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  1. Disabling PayPal method. Donations.

    Maybe you should change your whole donation system then. Tons of other private servers from all kinds of MMOs and other games are running with donations and they use paypal for years without any problems. That's why I can't understand why it's such a problem only here. Edit: Double Post. Pls delete one of them.
  2. Disabling PayPal method. Donations.

    Many people don't have a credit card or they just dont want to put their information in these payment methods. The still rising e-coin prices speak for themselves. Is it really that much of a problem to implement paypal as payment method back? I mean, I'm pretty sure your revenues are dropping since paypal is gone so it would be a win-win situation for everyone.
  3. Is Buying / Selling accounts Legit?

    That's why I said "a warning sign". They should investigate these accounts further and if a password + Email change happened at the same time as all the other changes it's 90% sure what has happened. But as Indiee said, most of the top characters would be banned then because the account trading is insane on this server so I can understand why they just let it happen. lol
  4. Is Buying / Selling accounts Legit?

    It should be a warning sign if a high rank character changes his name, appearance and guild and at the same time the IP adress and MAC.
  5. Best PVP Players

    Asmo: -Templar: 1. Mzz (Schattenritter, Manfred, guy loves to change his name) , 2. Eam, 3. Shelby -Gladiator: 1. Shineex (the godglad), 2. Schattenkrieger(plays good but his bakarma pole is still a meme), 3. Xwer -Assassin: 1. Kura/Jewlia (I wish he would have maxgear), 2. Enna, 3. Votan -Ranger: 1. Quinzz, (so hard to find good rangers) -Sorcerer: 1. Desimp (the best sorc of all time sadly inactive), 2. Vootan 3. Cuteblock (very nice group gameplay) -Spiritmaster: 1. Gunrose , 2. Schattenmeister (sometimes plays like shit and then like a god wtf), 3. -- -Cleric (heal): 1. Trixie, 2. Cosy, 3. some schattenguy (srsly these names should be banned) -Cleric (dps): 1. Ech (a true legend), 2. Trixie (pls switch to dps), 3. some other schatten(seems to be new and undergeared but played insane, give him equip pls) -Chanter: Ararma (sadly switched to noobtech) -AT: 1. Senju (AT + Gear + skill = overkill) 2. Ararma 3. Gummie -Gunner: 1. Versace, 2. Schattensniper, 3. Wasserkocher -Songweaver: 1. Ooh, 2. maybe Shandris Elyos: -Templar: 1. Hoheit, Mioxx -Gladiator: 1.Shikastyle 2. Shikastyler (the same guy afaik) 3. Xayn -Assassin: 1. Assinator (the vehalla legend), Madcuzbad -Ranger: 1. hard to tell but i think Stelmi, Akioo and maybe Wimee -Sorcerer: 1. The legendary Chang and there are no good active sorcs what a shame -Spiritmaster: 1. Argothon (one of the few humand beings who is able to play this class right) , 2. Chitra 3. Kinnari (only as morph lol) -Cleric (heal): 1. Hakurin 2. Itsmethirdtarget and whatever -Cleric (dps): 1. Vyana (forever the one and only best ) 2. Rulai -Chanter: dunno -AT: 1. Axius 2. Xpom 3. Yeager -Gunner: 1. Dagoma, 2. Tommy, 3. Demise (well carried by gear but still) -Songweaver: 1. Wimee,
  6. Everything after 4.6 was completely embarassing. So pls no. I wish this server would be 4.0 or 4.3 or something without aethertechs and temperings but 4.6 is still good.
  7. Is Buying / Selling accounts Legit?

    It is "forbidden" but noone cares. Tons of high rank accounts have changed their owners multiple times already
  8. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    I never said you dont deserve it. I only talked about expectations. I already saw unequipped solo players getting some chests. Its up to the players. But complaining in a forum is always easier.
  9. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    they enjoy their 10% PvP Atk way too much. especially for the silentera pvp its really awesome
  10. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    Just farm kinah and buy the temperings. You can't expect to be able to farm them all by yourself just with one event.
  11. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    Just open them from 12:00 to 2:00 so everyone has a chance to get them.
  12. [Event] Balaur's Treasures

    Its always nice to have events to increase open world pvp but the times are ridicilous. This is a EU server and most people are working most of the time when the chests spawn. Please adjust these times, it's a joke like this
  13. DONATE? Again no work.

    Administrators are too incompetent to have the pay pal option for donations. It seems they dont want to get money. Thats rare though
  14. Disabling PayPal method. Donations.

    Well Ecoin prices are going up fast since a lot less people are able to buy them. I'm ready to donate alot of money but I just can't. It's sad
  15. Disabling PayPal method. Donations.

    I don't understand why its such a problem here. Other private aion servers use paypal without any issues