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  1. Racist legion

    Racism doesn't imply anyones political stands. If i'd say they should be banned for being white, it would be racism. And that symbols meaning is white skin superpower when colors are black on white. Server rules ban racism and they already removed legion named klukkuxklan, so yeah if just that name can be removed for being racist, then lagion that uses neonazi symbol witch means white supremesy should be removed too, from GM perspective. I don't have problem to play with these people if they have legion that does not resemble nazism or discrimination by peoples color, sex or sexuality. I allso would like to hear toughts from server hosts to this sitsuation so us players would not have to talk here about what is racism.
  2. Racist legion

    White pride ussualy in internet is connected to neonazis or racism. And in this chase it has been proven couse the symbol is neonazi version of celtic cross. "The Celtic cross somehow resembles the cross on the Ku Klux Klan flag.António Martins, 10 February 2003 White on Black image by António Martins, 18 April 1998This white power cross is a popular symbol amongst Europe's hardcore Nazis. It is molded after the Celtic cross, seeking to make an heritage issue of it.António Martins, 27 May 1998, quoting" That legion is either sarcasm or neonazis but whatever it is, it affects the popularity of this server. If server allows racism and nazis to show on streams etc it will make many players to leave or not join the server.
  3. Racist legion

    WHITE PRIDE name and legion cape stands for neonazis. have few members of em i pumbed into in just 10minutes. Would you kindly remove this legion and their characters to show that racism is not allowed on this server?
  4. Racist Guild

    Here is screen shot about their cape and one member
  5. Racist Guild

    White pride has neonazi symbol on their cape. We are trying to find one with cape for ss to post here. Pls keep up good work and don't let racist be active at this server.
  6. House auction

    Hey. I could not find house auction table or find any player owned houses. Is It in game at all and if not, Will it be added in future? It is kind of useless feature, but me and my friends always enjoyed it.