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    Good night Team of EuroAion 4.6, Just would like to bring to your attention the situation that just happend at Tiamaranta's Eye. We were at the alliance for killing Captain Sunayaka . Manfred was a leader. And at the very end he gave permission to ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP character and left the game. This character - probably his twink , i dont know,. And took all loot from that RB. In my opinion its 100% garbage. And im not sure if u can do something about it. Thtat is why i said im bringing this to your attention. But if you would like to build friendly community I think that kind of people should be punished. And if my message will not make any difference - i hope a lot of people will see that and share with their friends as well. So they will not be dissapointed and mad by playing with that person. cia
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    Do you have any evidence that he bought his account? I heard account trading with kinah is allowed, so maybe he got his account with some kinah? Show us the Payment and then its okay, but you are just telling some shit about this player in the forum...
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    Hey you, grown man, if u like to spend your time in this game for nothing - ur welcome to join his party. Take out pink galces from ur eyes. If u re right - so why he didnt share anything, why he didnt say anyting, where is the loot? I think its a nosennse - that kind of messages
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    How come he never stole from us? We were at the raid - so we deserve at least to have a chance to roll something! He just took everythinig. I call it stealing.
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    Доброй ночи русскоязычное комьюнити, Сейчас был в алике на Сунояку - лидером был страж Генерал Manfred. На 22 месте в топе. Под самый конец - когда Суню почти слили - он передал права персу ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP, и сам ливнул из игры. В итоге - весь лут достался ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP - такое ощущение, что перс и был сделан для таких схем. К чему пишу - просто для информации, вдруг однажды с ним будете в пати или алике. Или с его легионерами. Чао
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    yes i aggree with you , it s amazing , we can't let people like that ruined the game
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    Balic weapon skin ( the one that leave a purple trail for ely when you move around ) http://aiondatabase.net/tr/item/100200572/ http://aiondatabase.net/us/item/100000601/
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    I will tell you right away that its not worth going through the pain of crafting superior potions. Crafting Fine grade potions is the best way to go.
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    На самом деле админы уже отвечали на этот вопрос. К сожалению, похоже большая часть данных внешек конфликтует с клиентом
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    поставил надо было в другую папку устанавить просто путь который указывает сама игра он немного не корректен, но имено туда и надо ставить
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    1.<Club Amebience Wallpaper> 2. <Exciting Musician's Wallpaper> id:171130013 3. <Star Patterned Floor> add these 3 items for house pls
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    when im crafting i like to make spreadsheets and calculate profits(or loss depending on market) of what i make. Is it possible to make a read-only api endpoint for trade broker data? that would be a tremendous help in keeping the spreadsheets updated and accurate