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  1. increase the rates a bit ^^

    // Edit The guide is here: But I would suggest to buy amulet, premium and teas and exp in Morheim (Verteron instance), then Nochascha Camp, then maybe FT or Elten elites (both best in duo), then you have Heiron Jeiarepan village Quests + check other guides then Adma (if you are stil 45 do Theomobos Quests from 45 lvl to 46), then BT, and at 64 KAtalam Quests. Ofc you can do all in duo as well. With all XP boosts it is the best to do high XP mobs/elites than Qs, it just goes faster.
  2. increase the rates a bit ^^

    You can make 65 during one weekend if you really try mate or if you don't then a week or so. You can buy 200% exp medailons + teas + premium. Or somebody can boost you in Tia to 45 lvl+-. From 46 you do solo Adma, then BT (somebody always has to help you to kill first boss). and From 64 you do Katalam campaign Quests. I am sure there is some guide on this forum. Rates are quite easy.
  3. GS Drop Question

    Hi there, I would like to ask if it is possible to drop Silence Godstone with 10% chance or Blind with 10% chance in this 4.6 version. E.g.: Thanks!
  4. Time change

    At least the siege time is not so late now, instead of 10 PM - 11 PM, now it starts at 9 PM, thank God!
  5. Halloween Event?

    Thanks for a reply. I do follow the news, but I haven't seen any announcement yet. Based on your reply, I guess that you are preparing it, thanks.
  6. Halloween Event?

    Hi there, I was just wondering, Halloween season has begun and there is no such a seasonal creative event in the Euroaion yet. Personally, I really love to play thematic seasonal events as they are usually designed in creative ways of how you can acquire various items (or seasonal items) which makes the gameplay a slightly more original/fanciful. Does the team have any plans to release such an event in few days or? Thanks a lot.