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  1. i think is time for them to make it 4.7 or 4.8
  2. Yeah and sin have 100% physical attack buff and they break the stone skin with 1 auto attack, i have sorc as well i know how it is to fight against sin is pain in the ass sin is counter of sorc anyway who i am to judge, good luck to everyone who is gonna participate in the tournament.
  3. @Kamai, you don't say something about the other classes mate just for sorc, Sins are paralyze hero's, gunners gonna kill plates with 2 hit with those fire Godstone but you don't say something about it, The people who create those characters in the game wasn't more stupid than us, Assasins have 5 resist in total for sorc is unfair as well you know, don't complain for no reason, They can counter Wintry with extend weapons assasins can do it as well with extend dagger/sword, but you tell me now how sorc is or any other magic class can counter those 5 resist? explain me that? or the paralyze godstone? or the fire Godstone from gunners?