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  1. bullying

    another attack from the same broker bots Ghaya & Skaliox
  2. bullying

    i just realised that @YouAreCringe is the same person as in-game broker bot characters 'sorrowfulilian' & 'bettersupport' - exposed & reported now, waiting for threats of exposure of in-game characters 'Elle' & 'Kinnari' to be shown.
  3. bullying

    @YouAreCringe I am not the in-game character Elle, or the in-game character Kinnari that broker bot sorrowfulilian thinks that I am. this is why I am getting the whispers & threats of exposure... do - you - understand-?
  4. bullying

    fully lit broker bot waiting for follow-through with the threats made for exposure account of Elle is not same as character of Elle that they refer to so @YouAreCringe &broker bot, both crae crae
  5. bullying

  6. bullying

    quote: stop cutting prices with the shards of stigma, sell them at the same price as me, it's embarrassing for both of us. no competition on broker??? you want me to charge same as you??? do what i want!!!
  7. bullying

    attached screenie player does not like competition on broker stop bullying, nasty person calls me a hoe then asks if i gonna cry comes back , taunts me more
  8. report player

    Prishla threatened that if the rest of the group did not do what he wants, he would go to lose all our accrued pve points by dying to pvp/mobs This is intimidation & needs action from the GMs. There are afkers all the time in dredge & the active ones realise this at the start. Being a 'pick-up-group' dredge has that choice. But to be threatened to go lose points to a full group of opposition players with a healer when we have part of a group & no healer & have lost points already from being unmatched, is unfair & being bullied by a lvl63 ungeared idiot needs a consequence.
  9. bug quest Inggison

    attached screenie Ulsaruk in Altar of Avarice dead but quest did not ding. pls gimme rewards for completing the quest.
  10. issue with client

    my AVG isolated file euroaion.exe.exe infected file so euroaion is in quarantine what to do?

    BUG Terath Dredgion see screenie - all map green, no mobs, no asmos , no timer, stuck in limbo, lol ??????????
  12. [Event] Can you catch our paws?!

    please locate event npc Vampidarus?
  13. why they get no aggro from npcs?

    *no aggro from 'safe area' 'npcs'* kamar safe area not safe all enemies alliance came inside1 stayed for minutes killing any who rezzed
  14. Bad name choice

    look at the screenie, see the targeted player make it go away i just cant
  15. What are we doing about players like this?

    account selling