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  1. loss of an item

    In General, an additional warning when destroying AP-Gear would be much more pleasant to see, than on items like "skin for 30 days"
  2. Best PVP Players

    Let's be honest: getting a really good gear makes the quality of the game gradually decrease. This is a natural process, not to mention "exchange and gifts". Where are the cheaters whose skills are not worth a good word without additional power-UPS? Where are the lazy dinosaurs that have their own rank due to the tactics of limiting access to points (such as sieges) and have forgotten what it means to spend more than 2 skills to kill? Where are the people who first take full gear and then learn to play it? Those who receive a contribution due to agreements? Answer: All these people make up at least 40% of the top list of any server. PS: of course, there are enough talented and responsible people who know about the benefits of training with an equal opponent and working on themselves. Although don't think that I give them 60% of the top. After all, there are still dead AFC accounts PPS: it is worth saying thank you to this server ,for the fact that there is no gain of +20 and Water in the store. Thanks to this, the gap in gear is not insurmountable, and the BM set can actually be applied. (sorry for the slur, the translator was used)
  3. What Gear Should I Use (Templar)

    We have a guardian tank with stones where hp meets only the second stat, and then not often.
  4. Тогда вообще не в той теме комменты. Попробуй ту, что по ссылке
  5. Следуя этой логике про Дракошу никто не писал, т.к. он пал мне за день до конца ивента. Как ты можешь заметить, люди постоянно создают темы для обсуждения проблем и ошибок, в специально отведенных местах, таких как раздел "Поддержка пользователей". Здесь мы не встречаем баннеров "пишите Админам в ЛС ", а видим кнопку СОЗДАТЬ НОВУЮ ТЕМУ И конечно, надеемся увидеть здесь ответы категории Принято-Исправлено, а не Как-Ты-Посмел-Открыть-Рот
  6. Это просто констатация факта. Действительно недоправлен дроп. Наезды в ответ меня удивляют. Здесь есть утверждения что я ожидаю идеально работы сервера и админов? Нет. Ничто не идеально. Может они там вообще зашиваются в 2 смены, хз. 1000 сообщений в личку админам? Не знаю, откуда у тебя такая инфа, Уважаемый, мне ее точно взять негде. Никто не писал, чтонить типа "знаем, исправим" ни в русской, на англ. части форумов . Я только вижу что проблема еще существует и озвучиваю ее. Это не последний(надеюсь) день рожденья сервера и если концентрироваться на эмоциях вместо устранения проблемы, то следующая пиар-акция также будет иметь процент обратного эффекта.
  7. Именно то, что ожидаешь услышать, сообщая об ошибке ЗЫ: Кстати, то что единственный полезный дроп сундука оказался нерабочим, не мешало мне получать удовольствие от ивента и "топить" за него на форуме.
  8. Bug with launcher

    I hope the standard steps have already been taken. By the way, is there a link to this lovely wallpaper?
  9. Просто не заморочились подправить дроп. Смотреть на питомца из ивента Тюрьма без возможности получить монеты для кормления - тоже весьма печально
  10. Dodging tactics in Arena

    I hope everyone understands that this is not so?The sendlogging of one of the participants or a change in the line-up is a fairly good reason, and not a rare reason
  11. Best PVP Players

    Easy. I was slapped with punishment for claiming that White specifically does not collect alliances to beg for a buff. And as much as 10 for the advice to download the client from a Torrent (allowed in my country), since the speed is 3 times higher
  12. Best PVP Players

    Regardless of the person being discussed (which I'm not particularly interested in) I want to express my regret about the fact that we "opened that door". Now any purchase can be a "gift" or an exchange for kinara. Indeed, kinara is so useful in a place where you no longer have a character..
  13. Best PVP Players

    I know a lot of good players (it's about skills, not positions in the top list), although there are some inept ones. Blind kittens sometimes come from your server, but it would be strange and ugly to say that your entire population is like this. By the way, did you play here at all, or are you watering the server with random shit in the hope of improving online performance elsewhere?
  14. Manfred. Dishonors the community

    I think the following would be quite suitable for refutation: I was in this Alliance and received my reward/the Alliance was collected by another person/Manfred is saddened by this event and tried to contact ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP. Is the situation similar?
  15. Manfred. Dishonors the community

    I apologize. This is my translator's job. Always translates an azzhole as a cheater