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  1. Rape Promoting Legion Name

    @Lhax you may which to read what I just post, that actually have a screenshot of the post you linked. Also I invite you to read more on the toppic of "rape" and "cultural symbols" so you dont look like an idiot.
  2. Rape Promoting Legion Name

    Well I've been playing around a week in here and just today I saw that there is a legion called "UnconciusGirlsCantSayNo", so I decide to report it and saw that there already was a topic about it and the admin response was: I'm actually sickened about this kind of response, which, in case @TheAlmighty doesn't know, is a direct statement of support for raping... Dude, how can you be so naive to think this things are not offensive??? There is a reason why some words and actions are avoided and it is because its cultural weight is waaaay too much!!! You being oblivious of it doesnt make it better, it only shows your ignorance, which does not works as an excuse either for stating that this server promotes rape, even if you really dont, it's just the image you are giving. This is a really serious problem, troubling players are everywhere, but an administration that can't even understand the gravity of the problem is worth leaving and wasting a week of farming. Please @TheAlmighty reconsider your posture about this issue, because it is clearly much worse than what you think. I even invite you to see some episodes of "The law and order: Special Victims Unit" to get some sensitivity about the issue, it may come handy when administrating a 500+ people community.