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  1. W/M ingame Mokichen MAGIC PLUME > +4+5 6 Slot attackspeed book
  2. [GER/PL/ENG] TheRevenge

    The Legion "TheRevenge" is looking for new members! Requirements: You must be at least 18! and active! To us : We are a mixed pack of german and polish players! That is not to say that players from other nations are not welcome! We are all over 18! very humorous , of course you should be too! Discord / teamspeak3 is not compulsory but if you feel like talking you are welcome! We have our own eb/kata group! If you are interested you can contact me ingame : Mokichen / Tvirus OR here at forum! Translation : google

    can someone tell me where I get lym from or the pattern to morph ? thanks
  4. insult .....

    I'm not insulting you, am I? so who is the child?
  5. insult .....

    prove to me that you have a brain, exactly the same stupid questioncoron
  6. Hounding / AFK / Feelmycannon

    Not at all! wrote to everyone if the dmg is correct and the tank otherwise 1 key! everyone else agreed! and so it was done and if you are the cleri on purpose train and half of the instance afk you shouldn't be surprised to be kicked. But rushing is forbidden in my opinion, to say that ninja loote is wrong. English = Translater ^^
  7. Hounding / AFK / Feelmycannon

    alltime Hounding . come with use Sauro and than flame use and stay afk.

    I bought 1000 e coins today and bought it successfully but I did not receive any coins Has anyone ever had the same problem with Paysafecard? I also received an invoice via email ...