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Found 31 results

  1. My cabinet at home says cannot use and i cannot retrieve a good number of relics i had in there cause they show up blacked out. I tried buying another cabinet with the same name but it didn't work. If there is a way to retrieve the relics please help me I worked hard for those I attached a screenshot if it helps.
  2. Hello,my in-game nickname is Alenn. I just got glitched into the ground in Eltnen,i tryed an /escape command but it did not work for me also a sm tryed to summon me but it also did not work.Can anyone help me on how to solve this problem or teleport/summon me somewhere? Thanks in advance!
  3. Bug with launcher

    Hi, I have not a good english, but I show a screen. When I click on play, I'm receiving this message, why ?
  4. Help! Bug into the ground

    Hello I am stuck under the ground. I was jumping of that cliff in morheim above king Zugog. I was going to land on the wooden bridge when I suddenly glitched right under the ground. I can literally do nothing. I was trying to port me back to the obelisk. I was restarding teh game and I am not killable. So yes ... is there a possibility that I can play this character again? Or do I have to delate it? Please let there be a solution. Maybe a fix? Thank you for any advise!
  5. Stuck falling in Ardus Shrine

    So I was extracting aether, my flying time ran out, I fell and I ended up on a loop, falling all the time. Please help! I've tried everything already.
  6. Stuck in the ground

    Hello, i have a problem, my character is stuck in the ground and i cant do anything to get out of there The character name is Dhyrian
  7. Bug on missions

    I've having some issues with my leveling becouse i complete the tasks of some quest and its doesnt go to the next step, so i cant get level becouse i cant complete the quest. I'd hope a solution.
  8. Randomly disconnecting all the time

    we are playing with our friends in the same house and getting disconnect all the time, (3-5 times in an hour ) is it a bug ?
  9. Quest Bug

    Yo, just trying to finish quest on Elyos, Source of the pollution, and i cant pass this step:
  10. Seraphim GM Costume bug

    Hi, i have problem with my suit Seraphim GM Costume. The wings disappear when i'm wearing shield and i'm not in combat. I paid for a skin that doesn't work for me . Can i return it?
  11. Campaning Quest dont work.

    Hi, i have a problem with campaning quest in Herion on 46 lev. ( Indratu Legion ) after destroying 5 balaur guardian stones nothing happend and number just increasing. i have check/update the file of game but nothing help.
  12. Hello, There was recently a server crash. Right before the crash, I finished some quests in Heiron and decided to turn them all at once. When I did, the server crashed and upon logging in I noticed there was a small rollback as I was standing in a different camp. My quests were completed, yet my XP was rolled back, so technically I lost a tons of xp. I know it doesnt sound like a big deal but leveling around 40-44 is a pain in the ass and I was about to hit 43 already, now I have like 1/3 of my xp bar, without the quests to finish. EDIT: nevermind, I remember incorrectly and I just hit 42 before the crash, sorry
  13. Bonjour, quoi que je fasse je ne peux aller sur mon second écran, faire alt+tab, ou si je clique sur la boutique qui doit m'afficher une page web euro aion deviens noir et dans la barre des taches c'est écrit " ne répond pas" j'ai tout essayer changer la qualité quand je fais appliquer ça deviens noir la résolution passer en mode fenêtré de pleins fenêtre ça devient noir j'arrive pas a jouer.. SVP aidez moi
  14. Project Drakanhammer

    The diary at port anangke not working, the one at the top of the stairs wont appear and the one behind the broken pillar does not activate when interacted with.
  15. Testing experience in party, even mentoring the experience is shared between all the characters in party and the experience % increase (party bonus for drop and experience) is not being applied. 1 lvl 25 = 10k exp 1 lvl 25 + 1 mentor 65 = 4k exp 1 lvl 25 + 2 mentor 64 = 3k exp Test mobs: Laggart Ksellid, Spirits (in desert, Morheim)
  16. Hello everyone and sorry for my bad english. The quest in question issues problems at step number 4 ---> "Find out what the Satra Searchers are up to". Monsters don't allow you to continue the quest. Do I just have this problem?
  17. [spy] elim of elysea

    This topic is about both the quests 'reaching out' and '[spy] elim of elysea' not appearing to me. Even though I have done all the quests to unlock these 2. I should alse be the required level for these quests (25). Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  18. Stuck in the ground

    Hi, I got stuck in the ground. I tried using /escape and logging out then in again. Both failed to help me. Can anyone help move me? My character name is Gigantuso. Many thanks in advance, really
  19. [BUG]

    Marchutan's Splendor and Marchutan's Light skills of cleric are not applying the healings properly or not at all, and shield do not have the proper values! Please fix this!
  20. The item NPC_BeritraInstancedDungeon_Shield_01 that has recently been added to the store displays in game properly, but it cannot be used to remodel anything. I'll happily keep the item (I love it!) but I feel like you should point it our or try to fix it because some people might get upset when they find out it cannot in fact be used as a skin.
  21. Quest The shugo Menace

    I did the level 30 mission and it appeared again in the npc Gyabrunerk, the bug is preventing all the secrets of the temple mission, Help me please sorry my englesh, i from brazilian player
  22. Stuck underground

    So I was gliding down from Altamia Ridge into Frillneck Woods, and instead of ending up ON the ground, I have glitched inside the layer and now I can't unstuck, Teleport via scroll or walk anywhere. I'm constantly re-falling back into the same spot without any mean of moving. Some servers have on-website Unstuck option, but I didn't find it here. Is there anything I can do beside deleting the character? Char Natalya - Elyos
  23. steel rake entry quest

    first i went to the shugo in heiron for the steel rake entry quest he ported me inside. now you have to talk to the second shugo that works but after the animation film (doesnt matter if i stop it or not) i cant continue. i reloged and was in sanctum. the second time i tried the second shugo didnt even spawn. the third time it didnt spawn eighter after the fourth try it worked but i had to try like 10 times to continue the dialog with the second shugo