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  1. [Works] Summer breeze

  2. [Works] Summer breeze

  3. [Works] Summer breeze

    ingame name:Deslor
  4. rasist???

    dude really be pming me and a friend calling me ugly and stuff+ he adding girls from your Discrod serv to annoy them
  5. A Gift For Vindachinerk

    yeah been killing them s
  6. A Gift For Vindachinerk

    hello i've been killing these mobs for about 30min still can't loot a single thing maybe caus am to ahead of the level my ingame id is:Deslor
  7. [Event] Beritra Treasures!

    GG asmos <3 elyos will never get a chest
  8. Project Drakanhammer

    yeah now its there i had to restart the game thx evreyone
  9. Project Drakanhammer

    already searched there it dosen't exist
  10. Project Drakanhammer

    i can't find the ' Research Diary ' for my mission my ingame name is ; Deslor