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Found 4 results

  1. Evq and Danechka obivous cheating

    Hi, Just finished an amazing EoB (02/04 around 7:14pm) against the notorious Evq, Danechka and others. Notorious not for how good he is, but rather how people know him as a cheater already. I was myself very doubtfull about any people cheating in this server, but I just got an amazing experience. For the first time I witnessed a clean OS, the lifebar of my friend gladi (AP+15, plate, def Accs+3) went from 100% to 0 in a single frame. As a healer I'm used to seeing bars dropping pretty fast, but never in a single frame without a GS proc. So I checked my friend's logs, and what a surprise ! 5 damage spells from Evq (gunner) with a canon (not a weapon with which you can land 5 spells in less than 0.1sec), 3 from Danechka (gladi). I'll be blunt, at this point I'm looking for an investigation + ban, otherwise myself and friends will just find another server/game. I'm not investing time and money in a server that's protecting known cheaters. Regards
  2. Suspicious positions

    Hi, I don't usually create topics, and still less for complaining about a cheats, to be honnest, I have never been sure about a cheat until today. Here is a little tail. I just decided to get some Blood Medals by doing my weekly quests in Katalam, when I encounter 2 players from the ennemy faction ganking me (garrison 76), no problem, I decide to respawn in the Rhun temple, and chose another garrison (72th). How unfortunate ! I just encounter the same 2 players as I arrive and get the quests, and I get ganked a second time. Then I decide to instantly go for the 73th garrison, and after doing half a quest, I get ganked a third time, by the same 2 players. This is begining to grate on my nerves but let's say they can teleport this fast legitimately to my exact position 3 times in a row. Let's calm down and go to the 72th garrison, they can't travel there in such a short amount of time. Guess what ? 4th gank by the same 2 players in less than 30secs when I arrive. By the way, I never waited more than half a minute between a death and a TP to a new garisson. Here are the names : Ligeia and Lairiel, both from Heroes Of Legend legion. Would it please be possible to have any feedback about this issue ? PS : Your event is a great thing, and it should not be spoiled or abused by any cheater. Thanks in advance, Rcelenium.
  3. Hello, I suggest a review to the "Ikivada" player. What happened was that I killed myself with two super fast attacks. I honestly see it too much. I would like them to review those who use external tools because the speed with which my character died was extreme, I have a fairly good set to kill me like that, not even a general has ever killed me that quickly. His attacks were super fast being mecca I saw that it is as if he did not have animations or the animations were faster than normal. I suggest that he be reviewed and banned if they deem it appropriate or impose the corresponding sanction. Thanks in advance, I hope we all have a fairer gaming experience without external tools.
  4. Asarrow -cheater

    hello, recently I hit the PVP premade bridges with an Asarrow player, everything would be okay if it wasn't for the fact that my team died too soon. Interested in this, I checked the DPS PVP on ARM and the players' skills and the time they needed to use new skills. It was the most interesting thing with this gentleman, whom I do not greet personally. Is it possible to use a skill ---> auto attack ---> skill in a second and so every now and then ^ ^ answer yourself;>