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  1. Which side and class ???

    Go Ranger for Sleeparrow
  2. Self Report

    Hi, I wanna ask if you believe that you did something wrong inside the game which could lead to a punishment like Ban, forced Rename of Legion/Character ect or anything that if there is a possibilitiy to report his own misbehavior to the administration so it will make the possible punishment a little softer ? Just asking because im curious Greetings
  3. Payment

    Well Kedu is a staffmember of this server and Admin know about this. TheAlmighty (pls Awoo Role) is even on that discordserver as well which is used by Kedu for Ecoin-Paypal Donation. So I think its fine. But ofc its bs that you cant use suddenly your card anymore which you were able to do before. I dont know how things like that can happen
  4. Trade offer

    Offer avaible until sunday
  5. Trade offer

    I get : your kinah You get : my thanks and love
  6. finaly ban Korea cheater

    Well screenshots are useless. Only video helps. What I see here is : he uses candy, you not. So he is at least 3% or 4% faster. Additionaly there may be a different title in place. Some titles provide 5% movement speed. And last but not least : event buff. He got all 3 event buffs. You only 2 and I wouldnt be surprised if you are missing the speed event buff.
  7. Camera and Mouse Problem

    You could try to edit your cfg with these steps. Even if the main purpose of that is to unlock the fps gap, it also helped me to fix the exact same issue which you got.
  8. Training dummies with boss stats?

    For kinah i can become your personal dummy. No leather or sm stuff. Only backrubs. Good idea i think

    In the first months of server they did some item-returns like when you bought wrong AP item (like magic boost gloves but you are Ranger/Sin) they exchanged the item. I wonder how that it handled nowadays
  10. noob question

    They are just for appearence. There is one for Rangers Mau-Form which makes them look like a white tiger instead of the default Mau 2nd for Sorc Tree/sleep which make target look like a scarecrow instead of a tree And the third makes target looks like pigs instead of spirits when a sm is using Fear I (single fear) Those skills shares cooldown with the original skill and are only obtainable by their disignated class
  11. No GP in Sieges

    Maybe you are to weak or make to much ap outside contrizone I never had GP problems. Neither before or after serverfire. And I was doing sieges always solo.
  12. Recooo - Gladiator Soberduck - Sorcerer
  13. Server restart

    Its more because they read first 2 or 3 sentences and thats it. I already heard from people that whole server got wipe cuz the Topics name is "Server Restart". So they only see topic headline and believe the server will start from zero without reading it :kekw: :awoo:
  14. Asarrow -cheater

    That damage is on Fireeeee