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  1. Добрый день, На сайте ммо топ в личном кабинете показывает, что голоса прошли - а на сайте ЕвроАйон не начисляются по 5 коинов. Голосовал за аккаунт Kur0Zetsu22
  2. Manfred. Dishonors the community

    Good night Team of EuroAion 4.6, Just would like to bring to your attention the situation that just happend at Tiamaranta's Eye. We were at the alliance for killing Captain Sunayaka . Manfred was a leader. And at the very end he gave permission to ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP character and left the game. This character - probably his twink , i dont know,. And took all loot from that RB. In my opinion its 100% garbage. And im not sure if u can do something about it. Thtat is why i said im bringing this to your attention. But if you would like to build friendly community I think that kind of people should be punished. And if my message will not make any difference - i hope a lot of people will see that and share with their friends as well. So they will not be dissapointed and mad by playing with that person. cia
  3. Manfred. Dishonors the community

    u didnt answer my question.u just saying random stuff. Why do u even spending ur time here - if u wasnt there
  4. Manfred. Dishonors the community

    why do ineed to make him a bad person for no reason?
  5. Manfred. Dishonors the community

  6. Manfred. Dishonors the community

    Its not about enchanyment stones. Are u on drugs? I will say that 1 more time , special for u, i didnt demand anything for him. I just brought this ti attention of cimmunity. Now - tnx. U can go cia
  7. Manfred. Dishonors the community

    And if u smart eboughf to read messege correctly - u will see - that i didnt demand anything about him - i just said my opinion, and brought this to attention of community.
  8. Manfred. Dishonors the community

    Hey you, grown man, if u like to spend your time in this game for nothing - ur welcome to join his party. Take out pink galces from ur eyes. If u re right - so why he didnt share anything, why he didnt say anyting, where is the loot? I think its a nosennse - that kind of messages
  9. Manfred. Dishonors the community

    How come he never stole from us? We were at the raid - so we deserve at least to have a chance to roll something! He just took everythinig. I call it stealing.
  10. Manfred. Крыса

    Доброй ночи русскоязычное комьюнити, Сейчас был в алике на Сунояку - лидером был страж Генерал Manfred. На 22 месте в топе. Под самый конец - когда Суню почти слили - он передал права персу ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP, и сам ливнул из игры. В итоге - весь лут достался ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP - такое ощущение, что перс и был сделан для таких схем. К чему пишу - просто для информации, вдруг однажды с ним будете в пати или алике. Или с его легионерами. Чао
  11. Problrm with Panda candies.

    Hello, My nickname at the game KuroZetsu. Asmo. I had 27 panda candies in my invenory. From the ivent. Today, after the update, all of them are gone. I only have 2 candies left. ANd they are separated. so its 1 candy of fast panda. and other one is the same, but on a different slot. More than that, i used 1 of this candy. ANd my character didnt even became a panda. But i do have a baff. Plz, can i get back my candies? Tnx a lot
  12. Problrm with Panda candies.

    ohhh.... tnank you a lot.. i didnt know that(( Im vry thankfull for ur effort. U made my day/ Thank U!!!!
  13. Problrm with Panda candies.

    I didnt discrad any of my candies. I collected them for a siege or some difficult dungeon. And i didnt store them inside of my pet or a warehouse. None of it. Yestetday i had them. Today - Im not.
  14. Problrm with Panda candies.

    yea i know. But 27 pandas candies are gone now. And i wnat them back.