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  1. Imitation Asmo Ranger Radar Hack

    Hey,Im gallas from elyos lv65 assassin player.I was doing pvp in katalam underground and I saw this ranger (Imitation) can select me as a target while im in advenced hide without any eye skill.I opened recorder after seeing this and then I managed to capture a brief moment.I uploaded the video in youtube.If you watch it you gonna see that this ranger was acting weird.During the between 50-55th seconds he wasnt selecting me as a target even Im not in hide situation and then after I attack him I used dp hide to prove his radar hack.LOOK AT THE MINUTE 01:06.He selected me as a target for a short moment even Im in hide status and he wasnt have any eye skill. Here's the video link: Euro Aion Imitation Radar Hack - YouTube You can see the when video recorded end of the video in the chat(left bottom).

    Hey guys I still didn't find any tiamat eternal dagger and sword for making remodel.If you have one of this items please w/ or send me a mail about it.Im an elyos player. Nick: Gallas
  3. Client Update Error

    i solved my problem guys after updating,a new game client created in my aion folder.I just had to change this new file with the old one.Now all things work well.
  4. Client Update Error

    hi guys this morning i could enter the game but right now i cant.I launched the client and client updated itself before starting but during the update,this error happened.I checked the all game file on client but error still happens.I download game files from torrent and im starting the torrent 64 bit in english language.What can i do to solve that problem ?
  5. Hi guys,I did a mistake and i extracted my remodeled danuar stiletto today.I was trying to use idian but I chose extraction tools,I didn't aware of this and finnaly i extracted my remodeled danuar stiletto and i got L92 x7 ench. stone.Can i get my dagger back ?It was +5 and it was attack +7 and crit +19 x4 manastoned.There's a picture about my extraction fault,text is in the game chat on the right top. My nick is Gallas and im 65 lv assassin.