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  1. problems with the macro

    Hello There's a problem with the macro in game, the emoticon and chinese character becomes "?" after relog like this: Before Relog: After Relog: Can this be solved? coz gotta use chinese character to build macro while using chinese-lized client ,and this will be a big problem. Thank u
  2. Early SWB Ally Recruiting

    Greatings! We are building new SWB ally at 3-4pm sever time. We got all team leaders /cannon shooter and need some GG dps. Gear Required: Blood Mark Gear +10 with full manastone socketed or above Experience Require:Experience for swb is not essential but you must follow your team leader and dont get lost ,dont slack ! If you are interested just log on time. thx
  3. 游戏启动问题

  4. The story is : we go sauro in 4 and we said 1gold 1enternal 1bag for each i got 1 gold and 1 enternal item the guy "keeeny" got a complex stone bag before the last 2 boss and he asked me for the enternal GS and i refused ofc so he start to insult ppl and leave the grp and more excessively he start repeating Slander in lfg channle here is the shoot :
  5. is this defrauding?

    if this is a bug pls fix the price tag
  6. Shop items

    1.<Club Amebience Wallpaper> 2. <Exciting Musician's Wallpaper> id:171130013 3. <Star Patterned Floor> add these 3 items for house pls
  7. Casual legion recruiting

    legion getting bigger and so will the problem. and sad there always toxic ppl you can't avoid coz you don't know ppl at the very beginning and ppl will invite their friends. but i wish you can make it happen and be the breaker GL ^^