we can all agree that it can be frustrating when, for example, someone of your premade is late and you can't replace that person, and while you stand still waiting at the garrison the opposite faction conquers it, blocking you the access to the dungeon. To solve this issue I've thought of some solutions that might be helpful for both sides: 1) Reduce war captain spawning time: In this way, the garrison will be conquered more often by both factions and people can get in without waiting ages for the war captain to spawn. 2) Make the war captain elite or ultimate: In this way, it would be harder to kill it (since right now it's just a normal NPC, as consequence it gets melted really eaisly) and the faction who has the garrison can try to fight to keep it. 3) Create a separate entrance in the main faction's city: in this way, everyone can enter whenever they want without waiting for ages for the garrison to be conquered by their own faction. If you don't want to "influence" the pvp activity that this option would cause, you could put the entrance somewhere in Danaria, people might still do pvp in front of it, but it would not be as frustrating as it is right now. Let me know what you think about it, thank you!
  3. I think it is wise to find some way to test content before deploying it to the public. If you can't afford having a test server, can you not run the same build of the server locally for testing ? Either that or communicate with the players to get feedback and also discuss between staff members. Because taking the current event as an example, the outcome was obvious as an instance for level 40+ looting for level 65, 12 chests, 5 times per day, and the other one 3 chests, 16 times per day. And the fact that people with multiple characters/accounts can run it. When you release something like this out in the open suddenly, players will just think that this is how the event is supposed to be and that the administration did testing and approval before the launch. You should always think ahead and carefully before deploying anything. Now after the change, people are just gonna run Steel Rose over and over again with reset scrolls. Also there's a chance that people will start taking all the chests in level 65 instances and not letting other people get theirs. Some suggestions for the current event : 1) Remove steel rose reset scrolls from shop temporarily for the remainder of the event. 2) Compensate by either raising the chance of the ice pick drop or add more chests. *the adding of chests is for Steel Rose, the ice pick drop chance can be general. 3) Make chests loot for everyone instead of being a unique item that one person could all take from himself. *for level 65 instances that requires group/alliance, you can decrease the number to one per person but everyone gets his chest not a unique loot. I'm not saying THIS is what you should do. This is a discussion and other can add their own suggestions and ideas and we can reach an understanding on what's better and fair for everyone. Because saying that everyone have same conditions and that it's fair is not true since people can just buy reset scrolls and do steel rose infinitely. Before anyone could do the event since the only abuse is having multiple characters and that's basically the "fault" of the players for having only one character, not fair, not the same conditions, but understandable and it's okay. The right way would have been to decrease the number of chests on said instances that were removed. Now it's reset scrolls on the shop and that's not the fault of the players but the server and that's just seems totally not okay and p2w just like when people bought reset scrolls to get more serums, same story.
  4. Noexp command

    Hey EuroAion Team and players, Im pretty sure about, that im not the only person which is playing a stay 50 and we would be pretty happy about, if we can get a noexp command like on any other server. I mean a simple .noexp should not be a problem, it would be a pretty much help for us. Greetz
  5. Bard 4.7 sounds

    This was suggested by another person on Discord, but I talked to that person and his/her suggestion didn't get an answer. This might be quite hard to implement, maybe it can be implemented by just changing a couple of files. Would it be possible to implement bard 4.7's sounds? I find them way better than the ones on this version, not asking to change skills only the sound or make us able to change them, here's a video example: Thanks for taking your time to read my suggestion even if it doesn't go anywhere.
  6. Hello! I think that it is a good idea to add a proc chance, agreed by the developers, in which scrolls go from crafting 5 to crafting 6-10, in 1 craft. This would give the server a bit of profit margin on the growing economy to make scrolls available. Also, it would give Alchemists a bit more of a return, besides availability of scrolls, since there is a shortage of basic materials. It could be done with cooking procs, too.
  7. Plastic Surgery Ticket

    Could one be added as a gift pls, perhaps for being online for 5 hours or something? I as a newbie on this server don't feel comfortable paying for something other games give freely, especially as it's because of minor details... It would be nice if one could have the chance to make some early-game edits to the character without either spending a fortune in the Broker or economically dedicate myself to the server with real money. This would not encourage me to NOT spend real money on this server, quiet the opposite as I would rather stay on a server gives the player a chance to avoid re-roll. I had to re-roll one of my characters because of the wrong voice option, I just couldn't live with it, it was too annoying.
  8. Hi The intention of this suggestion, being more specific, is to encourage people to make sieges to these fortresses on these maps, since nobody to do them always remains in the hands of the balaures making it difficult to campaign, make instances (since they must change of location as the fortress is not under the domain of the faction itself) Why should this suggestion be implemented? I think that stimulating sieges in inguison / gelmackos make these are in the hands of the faction itself in question facilitating missions or entry to instances, apart from that it would give more life to the server and give more things to do to the players I think that giving better rewards would stimulate that the sieges to these maps be more active since as I have spoken with some people nobody makes such sieges for the null reward or little stimulating reward but I prefer to leave these hands of those in charge of this game to offer Some alternative I apologize if something is not understood in English is not my language and I use google translate
  9. Suggestion

    Comme de plus en plus je fais partie de la communauté française, je ne suis pas contre soutenir le projet EuroAion. 1) MAIS le mode de payement n'est pas claire du tout. 2) Aucuns avantages pour le payement 3) La boutique trop confus pas assez claire 4) La traduction approximative du site et forum ne donne pas envie de participé plus que cela au projet Avez vous des solutions a plus ou moins long termes ? Merci bonne Journée/Soirée/Nuit ^^
  10. Instant Lvl 65 item in shop

    Hello Mods and Forum colleagues! We've all probably played Aion on the retail servers at some point, and are here because this is a much nicer Server and it is. We've probably also all leveled up countless characters before, know the story from the top of our heads. hence my suggestion would be to add an item in the shop that would allow you to instantly level a character to 65. It's an item that I would buy instantly, because, as a father, I have limited time to play, and I'd much rather use that time to enhance my character at the end game instead of simply mindless leveling... something I've done way too many times to admit it. At the same time, this would a very nice choice for people who would like to play different classes, or had different classes before and now need to start anew. I hope you can take my suggestion into consideration. Sincerely, TheNotRealOne
  11. Hello, I'd like to suggest some more items in Item Shop, especially armors' skins. We have already beautiful Master Prolix armors and Mastarius/Veille armors/weapons which is awesome! But why not more? I have few suggestions. First of all skins that come from instance that most of ppl dont want to go these days (days of 4.6). I know they were as normal skins in other servers and it would be really awesome to wear them. Im pretty sure ppl would buy them. Another skins that i'd love to see in item shop are "pure lillies" series from aion 3.5: There are many sets that none would work for since its too much effort for simple skins and need ppl for it. My suggestion is to add some more skin sets to item shop. Effect will be maybe more donations, ppl buying them, nothing bad would happen to economy of server. Thanks for reading and perhaps consideration.