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  1. Camera and Mouse Problem

    You could try to edit your cfg with these steps. Even if the main purpose of that is to unlock the fps gap, it also helped me to fix the exact same issue which you got.
  2. Training dummies with boss stats?

    For kinah i can become your personal dummy. No leather or sm stuff. Only backrubs. Good idea i think

    In the first months of server they did some item-returns like when you bought wrong AP item (like magic boost gloves but you are Ranger/Sin) they exchanged the item. I wonder how that it handled nowadays
  4. noob question

    They are just for appearence. There is one for Rangers Mau-Form which makes them look like a white tiger instead of the default Mau 2nd for Sorc Tree/sleep which make target look like a scarecrow instead of a tree And the third makes target looks like pigs instead of spirits when a sm is using Fear I (single fear) Those skills shares cooldown with the original skill and are only obtainable by their disignated class
  5. No GP in Sieges

    Maybe you are to weak or make to much ap outside contrizone I never had GP problems. Neither before or after serverfire. And I was doing sieges always solo.
  6. Recooo - Gladiator Soberduck - Sorcerer
  7. Server restart

    Its more because they read first 2 or 3 sentences and thats it. I already heard from people that whole server got wipe cuz the Topics name is "Server Restart". So they only see topic headline and believe the server will start from zero without reading it :kekw: :awoo:
  8. Asarrow -cheater

    That damage is on Fireeeee
  9. [Works] 8 Reasons for Love

    1. No matter if red hair, no hair or rainbowcolored hair. I love you all 2. Hairy feet or shaved feet. Your skin is beautiful. Don't let others judge you 3. Painted toenails or not. God made a work of art with you. 4. Flat is justice 5. Medium is premium 6. A nice back can also be a snack 7. Crazy Catwoman are superior 8. Even a Mres Princess has room in my heart 9. Even the fact i am more into males doesnt make you less wonderful. You are worthy and loved UwU ~ Chusheenlxix, Asmodian, Feet
  10. <[Event] Ailu Form Candy Box> BUG

    Its because of slayerform. Sadly on this server Assasins and Rangers are unable to use candy and slayerform / Mauform together for whatever reason. As soon as you pop slayer, your candy will be dispelled. It was never changed or fixed so far since serveropening in 2019
  11. GP/Glory Points/ Honour Points System

    So I managed to get 2* Officer Rank on my assasin after 5 weeks. 10.8k GP. Even earlier but I only do Katalam Siege. Guess if I would have joined Abyss Siege I would have get it in 3-4 weeks already. I see no problem lmao
  12. Euro aion rate and rtc

    "Without supplement"
  13. Boost pvp buff

    Yes thats the point cuz superfun pvp buff all time ♡