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Found 17 results

  1. После использовании дневника ничего не происходит. Проходил этот квест 2 раза и проблем не было.
  2. Hey guys, I have a problem with the Quest "The Secret of Adma Stronghold". I need to talk to Sahnu. He tells me I have to drop a tear (pearl) from the Seafoam Ghost first. I've already killed the Seafoam Ghost 50x but nothing drops. It's a quest item. Can someone help me with this or has the same problem?
  3. The second quest dosn´t work, after kill Popuchin i take the second quest to destroy the spy crystals and kill weapon H, this happend.....
  4. Hello, I got a level 30 Aethertech and I can't enter in the Eracus Temple because I didn't had the quest from Tellarius to get my certification. I tried everything I found online, but nothing worked. I saw the same problem on this forum 2 years ago that was resolved with a server restart. What should I do to get this quest? Thank you in advance PS: My character is called Mellinda.
  5. So I was about to do a 4th campaign quest in Theobomos called "Project Drakanhammer" and I'm stuck at part where I have to find Research Diary. I found it but when I click it, nothing happens. I tried relog but it does nothing. Is it bugged? Is there something I can do about it, like writing ticket to support?
  6. G'day Today i've experienced a variety of Sendlogs in the Hidden Lepharist Laboratory (Heiron Quest - As soon as i click and investigate the Safe after the Last Monster of the Dungeon, i get send-logged and have to do it all again. (did it 3x to test for sure) this way i can't complete the Quest, and the last one of Heiron aswell (due to the fact i can't finish this one) I'd like to get some help for that if possible. ~Memphys [Elyos Templar]
  7. Durante la misión "[Experto] experto en esencias" y "[Experto] experto en recolección de éter" al momento de hablar con el npc FASIMEDES no aparece la misión para entregarla, por este motivo no es posible pasar de 399 en ambas profesiones. Intentamos cancelarla repetidas veces, leer la carta, y hasta reiniciar el juego pero nada funciona. Mi personaje es chanter lvl 61 y mi amigo gladi 61. Ayuda por favor ya que no podemos avanzar, aún no probamos si en cocina y alquimia nos pasará lo mismo.
  8. Missing features/characters

    Sooooooo, I was doing the elyos reshanta campaign quest "new wings" and noticed that the shugo you need to talk to on shugo island is missing. I didn't really make a fuss about it, yet it was disturbing a bit... Later on, I found out that the quest, Josnack's dilemma(theobomos campaign) is also undoable, as "eternal flames" doesn't spawn "burnt zombies" when killed, which still wouldn't be THAT bad, unless you can also do 2 growth quests by killing the zombies. Could the admins or some people at euroaion look into it? Thanks!
  9. Quest Tracker Stuck?

    Hello! Im new to the server and to the game, so perhaps i dont understand something, Still, - in-game there is something called quest tracker - transparent window on the right of the screen with tracked, recommended, zone, level, recent, tabs in it. Its fine and wonderful to have it there when i want it. Not so fine and wonderful when i cant turn it off. I searched the web for a solution. Found out that its possible to turn it off in the game settings->interface. But i have not found any such options. Please help to turn it off. Best Regards, Sefhet
  10. Hi. The quest <Reaching Out> in Morheim, given by the NPC Lorando is not showing up. I already did the prerequisite quest <A Sorrowful Message>, but it still doesn't show up. In fact, no quest of Lorando is showing up, while I know that he has in fact quests. Can you please fix this? Character: Neeve Edit: small typos.
  11. Quest Bug

    Yo, just trying to finish quest on Elyos, Source of the pollution, and i cant pass this step:
  12. Hello, There was recently a server crash. Right before the crash, I finished some quests in Heiron and decided to turn them all at once. When I did, the server crashed and upon logging in I noticed there was a small rollback as I was standing in a different camp. My quests were completed, yet my XP was rolled back, so technically I lost a tons of xp. I know it doesnt sound like a big deal but leveling around 40-44 is a pain in the ass and I was about to hit 43 already, now I have like 1/3 of my xp bar, without the quests to finish. EDIT: nevermind, I remember incorrectly and I just hit 42 before the crash, sorry
  13. [spy] elim of elysea

    This topic is about both the quests 'reaching out' and '[spy] elim of elysea' not appearing to me. Even though I have done all the quests to unlock these 2. I should alse be the required level for these quests (25). Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  14. Hello, for the last Miragent armor quest (Persistence and Luck), the player is supposed to gather 10 Tears of Luck by either essencetapping in Heiron/Theobomos, or by collecting Tears of Luck from spawn points where they spawn during the night as little shining rocks on the ground, There are many maps such as this on Google and also videos on YouTube of players collecting the Tears during the night. However, on this server, the Tears of Luck do not spawn in Heiron or Theobomos and have to be gathered by essencetapping only. Is this a change that you made on purpose, or is it just a problem that has never been investigated? Thank you for your time and response
  15. Quest The shugo Menace

    I did the level 30 mission and it appeared again in the npc Gyabrunerk, the bug is preventing all the secrets of the temple mission, Help me please sorry my englesh, i from brazilian player
  16. steel rake entry quest

    first i went to the shugo in heiron for the steel rake entry quest he ported me inside. now you have to talk to the second shugo that works but after the animation film (doesnt matter if i stop it or not) i cant continue. i reloged and was in sanctum. the second time i tried the second shugo didnt even spawn. the third time it didnt spawn eighter after the fourth try it worked but i had to try like 10 times to continue the dialog with the second shugo
  17. Typically the quest Reducing Kaiden Strength in Eltnan gives as part of the reward a skill book you cannot get any other way. I just ran the quest but did not get the book for my Templar (Divine Grasp I) Will I get it when I turn 40? If yes, would I have gotten it at 40 anyway? If NO then why not? I remember these were often sought after skills. I got the proper amount of xp but no skill book. Please advise.