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  1. Testing experience in party, even mentoring the experience is shared between all the characters in party and the experience % increase (party bonus for drop and experience) is not being applied. 1 lvl 25 = 10k exp 1 lvl 25 + 1 mentor 65 = 4k exp 1 lvl 25 + 2 mentor 64 = 3k exp Test mobs: Laggart Ksellid, Spirits (in desert, Morheim)
  2. [Taking advanted of Bug]

    Doing dmg and no aggro from guards. Taking advantage of, yet another, danaria guard bug!
  3. [Suggestion] Crafting of Scrolls!

    Don't put all your eggs in one basket, I get that. And I do not say it is not profitable, just that as a private server and custom changed for gameplay improvement it would be interesting. "Normal" prices are not so normal, they have an average on procifiency and time=money expendeture. That value is a little low return wise. So , again, it would help a growing economy like this one improve its returns and help regulate prices.
  4. Hello! I think that it is a good idea to add a proc chance, agreed by the developers, in which scrolls go from crafting 5 to crafting 6-10, in 1 craft. This would give the server a bit of profit margin on the growing economy to make scrolls available. Also, it would give Alchemists a bit more of a return, besides availability of scrolls, since there is a shortage of basic materials. It could be done with cooking procs, too.
  5. Morph Recepies 2

    Thanks, and is there any way to morph superiors ?
  6. Morph Recepies 2

    Question, where to get Morphs like Is there somewhere where we can see a list?
  7. [BUG]

    Okay, I will in the following days (I'm lazy with recording)
  8. [BUG]

    Marchutan's Splendor and Marchutan's Light skills of cleric are not applying the healings properly or not at all, and shield do not have the proper values! Please fix this!
  9. Morph Recepies

    There are some morph recepies missing. Like Fresh Kandula, I would like to know if you are going to add them, and where?. Thanks