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  1. Ping 12k +

    Nvm I found out the reason. ty
  2. Ping 12k +

    Hey, I'm back with a report from the last days. Aion is still unplayable. I tried using a different Wifi, nothing changed. I deleted all Gamefiles and Installed them fresh in chase there would be a problem with them, nothing changed. I checked my firewall, everything is fine with that. I disabled my Virussoftware. I downloaded a program named 'Ping Plotter 5' as recommended in the forum but I cant say if the results are good or bad cause idfk how to read that. Is there anything I can do to make it better? idk why it is like that nothing changed and suddently its not working anymore....
  3. Ping 12k +

    Hello, since 2 or 3 days the game is literally unplayable I'm based in Germany and my ping is always like that, my internet conection is perfectly fine and I'm not downloading anything in the background, nothing. I cant run an Instance, I cant Join Siege... I try but Its impossible to play with this ping. I dont know what causes that. is there some kind of DDoS Attack? or Idk. I'm begging for help. In the screenshot there is my Ping in the chat. My sister has the same problem she is also based in germany but lives far from me. She cant play either cause the Ping is so incredibly high. Thank you in advance
  4. some kind of error

    I already did still not working. And no I unfortunatly can't run it through VPN.
  5. some kind of error

    Hello Guys, I have an issue with the Game Launcher. I downloaded it a few days ago and I wanted to start it and it always says "Can't connect to server, please try again later..." so I waited and started it again today and its still the same and than I googelt if the servers were down cause I havent been playing it in a long time but It seems their still online and of course I have connection to the WiFi I checked everything and It just wont work. Can somebody tell me whats the problem here? Is it because of my location (germany)? or whats the matter? :'( thanks
  6. Stigma

    Hello, I have a small Problem, I have 5 of the 6 greater stigmaslots and I can't get the quest for the last one, or better said one quest is missing. I did kill 30 Manduri monsters in Serpan and that should be the last quest but I still have only 5 of the six. I finished all Stigma the quests completly. + the quest for the Adma enterance mainquest is bugging on this character too I can't talk to Sahnu, this is my first char and It's a complete mess :'( can anyone help me with that? The stigmathing?