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Found 52 results

  1. Eracus temple bug

    Hi! i make all the quest from the zone and i cant get the quest that give me the entrance to the temple. I hope you can help me. Thanks!
  2. Hello, I fell off of the ground and im stuck, I can't teleport and I have log out but it didn't work. /escape doesn't work Please help. Username is Tannia and im in EuroAion Main (Antiddos) server. Thanks
  3. The second quest dosn´t work, after kill Popuchin i take the second quest to destroy the spy crystals and kill weapon H, this happend.....
  4. bonjour, enfaite lorsque je suis sur le jeu et essaye de créer mon personnage, ça m'indique qu'il y à un souci de connexion, je me deco reco rien n'y fait alors que j'ai la fibre
  5. I've completed the 50 lvl stigma unlocking quest during lags and later noticed that slot wasn't unlocked Can you somehow manually unlock it for me? Screenshot:
  6. Skills sharing CD

    Hello, On the Gladiator, the skills Weakening Severe Blow and Body Smash are sharing their cooldown (i.e. cast any of them and the other goes on CD as well). I am not sure why is this happening.
  7. issue with client

    my AVG isolated file euroaion.exe.exe infected file so euroaion is in quarantine what to do?
  8. So I was about to do a 4th campaign quest in Theobomos called "Project Drakanhammer" and I'm stuck at part where I have to find Research Diary. I found it but when I click it, nothing happens. I tried relog but it does nothing. Is it bugged? Is there something I can do about it, like writing ticket to support?
  9. Cant rotate camera

    Hello, for 4 days i have a problem with rotating my camera. By clickin PPM it rotates only 180° for both sides, left and right. I cant rotate it 360°. Yesterday i reinstalled game and it fixed but today when i logged in problem came back. Any ideas? I tried another mouse, checkin in other games. Drivers version for NVIDIA is 451.67. Problem appears only in euroaion. Edit. I tried with scroll lock and checkin files, didint help.
  10. Sauro bug

    hi, during sauro we kill the boss but the wall dont vanish. can u give us re entry scroll? thanks
  11. Ancient coin quest BUG

    Hi, I have done all the Idian Depths quests but I have only one coin quest (Night of the Grimy Clodworms) unlocked. The other two Coin quest are missing. How can I do? On AionDatabase I see that the prequest is "all you need is Kinah" but even that quest is missing. Thanks
  12. Project Drakanhammer

    i can't find the ' Research Diary ' for my mission my ingame name is ; Deslor
  13. High Ping

    Hello! I have little Problem with my Ping. the Problem is three days old i have permanent a 150-300 ping and before i had this bad ping i had a 20-40 ping my internet is not bad and in others Server i have yet a 22 ping but in Euroaion i have a 150-300 ping pls help me with the Problem Sorry for my bad English! thank you for the Attention.
  14. My problem is the following: I was gliding high and when I remove my wings to free fall and open them then the game automatically moves me to a point close to the ground, what happens is that I am transported in the middle of a wall where there is no I had a surface to stop and I am constantly falling. the "escape" ability is cast and used but does not transport me to the save point. please I need help
  15. Every time i use <[Event] Ailu Form Candy Box> it either doesnt trigger or it just disappears after 2-3 minutes i have use over 20 of them to check if it will fix itself but the buff keeps disappearing out of nowhere making me not able to use candys at all
  16. Sauro Last Boss Bug

    Boss shield is bugged. Even though we deactivate the shield by dealing damage to it, the boss shield did not get removed. SS in the spoiler, If you would like to give one reroll scroll for each of us, we would appreciate it, If you would not, thank you anyway.
  17. bug

    fell thru the game, stuck in no place hope i reset after dredge finishes (yesterday, i clicked 'check' to correct files, so game should be up to date )
  18. Lag and freezing

    For 2-3 weeks me and my friend have been experiencing lag, freezing and the game is practically unplayable. This occurs on sieges when there are a lot of people around. Our PCs are with the RTX2060 graphic card and Ryzen 9. This server is self proclaimed "perfect quality european private server". Fix that horrible issue because that makes the game unplayable....
  19. Heiron Quest Bug.

    So literally I have a bug where I complete objectives in second last main quest in heiron and it appears to be 6/5 somehow...
  20. Stigma

    Hello, I have a small Problem, I have 5 of the 6 greater stigmaslots and I can't get the quest for the last one, or better said one quest is missing. I did kill 30 Manduri monsters in Serpan and that should be the last quest but I still have only 5 of the six. I finished all Stigma the quests completly. + the quest for the Adma enterance mainquest is bugging on this character too I can't talk to Sahnu, this is my first char and It's a complete mess :'( can anyone help me with that? The stigmathing?
  21. A Secret Summons

    cannot talk to npc Nani char: Manaic
  22. My cabinet at home says cannot use and i cannot retrieve a good number of relics i had in there cause they show up blacked out. I tried buying another cabinet with the same name but it didn't work. If there is a way to retrieve the relics please help me I worked hard for those I attached a screenshot if it helps.
  23. Hello,my in-game nickname is Alenn. I just got glitched into the ground in Eltnen,i tryed an /escape command but it did not work for me also a sm tryed to summon me but it also did not work.Can anyone help me on how to solve this problem or teleport/summon me somewhere? Thanks in advance!
  24. Bug with launcher

    Hi, I have not a good english, but I show a screen. When I click on play, I'm receiving this message, why ?