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      No war! Нет войне!   03/01/2022

      Dear players, the project does not support the criminal actions of Russia towards Ukraine!
      Everyone can stop this meaningless war and must do everything for it.
      If you're in Russia, stop listening to propaganda! Use alternative information resources. The reality is not what you receive.
      Please, think about the future of your country and do all you can! Now the access to the forum is limited for the users with Russian IP addresses. For these users, there's redirection to the other resource with the addressing speech to the Russian citizens.
      This is the decision of the hosting holding our forum and we cannot influence it.

      However, do not make the chat totally offensive. Please, do not raise this topic in the game or we will have to set punishments.
        Уважаемые пользователи сервера, мы категорически не поддерживаем преступные действия РФ в отношении Украины!
      Каждый кто может остановить эту бессмысленную войну должен сделать для этого все.
      Если вы находитесь в России, перестаньте слушать пропаганду! Посмотрите альтернативные источники которых достаточно. Реальность совсем не такая, как вам подносится.
      Пожалуйста, задумайтесь о будущем вашей же страны и сделайте все что в ваших силах!

      Сейчас доступ к форуму ограничен для пользователей с русскими IP. Происходит редирект на сторонний ресурс с обращением к гражданам РФ.
      Это позиция хостинга где находится наш форум, мы на это не влияем. Но, пожалуйста, давайте не превращать чат в игре в сплошные оскорбления. Пожалуйста, не затрагивайте эту тему в игре, иначе мы будем вынуждены выдавать наказания.    

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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I suggest a review to the "Ikivada" player. What happened was that I killed myself with two super fast attacks. I honestly see it too much. I would like them to review those who use external tools because the speed with which my character died was extreme, I have a fairly good set to kill me like that, not even a general has ever killed me that quickly. His attacks were super fast being mecca I saw that it is as if he did not have animations or the animations were faster than normal. I suggest that he be reviewed and banned if they deem it appropriate or impose the corresponding sanction. Thanks in advance, I hope we all have a fairer gaming experience without external tools.
  2. Player who does not play fair

    Good morning, I write this post to suggest a report to the Muvik player. The situation was that I had created a party for Sauro and he asked me for a group, he joined the group and later he asked me for a leader, I assumed it was to put someone in but what he did was expel me from the group and on top of that he insulted me for free without reasons. I had to start setting up a new party when the party was mine from the beginning. I would like to see such players punished for their toxic behavior. Thank you very much in advance. Attached capture.
  3. Radar Hack

    There is no way he saw me in logs cause i hide 10s after the video start and he wasn't nearby. And of course he don't have the hide vision as you can see the the vid. Aion 2021.05.01 -
  4. Streamer using viewer Bots pt2

    The Streamer https://www.twitch.tv/boooooooonk is using viewer bots again like last time you can see it by checking the repetitive chat from his viewer bots
  5. Lying about my legion

    Hi, I recently got some news that a player is lying about how my legion is, telling to everyone in the chat to not join our legion because we insult new player and that we never help. That's never happened ! This player was in my legion but i kicked all his character because he trashtalked on everyone, and i don't have any screens because i was too upset anyway. But i have a screenshot of him that someone of my legion gave me because i blocked him everywhere, clearly talking in public chat that we are bad legion ect... What can i do to avoid this player of trashtalking of my legion just because he's mad ?
  6. Hi, "Aetherspast" has received multiple reports for botting; from multiple people, yet this player has not been banned yet? With admin reluctance to address this issue (or even respond to my previous report) is aethertapping botting considered "legal"?
  7. Streamer using viewer bots

    hey i want to report the streamer Boooooooonk he´s using veiwer bots to claim the ecoin reward. I can also prove it if you look at his past stream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/622659931?filter=archives&sort=time you can see several messages in chat which are reapiting. for example at 2:03:08 one bot "wrote emirbaskurtt:ya güzel degil ama bakimli kadin sonuçta" at 8:53:55 he wrote the same thing again or at 7:07:48 and 17:07;43. They also followed him all at the same day... please take a closer look at him
  8. [Taking advanted of Bug]

    Doing dmg and no aggro from guards. Taking advantage of, yet another, danaria guard bug!
  9. Rape Promoting Legion Name

    Well I've been playing around a week in here and just today I saw that there is a legion called "UnconciusGirlsCantSayNo", so I decide to report it and saw that there already was a topic about it and the admin response was: I'm actually sickened about this kind of response, which, in case @TheAlmighty doesn't know, is a direct statement of support for raping... Dude, how can you be so naive to think this things are not offensive??? There is a reason why some words and actions are avoided and it is because its cultural weight is waaaay too much!!! You being oblivious of it doesnt make it better, it only shows your ignorance, which does not works as an excuse either for stating that this server promotes rape, even if you really dont, it's just the image you are giving. This is a really serious problem, troubling players are everywhere, but an administration that can't even understand the gravity of the problem is worth leaving and wasting a week of farming. Please @TheAlmighty reconsider your posture about this issue, because it is clearly much worse than what you think. I even invite you to see some episodes of "The law and order: Special Victims Unit" to get some sensitivity about the issue, it may come handy when administrating a 500+ people community.
  10. Racist legion

    WHITE PRIDE name and legion cape stands for neonazis. have few members of em i pumbed into in just 10minutes. Would you kindly remove this legion and their characters to show that racism is not allowed on this server?