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Found 30 results

  1. Legion ITA/ENG

    Pve-Pvp legion named Just Hit is actually recruiting. italian/english speaking players, any class, prefer lv 65 but any will be welcomed. we are experienced, friendly, mature and helpful legion, we use discord a lot and have a whatsapp group for coordination, you all only need one thing: deside to play in a group. we will do the rest, help you get gear, teach instances and provide tons of cookies. next week we plan to do legion events and funny challanges, with little prizes for the winners. Pm ellydaddy, ellyskyon or nikky for more info
  2. Український Легіон "SICH" приймає у свої ряди активних гравців. Від нас Осади ,ПВП І ПВЕ активності. Від вас адекватність і наявність дискорду.Усі запитання в ПП. P.S. Набір в прімейд Бастіон!
  3. Looking for HUN legion

    Sziasztok! Magyar légióhoz csatlakoznék. Régebbi solo játékos vagyok, de most szeretnék csapatban lenni.
  4. Legion Mount

    Hello, first of all sorry if the thread topic is wrong. Do I have to be in a high lvl legion in order to use the Legion Pagati from the cash shop or does lvl 1 legion work too? I'm talking about the legion mount from the cash shop not the in-game one btw. Thank you in advance guys.
  5. Hello, I want to buy the Triumphant Legion's War Steed with eCoins but I'm not in any legion at the moment. Is this going to be a problem or the description of the mount is there because of the retail version of this mount (being purchased by legion coins)?
  6. [FR] Nouvelle légion < Q L I M A X >

    Salutations, Je vous annonce la création d'une nouvelle légion francophone sur le serveur EuroAION. La légion se nomme < Q L I M A X > et se situe côté Elyos Les armoiries de légion ressembleront à ceci : Les maîtres mots de cette légion sont et resteront : fun, familiale, chill. Évidemment l'entraide et la bonne humeur sont également prônées ! Ici tu pourras faire du PvE comme du PvP sans prise de tête et sans try hard. L'objectif (non obligatoire) reste d'atteindre le niveau 65 et d'essayer de se stuff afin de s'organiser de sympathiques petites sorties entre nous ou entre légions. Des événements au sein de la légion auront également lieu de temps en temps. Pour le moment, nos portes sont ouvertes à toutes et tous alors n'hésitez pas ! Un discord est d'ores et déjà en place, vous pourrez l'obtenir en m'envoyant message privé (forum ou in-game, pseudo : Bardarus). Dans l'attente et l'espérance de pouvoir réunir un petit collectif sympa, je reste également disponible pour toutes questions, Amicalement,
  7. Busco Legion Española o Latina

    Busco Legion Española o Latina
  8. ISO Hungarian legion

    Sziasztok! Aktív magyar légiót keresek, ahol lennének társaim a fejlődéshez is. Kérlek ha van légiód írj egy üzenetet! Fridr
  9. Legion ⚡God Mode⚡ jest społecznością Polskich graczy we frakcji Asmodian w EuroAionie. Jesteśmy w 100% polską ekipą i taki język jest naszym domyślnym na komunikatorze głosowym Discord. Cały czas szukamy nowych ludzi gotowych do gry w ciekawym towarzystwie. Jesteśmy nastawieni na wyraźny progress PvP+E. Staramy się udowadniać, iż nie rzucamy słów na wiatr, a nasze działania dążą do osiągnięcia zakładanych celów. Gotowi jesteśmy poświęcić bardzo dużo czasu, by obalić mit "dużych" legionów które dużo piszą, a mało robią. Zależy nam na integracji z wszystkimi graczamy w legionie. Jesteśmy również otwarci na współpracę z pozostałymi legionami. Więcej o rekrutacji Wszystkich zainteresowanych dołaczeniem do legionu zapraszamy do kontaktu przez discord >> lub w grze Hitsugayate , Saetan, Siteris, Cheyteris

