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  1. hello i have a problem with the launcher

    Hello, it's me, again I have finally been able to solve my problem, reinstall the game and it works for me, I think the client will have corrupted me with some virus or some program will damage it, so if you have this problem, uninstall the aion and reinstall it from scratch Also add it to the list of exclusions of the antivirus that you have for more security that the problem does not recur I thank TheAlmighty with all my heart for his good vibes and willingness to solve this problem, I appreciate it very much long live euroaion !!!! ps they can close the thread problem solved
  2. hello i have a problem with the launcher

    I know but I can't think what software it could be, antivirus just win defend and I have followed all the steps you suggested and it didn't work, copy the game from my pc and pass it to my notebook and from there try to download the iu.park file but I get the same problem, I think the client got corrupted and that's why I'm back in the process of downloading the customer (the game actually) It only remains to wait if this has happened to someone else (and knows how to fix it) or that the solution is to re-download the game in its entirety pray for me
  3. hello i have a problem with the launcher

    I still have the same problem, I think the client that I have is corrupt, I tried with a notebook and it is the same, I get the same error textures \ iu \ iu.park corrupted I have done everything that almighty has suggested to me and nothing worked, I have I formatted my pc by uninstalling and reinstalling windows and the same error already mentioned continues to come out (clarification: the client saved it on an external hard drive when I finished formatting the PC, I reinstalled it as I have not downloaded from the official website other Still) I will try to download the client from scratch what happens if someone else has been the same please let me know everything i have done so far I put the game on the white list of the antivirus (windows defender in my case) format pc I have deleted the file iu.park and even several folders and it does not work either install the client that I usually use (copy it to a usb) and pass it to a notbook and get the same problem (corrupt file textures \ iu \ iu.park) if anyone has any other suggestion let me know
  4. hello i have a problem with the launcher

    this doesn't really work and I am frustrated I keep getting the same label, I have deleted the iu.park file I have deleted the entire textures folder (where the iu.park file is) and it is the same all, the same thing happens I upload screenshots where I think Having put the game in the list of exclusions of windows defender, I do not have any other antovirus activated, I don't know what else to do, I think about uninstalling and installing the game again
  5. hello i have a problem with the launcher

    i have windows defender only i have win 10 pro
  6. hello i have a problem with the launcher

    I have tried but the same thing keeps coming out, I delete the entire folder over and over and I download it again and the same thing comes out, I check the laucher and it is updated all the time and when it finishes and the game is available for open it again the same thing happens there I upload the images for you to see, I will keep updating it or good I will find some solution to this (I am Spanish speaking and well my pc is in that language XD)
  7. hello i have a problem with the launcher

    mm does not work, I try again and again and it does not work, I give it to update again and again and it comes out with the same problem, the park iu file is corrupted (in the image that I uploaded before it looks better)
  8. guia para poner el euroaion en español ( no oficial)

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ty dios mio esa no me la sabia, y de paso me respondiste una duda que no me anime a postear eso nos pasaba con un grupo de amigos, la puerta de sauro no se abria y no sabiamos por que y eramos medio reacios a publicar algo preguntando por miedo a ser tachados de noobs,y bueh era eso, todos en la legion tenemos el game en español, o sea que aquel que junte las llaves no debe llevar el juego en español, yo he ido con otras partys ( rusos mas especificamente) pero como no junte llaves no paso nada, o sea no era yo quien abria la puerta gracias por la info
  9. Hello everyone! I have had a problem with the laucher for days, it won't let me start the session. I get the textures / park iu file (in the image it will look more correctly) I have tried everything, to solve it with the launcher itself and it did not work, delete the folder and re-download it and it did not work, I do not know what else to do, I hope your answer thank you very much
  10. can anyone help this person?

    there is a bard who is trapped in the ardus shrine zone in verteron is a bard lv 21 kaisnel is called PS: It is not a joke to check in the area that I told you will see that it is there. You cannot get it out of that bug with a summoner. It is a big bug.
  11. el juego no sale habilitado en mi region

    aveces pasa paso hace un rato y el viernes pasado durante horas no dejaba entrar a mucha gente

    hablas de kinah? osea das kinahs elias por asmodianas?
  13. La misión tiene un error

    me gustaria ayudarte pero trata de ser mas especifico es dificl ubicar que pj hablas, si sos asmo u elio etc http://aiondatabase.net/sp/quest/4043/ esta mison decis? si te tiene que soltar algo, es que bueh es asi si algo anda mal pero ponelo en ingles por que ni empedo te entienden esta gente jajaja
  14. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    It may be but not everyone can count on someone mentor and kill the bugs for one, apart from 10 euros is quite silver where I live, I would like to donate ... but I'm not in condition apart is that I think that at one point an event (from time to time not always) could be good to slow down quickly that not only benefits the players but also the server to be more populated pd: I do not cry for this I try to contribute ideas I like this lughar, and if I cry it is for my poverty T_T
  15. PLS BOOST EXP rate is to low

    Hi everyone I humbly think that the solution for all of us to be happy is that on weekends there are events of increase of exp in instances x3 or x4 but only on weekends so the other days will be normal and I think that would benefit and balance things