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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, Since yestarday, my client is having problems with starting the game. I click "play", everything seems normal, but then a window "Launch error, please, close all games! 3" pops up. I tried starting the game several times and the window is still there. I tried clicking "check" and it didn't help. I restarted my computer and even re-downloaded the client and the results were still the same. Does anyone know how to fix it?
  2. Hey, so from the start i downloaded the original aion version. when i now open the client it makes like 'small updates', and then it always says you have to update again. then it starts to download the whole game. yea i never let the client download the whole game, but when i check the euroaion game ordner there are all the aion files like it already downloaded. should i now just wait or what should i do?
  3. Hello I have seen few people had problem with the client downloading more data than it need. I got this problem since December, tried many times to reinstall the client, game files too and it didn't work. Also I tried to whitelist the game files and executables in Avast and firewall but it never ever helped too. I there any possibility I did something wrong or could I try something else? Did any of you manage to solve this problem? sory for asking again about the same problem but your support seems to copy/paste the same message. Have a nice day!
  4. Downloading issues

    Hello, My friend downloaded game via torrent. He wanted to start a game two days ago, but client still downloading update (1gb/6gb) it doesn't stop, and we dont know whats going on. Any ideas?
  5. Can anyone from admins or staff support actually check what is triggering this error. I can't constantly go to BIOS and switch on/off virtualization technology when I decide I want to play on this server. I do have virtual machines for my work but this error is a false error. I have checked many times in task manager is anything running from VirtualBox or Hyper-V. None of the staff knows what is causing the error but also staff needs to understand that for the players and future players that work with virtual machines can't nor won't risk their job to play on this server. I am honestly deeply disappointed by the lack of support where even staff does not know what is causing this issue. Few days ago I decided to make a backup of my VM's just to test it out. 1. I have made backups 2. Deleted VirtualBox 3. Disabled Hyper-V completely and the issue is still appearing. I honestly hoped that I would play on this server knowing the situation on retail on NA and EU and I was jumping from the server to server until I found this server. There must be a way that your anticheat software has a way to be configured to actually recognize when VM is actually active. I do understand from the side of devs that they need to have their server protected but this doesn't make sense, and if the support staff doesn't understand what is causing it at least try to communicate with the players to test certain things until finally finding the solution and not just say "you have a virtual machine open" and be done with it.
  6. Client Update Error

    hi guys this morning i could enter the game but right now i cant.I launched the client and client updated itself before starting but during the update,this error happened.I checked the all game file on client but error still happens.I download game files from torrent and im starting the torrent 64 bit in english language.What can i do to solve that problem ?
  7. Launch error

    Hello, was playing Aion on friday (7th of august) without any problems, I could even restart the launcher without any issues. Today it is showing me the following message when clicking on "play", even if it is the only Aion instance running: On friday I did install the new Win10, that may have caused the problem? I already restarted my computer / router, reinstalled the 64 bit launcher / whole game files and set exceptions in my firewall for the launcher. Also I did reinstall NET Framework, Direct X and Microsoft C++, just got them with the most recent updates. Is there anything else I could try to get the game running?
  8. Cant download the game

    Hello there, so i have a problem where the launcher wont even start downloading. Stays on "preparing to download" for like 30 mins without doing anything. The torrent link speed is just crap it will take me a month to download the game. Is there any solution to this? third link i just dont like downloading thru google.

    Hey! I would like to ask if there is any way i can play EUROAION in Denmark. All the time I'm launching the client it says "Game is not available in your country"?
  10. Hello, i am french player on Aion, and i will play and your server. When i download your client, everything is ok, but that was very very slow As you can see on the attached screenshot, it's already been more than 30 minutes since I started downloading, yet I'm not even at 1GB However, I have a very good internet connection of about 90mbps for upload and download The launcher sometimes tells me that there are 16 hours left, sometimes only 2 hours, is that normal? Thank you very much for your answer Nerzo.