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Found 19 results

  1. Подскажите, уже 2й день зачастила ошибка send log во время игры. Вариации ошибки разные: бывает после 5 минут в игре. Бывает спустя 10 минут. Просто бегаешь по северке и выскакивает ошибка. Предварительно скажу, ошибка раньше была только в Оке Тиамаранты(когда по потоку летишь), больше ошибку эту нигде не ловил. Последние 2 дня просто спамит жестко при игре. Со вчерашнего вечера 3 раза обновлял полностью клиент через "Проверка клиента" - что-то там докачивало. Вчера вечером пустило поиграть без ошибок. Сегодня днем, снова лаунчер показал красным ошибку, что игра не обновлена. Я снова перепроверил клиент. Снова докачало что-то. Зашел в игру - 10 мин и ошибка "сенд". Что вы делали со своей стороны за эти 2 дня, и что может провоцировать данную ошибку так часто? Спасибо!
  2. Please help, I have this issue when trying to start the game: I tried to remove the PC.pak file and then update the game, but it did not work. I also tried to download never .exe file for euroaion, but still nothing.
  3. Не подключается к серверу. Перепробовал все варианты из предыдущих тикетов
  4. Decided to play with a friend. I installed the client, I got the error "Failed to connect to the server" My friend is doing well. And I don't have... The provider is the same, if that. There was a new error: "Update failed..." (something like this) I read the forums, tried everything - nothing helped ... Hope it helps, thanks in advance. p.s. I saw the news about the DOS attack, I was not asked to file such applications. But I'll try anyway, sorry. Решили с другом поиграть вместе. Установил клиент, появилась ошибка "Не удалось подключиться к серверу" У друга все работает хорошо. А у меня нет... Провайдер одинаковый, если что. Появлялась новая ошибка: "Ошибка обновления..." (как-то так) Перечитал форумы, перепробовал все - ничего не помогло... Надеюсь на помощь, заранее спасибо. p.s. Видел новость о DOS-атаках, просили не подавать подобные заявки. Но все же я попытаюсь, простите.
  5. Hi,trying to connect and getting cannot connect to the authorization server error after writing username and password what is the problem?
  6. Cant run the client

    Hi,trying to run the client and I get errors that files are corrupted after I delete the pak files I always get a new one which is corrupted
  7. Cannot Connect to server1!

    Hi! I played the game everything was fine,suddenly when I try to connect I get this error,I dont have any VPN opened or some ping thing,help please!
  8. Windows corrupted

    Hello everyone, I just downloaded the game, installed .NET and directX, however, I always get the error attached in the picture... Any idea to solve this problem? Thank you.
  9. Error: Can't connect server! (code: 1) FR PLAYER
  10. Game Update Error

    Hello guys, i get this error when i want to update the game , i tried installing directX, restarting the PC but nothing works. I can play the game up to the sanctum, probably that s how much the game installed but when i enter veteron game crashes. Can someone help me please?
  11. Cuando voy a saquear los huesos de los empleados no se saquean. No abre el panel para cogerlo. Por favor espero respuesta
  12. File corrupted error message

    I removed the file and reboot my PC and checked with the launcher started again but i got the same error message . What can i do right now ?
  13. Can anyone from admins or staff support actually check what is triggering this error. I can't constantly go to BIOS and switch on/off virtualization technology when I decide I want to play on this server. I do have virtual machines for my work but this error is a false error. I have checked many times in task manager is anything running from VirtualBox or Hyper-V. None of the staff knows what is causing the error but also staff needs to understand that for the players and future players that work with virtual machines can't nor won't risk their job to play on this server. I am honestly deeply disappointed by the lack of support where even staff does not know what is causing this issue. Few days ago I decided to make a backup of my VM's just to test it out. 1. I have made backups 2. Deleted VirtualBox 3. Disabled Hyper-V completely and the issue is still appearing. I honestly hoped that I would play on this server knowing the situation on retail on NA and EU and I was jumping from the server to server until I found this server. There must be a way that your anticheat software has a way to be configured to actually recognize when VM is actually active. I do understand from the side of devs that they need to have their server protected but this doesn't make sense, and if the support staff doesn't understand what is causing it at least try to communicate with the players to test certain things until finally finding the solution and not just say "you have a virtual machine open" and be done with it.
  14. Client Update Error

    hi guys this morning i could enter the game but right now i cant.I launched the client and client updated itself before starting but during the update,this error happened.I checked the all game file on client but error still happens.I download game files from torrent and im starting the torrent 64 bit in english language.What can i do to solve that problem ?
  15. primero me funcionaba mal el launcher, lo arregle, luego el juego me decia algo de la memoria, le hice caso a uno de los admines y ahora no me abre el juego, ayuda, el admin me dijo que cambie la pestaña de solo lectura
  16. primero era el asqueroso launcher y ahora esto, prefiero aionlegends
  17. Launch error

    Hello, was playing Aion on friday (7th of august) without any problems, I could even restart the launcher without any issues. Today it is showing me the following message when clicking on "play", even if it is the only Aion instance running: On friday I did install the new Win10, that may have caused the problem? I already restarted my computer / router, reinstalled the 64 bit launcher / whole game files and set exceptions in my firewall for the launcher. Also I did reinstall NET Framework, Direct X and Microsoft C++, just got them with the most recent updates. Is there anything else I could try to get the game running?
  18. Black Screen

    Hello Daevas, Sorry for my English, it is not my native language: When I try to change any option settings, aion goes black screen. It appears as "Not Responding" in the Task Manager and it is impossible to work again. This occurs even when trying to map a key in the configuration and I give it to accept or when I change anything. I indicate the tests that I have carried out: I have deleted the files system.cfg and SystemOptionGraphics.cfg I have deleted the registry folder \ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Aion \ Client \ SystemInfo I have installed the C ++ indicated on the euroaion page, along with the directx and the net framework. The aion works perfectly, the error only happens when changing some configuration setting. I have deleted the Euroaion and the official Aion, I have used programs that remove the trace of all Aion and I have tried the Euroaion again and the same thing happens. Important Thing: It doesn't happen to me in the official Aion!! Some help?
  19. Hello there, I get following Error message when trying to start EuroAion with your latest Launcher. I also deleted bin32 and bin64 directories as well as 2_deu and 2_esn directories. No success! EDIT_001: I have switched from english language to german and successfully started the game. Closed Aion and switched back to english language. It works now! Thanks for your time.