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  1. Abyss stigma

    79 garrison (the one way on the bottom under Sillus fort). *Keep in mind not all abyss stigma are able to be sold.
  2. Retrieve sold item

    if you sold it to NPC check the repurchase tab.
  3. Hi I'm stuck on the map

    did you try /escape ? type it in your chat box and enter.
  4. The only solution to this problem is to make a macro that equips gear from you inventory directly (not from the name, not from quickbar) so for example : /use 1 1 This would use/equip the first item in the first row. (first number = slot ; second number = row). Problems with this method are in this patch we don't have the feature yet to lock our cubes, so that if you put your items in an order they don't change places if you use the auto organize function. But still could be possible if when you sort automatically you gear doesn't change place anyways for the way it's sorted (just gotta remove any piece of gear you drop/loot from your inventory before auto organizing cause it might take place of something you wanna equip with your macro). So you gotta set up the macro to keep in mind how armor gets sorted automatically in your inventory. If for example your chest piece for your first set is in third slot first row then you should do : /use 3 1. Then the second macro for the second set's chest piece should be (depending where the second chest piece is) let's say in your inventory it's in the fourth slot : /use 4 1. and vice versa. I didn't try this method yet in this server as I don't have that issue with gear yet, so try to play with that macro setting and see if it works.
  5. Help with Gear Progression (Lv.65+)

    Try to get the weapon to +5 as your first priority now, also condition it and put a good physical attack idian on it. Armor enchanting won't be useful for you for PvE currently since it's BM gear but for PvP sure maybe. For your weapon since it's +2 now you can start trying with purple stones for higher chance (at +2 with an L107 you'll get 80% chance). Personally I didn't bother enchanting BM armor. It's better to not waste stones on BM if you're planning to get abyss gear. Since they are both 65 eternal they have the same rules for enchanting. Even if you tell them your stats they can also not believe you. But they should also know that people can link copied gear from the memo-pad anyways. Only way to properly check gear is for the person to unlock and check it directly.
  6. Help with Gear Progression (Lv.65+)

    What are your stats fully buffed ? AC+BM weapon +5 and BM gear fully socketed is more than enough for those instances. You could even get into IS cause you will have the stats required normally. Only instances when maybe you will have issues is sauro 2 keys, SWB, Runadium i guess ? Hyperion only requires 2800 precision and I'm sure the boss in RST/IO is maybe around the same. But even still with that gear you'll normally reach around 2800+ precision and 900+ crit without any buffs even idians and candy. If you try to count for all of that you will easy reach 3000+ precision 1100+ crit. Which is more than enough for majority. (Grendal and Shita requires around 3100, and pashid is 3200 but not really required to have that much for that boss since how the instance works). *and this is not counting having a chanter helping. Having full AC will probably help you more but it's a bit overkill for a class not needing the extra HP and defense (also bonus offensive stats from conditioning is nice), Also takes some time to get fully and that gear fully is almost as good as a full hyperion. It's just people being very picky, normally some only look at the weapons, some will ask you to show everything, and some don't like seeing "weak parts" even if you reach the stats required. Also some are obsessed with seeing PURPLE. What matters overall is you reaching the requirements stats and being a good DPS. Doesn't matter how you do it. But people don't care, they could be recruiting a guy in full mythical enchanted socketed then he would not know how to play or be a bad person. So just keep trying for other groups or try to get into a legion that runs endgame instances. For your question about your abyss weapon. Don't waste it under an AC weapon or Hyperion (*you will not loose your hyperion set effect cause the abyss weapon will be fused under it and the latter doesn't have a set effect with your abyss armor). Hyperion base stats are not very good especially for physical classes (magical classes only need MB doesn't matter if it's base or bonus and with full set they get the bonuses and they're good to go. For physical classes from those bonuses the attack is "green" and not "white"). So wait until you get SWB weapon is the best. (RST/IO, Runadium, Sauro are your second option, but you will need to get 6 slots and the best random stats for them to be good).
  7. GP Reset

    Not a full reset, a soft reset might be nice, as in a percentage reduction of GP so that everyone keeps his rank and new players have chance to catch up.
  8. plase helpm im stuck fallin for ever

    type in chat : /escape
  9. Message to Madeline quest uncompletable?

    You mean that dark blue quest in the starter zone ? If yes then yeah you can't complete it cause it used to be for retail where they had a fast track server you would switch to. You don't need it to progress.
  10. Siege

    I don't agree with removing GP from sieges, but are you able to modify how it works ? Like to make it more worth to go in alliance rather than solo or duo. So that it makes more people going together to actually defend or attack forts.
  11. double account advantage...

    I also already talked about this, Yes you should be allowed to have multiple accounts, and playing them at the same time. But if it's an opposite faction character that's where you shouldn't be able to play at the same time cause then it's open for abuse, griefing, kill trade, cooping (even as separate people playing the character, opposite factions shouldn't be allowed to cooperate). Even official servers weren't allowing this, so if they tell us that they work just like retail they should not allow it then.That doesn't mean that it didn't happen in retail, but when people got reported with proof people got banned for it.
  12. I think it is wise to find some way to test content before deploying it to the public. If you can't afford having a test server, can you not run the same build of the server locally for testing ? Either that or communicate with the players to get feedback and also discuss between staff members. Because taking the current event as an example, the outcome was obvious as an instance for level 40+ looting for level 65, 12 chests, 5 times per day, and the other one 3 chests, 16 times per day. And the fact that people with multiple characters/accounts can run it. When you release something like this out in the open suddenly, players will just think that this is how the event is supposed to be and that the administration did testing and approval before the launch. You should always think ahead and carefully before deploying anything. Now after the change, people are just gonna run Steel Rose over and over again with reset scrolls. Also there's a chance that people will start taking all the chests in level 65 instances and not letting other people get theirs. Some suggestions for the current event : 1) Remove steel rose reset scrolls from shop temporarily for the remainder of the event. 2) Compensate by either raising the chance of the ice pick drop or add more chests. *the adding of chests is for Steel Rose, the ice pick drop chance can be general. 3) Make chests loot for everyone instead of being a unique item that one person could all take from himself. *for level 65 instances that requires group/alliance, you can decrease the number to one per person but everyone gets his chest not a unique loot. I'm not saying THIS is what you should do. This is a discussion and other can add their own suggestions and ideas and we can reach an understanding on what's better and fair for everyone. Because saying that everyone have same conditions and that it's fair is not true since people can just buy reset scrolls and do steel rose infinitely. Before anyone could do the event since the only abuse is having multiple characters and that's basically the "fault" of the players for having only one character, not fair, not the same conditions, but understandable and it's okay. The right way would have been to decrease the number of chests on said instances that were removed. Now it's reset scrolls on the shop and that's not the fault of the players but the server and that's just seems totally not okay and p2w just like when people bought reset scrolls to get more serums, same story.
  13. Run away with all the items

    I mean even with that, taking all the loot for yourselves is not really the solution. Just because "you did most of the work". Don't replay with them ever and be done with it. I also had many bad experiences with people that basically weights the instance and group down and make it a frustrating experience, but I didn't think about taking their loot from them. Just never replay with them again.
  14. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    The events here turned out like how gameforge manages them : start event -> minority gets the good stuff -> nerf event -> repeat. The true retail-like experience.
  15. [Event] Cocktail Party!

    We just had events basically giving away free serums. Need a bit of a break from that until some next events.