    Hejka aktywny TECH szuka legionu do PvPvE. Lat 22. Komunikator głosowy? Jasne. Gram codziennie.
  11. Hello everyone, My brother and me 're new players on this sever and we search a francophone legion or a legion with some francophone players. We're open to any opportunity. We're lvl 60+ and we have discord. You can wisper me in game my name is "Quuentsb". Thanks all.
  12. Moin, Servus oder einfach Hallo! Wir suchen noch Mitstreiter für unsere deutschsprachige Legion >uniQue< . Wir haben vor, die größte Legion auf den Server zu werden.... ...Nein. Wir wollen eine Legion Gründen und aufbauen, wo wir gemeinsam Spaß haben und sich gegenseitig geholfen wird. Wir helfen uns stetig, aber lassen auch inruhe und zwingen niemanden etwas mitzumachen. Im späteren Verlauf stehen Legionsinterne EVENT´s, gemeinsames PvP und gemeinsames PvE auf dem Tagesplan! Aktuell nutzen wir einen privaten TS3-Server, der auch zur privaten Nutzung zur verfügung steht. Werdet noch heute ein Teil von uniQue und ihr werdet sehen, was es beudeutet unique (einzigartig) zu sein! Wenn ihr Interesse habt, dann schreibt entweder >Natascha<, >Murishani< eine ingame Post oder schreibt mich hier direkt im Forum an! Also bis dann! _____________________________________________________________________________ To be polite, also in English (translator): Moin, Servus or just hello! We are still looking for comrades-in-arms for our legion> uniQue <. We plan to become the largest legion on the server .... ...No. We want to found and build a legion where we can have fun together and where each other is helped. We constantly help each other, but also leave alone and don't force anyone to participate. Later on, internal legion events, joint PvP and joint PvE are on the agenda! We are currently using a private TS3 server, which is also available for private use. Become a part of uniQue today and you will see what it means to be unique! If you are interested, either write> Natascha <,> Murishani <an ingame post or write to me directly in the forum. See you then!
  13. Cerberus [Asmo] legion is now recruiting! We are a level 5 legion (for now) and we are inviting more like-minded players to our community, both new and veterans to EuroAion. We all speak English, but we are from different countries. We got a Discord server, which is overruled by bots, and since this game brings the best of us, we are all 18+. We focus on PvPvE content and we are gearing towards endgame content. Therefore, no gear requirements but we would prefer if you are lvl 55+ and share part of our amazing qualities described above! Exceptions can be made if one would make a compelling argument that involves candy. And don’t worry if you don’t always have the time - we get it! Disclaimer: we are not serious people, we like to joke around and fail instances; we are still quite small in numbers and we are working on our gear. But we are pretty awesome and helpful! Whisper in game: Shayba or Weeb or message Wilhelm#3264 on Discord.
  14. [GER/PL/ENG] TheRevenge

    The Legion "TheRevenge" is looking for new members! Requirements: You must be at least 18! and active! To us : We are a mixed pack of german and polish players! That is not to say that players from other nations are not welcome! We are all over 18! very humorous , of course you should be too! Discord / teamspeak3 is not compulsory but if you feel like talking you are welcome! We have our own eb/kata group! If you are interested you can contact me ingame : Mokichen / Tvirus OR here at forum! Translation : google
  15. Casual legion recruiting

    Hey there, My name is Zhen and our legion <Only Wipes in Bathrooms> is recruiting new people. We are looking for friendly non-toxic people to run instances with. Right now, most of us are still trying to gear up so we're only running beginner instances, but once we're more geared we'll start doing harder ones. We started on this server about 2 months ago. Our legion consists of a small group of friends, 6 people at the moment. Our goal is not to become the biggest, strongest legion but more of a casual, laid back legion. A friendly place where everyone knows eachother. So we won't invite everyone we encounter, only people who are friendly & chill . We have some Hungarians and Dutch people in the legion but 90% of the time we'll be talking English. If this is what you're looking for, feel free to PM me ingame (Zhen) or add me on Discord Shao#1729.
  16. Sincerity zaprasza :)

    Legion Sincerity zaprasza w swoje szeregi wszystkich chętnych . Żadnych obowiązków ,wyłącznie dobra zabawa ,wspólne działanie oraz własny DC. Pokaż co potrafisz , a razem damy radę. Zapraszamy !
  17. Ciao a tutti, siamo una piccola gilda attualmente non competitiva dal punto di vista del PvP, ma tutti iniziano così, quindi non vedo il problema 😊 Non siamo pro Players esperti, ci piace scoprire e imparare, e non abbiamo problemi ad aiutare chi ne ha bisogno. Attualmente ci stiamo dedicando molto a livellare le professioni, quindi siamo anche una gilda di commercio, e pianifichiamo di espanderci anche in quel senso. Attualmente abbiamo alchimia e cucina sopra il 400, stiamo livellando weaponsmithing e tailoring, per poi dedicarci ad handicrafting e armorsmithing. Infine, anche crafting di mobili perchè non ci fa schifo. Nel momento in cui raggiungiamo un numero sufficiente di giocatori (o in generale se serve) pianifichiamo di creare un canale Discord. Non richiediamo obbligo di presenza, ma ovviamente se si è attivi è meglio. Per chi fosse interessato a unirsi, basta inviare una mail di gioco a Limur o a Skullreaper (meglio evitare i whisper perché se dovessero arrivare in un momento sbagliato e non si notano, rip). Hello everyone, we are a small and not-yet-competitive in PvP guild, but everyone starts like this, so I don't see the problem 😊 we aren't expert pro players, we like to discover and to learn, and we don't have any problem in helping who need. We are leveling up professions at the moment, so we are a commercial guild too, and we plan to expand in this field. We have alchemy and cooking over 400, we are leveling weaponsmithing and tailoring (which is almost 399), and then we plan to increase handicrafting and armorsmithing too. We doesn't dislike crafting of forniture, so we will probably increase it too, but it will be the last. When we will reach a high enough number of players (or generally if needed) we plan to create a Discord channel. We don't ask for an attendance obligation, but the more active you are, the better it is. For those interested in joining, you just need to send a mail to Limur or Skullreaper (it's better to avoid whispers, since it's easy to miss them).
  18. Die Legion "Die Zwergen Crew" sucht noch Aktive freundliche Member.Wir haben uns gegründet am 15.05.2020 und sind damit noch sehr frisch. Und freuen uns über jedes Mitglied was zum Aufbau einer Wohlfühl Atmosphäre dazu beiträgt.. Du bringst mit : Aktiviät Freundliches Verhalten Discord für Legions interne Informationen Teamspeak für Instanzen oder Gesellschaftliches Quatschen Charaktaer auf Eylos Seite Hilfsbereitschaft, Zusammenhalt, Spass am Spielen PvP oder PvE interessiert Wir bieten dir : Familiäres Verhältnis Freundliche MItglieder PvP sowie PVE Teamspeak3 (Voice) Discord (Schrift) Hilfsbereichtschaft , Zusammenhalt , Spass am Spielen. MItglieder Anzahl 15+ Alter 18+ Legionstufe Aktuell 5 Wir suchen Männliche sowie Weibliche Spieler. Damit natürlich auch unsere Damen sich nicht so allein fühlen. Zuerreichen sind wir ingame unter "Flowne" "Damion" "Crystally" "Shaygami" Wir freuen uns über jedes neue Mitglied was uns beim Aufbau einer netten Legion und Community beiträgt
  19. Recrutement Légion Française

