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  1. Boost pvp buff

    Yes thats the point cuz superfun pvp buff all time ♡
  2. Boost pvp buff

    Hi, I think the pvp buff, "loser buff", Ariels Mermaid Blessing or Azphels Blessing sould be buffed to make a big difference in siege and to kill the last survivors of ow pvp. Pve best P <3 I suggest minimum 30% PvP Attack AND Defense. Everyone would love, Awoo and Pepenani it. Awoochu
  3. Hack hide

    Its no hack. Its a graphicerror or more a glitch. Ita also happens sometimes against classes who dont have hide abilities. Few days ago I had this on a songweaver and that bug exists since the first day of the server.
  4. racism

    Hi i just saw this gold. Can you post more? Like what can you see when you look on my profile? Thanks
  5. End-Game Armsfusion

    No. If you fuse weapon x + ac weapon, the conditioning effect will remain. The only exception is Ap weapon + Ac weapon. They cannot be fused

    The only good thing in Method 2 is advcash. Works well even for germans. Everything else is pepega
  7. GP/Glory Points/ Honour Points System

    2* is endgame pvp gear and you have the required GP after 2-3 weeks on Asmoside. You need about 9k. Lets say you start from zero and do only 550gp daily (450 from sieges which is like 3x150gp per fortress that is easy as f to manage) and 100 from EB you would get the 2* on asmo in 18 days (18x 550 = 9k+). So if you realy have enough Ceras and Ap for the whole 2* set (and even the best methods requires 2-3 months to have all the Ceras and AP needed for it) then what did you do the whole time and not having enough gp for 2* Officer Rank? Kekekekw Btw im a casual too and still managed to gear up 3 characters on this server. Almost the 4th char soon and i have life, cancer, job, friends, no gf (Reco rejected me) and still can gear up easily as casual. 4.6 is actualy one of the most casual friendly patches Aion ever had since you dont have much to do daily for a fine amount of ceras and ap ( mkk, dreds, siege, eb, sometimes ob or sauro takes me max 3 hours per day) Thats a joke compared how grindy previous patches were or how other games are
  8. Ruiner

    So you report someone for insulting but calling him "subhuman" in this thread which is a word that nazis used to mark everyone who not suits in their idiology. Well played xddd

    Ninja Naruto Uzumaki does the same thing
  10. Craft Materials, nee knowledge!

    I think you can buy all of those in Bassen, Pradeth and Sillus fortress (if your faction captured them) and you have to be a member of the holding Legion to have access to the NPC who sells the items.
  11. Disabling donation methods.

    Feetpics, organs are my offer or headpats for Almightys cat ♡
  12. Elyos or Asmodian?

  13. AP farming - 4.6 patch

    Pretty much everything was said. More over you can also make good ap by killing Grade 4 mops in Danaria+Katalam. Each gives 400-600 Ap. Some spots have around 4 or 5 of them with like 7-8 minutes respawntime. Together with grinding other mops around while waiting for respawn you can farm about 15k in a hour just by simple pve on map + you drop shards, manastones, armor and kinah which can give you some extra cash ofc Oh and if you got kinah you can also buy additional BM items from other players and sell them for Ap
  14. Chocomagic - Sorc - Asmodian

    Spiritanimal material tbh