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  1. Dodging tactics in Arena

    In my country we say "tactical retreat" and I think its very nice
  2. Permanent Disconnects on second Client

    Had the same. I solved it by using window mode on second client but leave it open in background while playing fullscreen on my main character. If i minimize the second client or keep it in fullscreen aswell, it get dc after some minutes.
  3. Quest Bugs in Brusthonin

    Change language of game on english and check again. Some quests are wrong translated. As german for example in Brusthonin we got lot of quests which requires to kill like 7 or 10 mops but actually its 20 or 30 Mops to kill due to wrong translation
  4. Player disrespect

    I see no problem :awoo:
  5. [Event] Boiling Point!

    Please add Ecoins in Eventrewards since PayPal went brrrrrrrrrr forevverrrrrrr
  6. Manfred. Dishonors the community

    Manfred strongest!
  7. Aion 4.6? Am I dreaming?

    We are doing bad atm
  8. Payment error

    I dont have this problem but when I donated for the first time with Visa on your server my card was blocked by my bank for security reasons (they thought its a scam cuz russian trader lel). Maybe you guys sould check if your card is blocked aswell and contact your bank if thats the case. Since than I dont have that problem anymore. But I didnt even donated again after that event kekeke
  9. punishment

  10. Help, the game keeps downloading

    The solution is :
  11. elyos or asmo

  12. What a twist!

    The spirit went crazy and lick the feet of Reco. The feet were hairy and salty
  13. Is Buying / Selling accounts Legit?

    Isnt there a system message which clearly says that it is forbidden everytime you log into the game? kekek In short : its forbidden but "no proof - no punishment". There are tons of few accounts especially in the top 100 rankings on both sides which are "adopted" by "friends" . kkekekekekke.