    Bonjour à vous, la légion française "Shugo Style" PVP/PVE recrute des joueurs français actifs, légion créer par deux anciens joueurs d'Aion ( 2.7 ) et ancien RL. Conditions de recrutement: *La légion avant tout *Respect de chacun *Discord + micro OBLIGATOIRE *Etre majeur *Esprit famille et Teamplay *Etre connecter régulièrement Si toi aussi tu es un peu décaler du bocal mais que tu aimes jouer en équipe dans des condition correcte . Envoi un mp en jeu a Bernadette ou Chocovanilla. A bientôt

    Ciao! Siamo due "congiunti xd" che abbiamo da poco iniziato il gioco. Io ci ho giocato veramente poco 5 o addirittura 6 anni fa e mi ricordo quasi nulla. Siamo dei nerdoni quindi siamo piuttosto attivi. Eh nulla,se volete due nabbacci,scrivetemi. In game sono Irishina ^^
  21. Наберу 1-2 пака в легион, для фарма топ данжей и МассПВП. Нужны рукастые люди с устойчивой психикой и ясным взглядом на игру! Пишите в игре на ник Regy в вечернее время) АСМОСАЙД!!! P. S. - без связи в лег не принимаю(Discord) Цель на данном сервере - сделать независимое РУкомьюнити! Легатствую с ЕвроОффа, сервер Calindi /Urtem. Хочу повторить успех)
  22. Rape Promoting Legion Name

    Well I've been playing around a week in here and just today I saw that there is a legion called "UnconciusGirlsCantSayNo", so I decide to report it and saw that there already was a topic about it and the admin response was: I'm actually sickened about this kind of response, which, in case @TheAlmighty doesn't know, is a direct statement of support for raping... Dude, how can you be so naive to think this things are not offensive??? There is a reason why some words and actions are avoided and it is because its cultural weight is waaaay too much!!! You being oblivious of it doesnt make it better, it only shows your ignorance, which does not works as an excuse either for stating that this server promotes rape, even if you really dont, it's just the image you are giving. This is a really serious problem, troubling players are everywhere, but an administration that can't even understand the gravity of the problem is worth leaving and wasting a week of farming. Please @TheAlmighty reconsider your posture about this issue, because it is clearly much worse than what you think. I even invite you to see some episodes of "The law and order: Special Victims Unit" to get some sensitivity about the issue, it may come handy when administrating a 500+ people community.
  23. Looking for legion

    Hi all, Me and my friend just started playing and would be interested to join a legion that could advise newbie questions since I last played on retail 5 years ago and he is completely new. We are interested in both pve and pvp. In-game: Backstab
  24. Heyho wir suchen noch aktive Member für unsere Legion im Deutschsprachigen Raum würde mich Freuen wenn ihr Interesse habt und euch auf dem Discord meldet mit Freundlichen Grüßen Syntec/Banagapyre
  25. Hey Hey Ich suche hier eine deutschsprachige Legion! Ich hab zuletzt bis glaub knapp 5.4 auf den offizielen Servern gespielt. Angefangen auf dem alten Server Vehalla, später Loki. (dort aber Elyos). Dort war ich Main Cleric und hatte nebenbei noch Barde gespielt. Aber ich will gerne zurück zu den alten Strängen und ziehe mir hier ein Cleric hoch. Erfahrungen aus der 4.7 Zeit sind noch da als wären sie nie weg gewesen, sofern sich es hier nicht auf dem Server etwas geändert hat. Bin Interessiert an PvE und PvP, sehr gerne auch wieder Raids! Allgemein eine hilfsbereite Legion mit der ich all das alte neu erleben kann, würde mich sehr freuen x3 Ein paar Infos zu mir: 23 Jahre, arbeitend (daher nur nachmittags/abends da), Main Cleric, nicht TS Scheu (Nur mein Micro versagt manchmal ) Schreibt mich hier an oder wenn ich mich online erwischt gerne auch auf meinem Cleric. Ihr Name ist Erucca