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    Everything after 4.6 was completely embarassing. So pls no. I wish this server would be 4.0 or 4.3 or something without aethertechs and temperings but 4.6 is still good.
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    I'm in for patch 4.8. better class balanced, and alot of more content
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    Stigma enchantment wouldn't be an issue with no P2W shop, same as with accessory enchantment now. There are barely a handful of people with +3 - +5 accessories. Dedicated players will always go into the hardest instances. That the point of a private server. You can dedicate your time into achieving everything because there won't be another patch coming with better stuff in a few months. I'm waiting for everyone to tell me how fun it is to run around empty Katalams, killing ungeared fresh 65s who just entered the zone to farm BM accessories. Or just getting slaughtered by zergs. Pure PVP extravaganza.
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