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    Sorry forgot to mention that, elyos side

    WTB BM Cloth Set (with or without harp) +10 with manastones YOUR wrap, pm/mail me in-game (Erwyn)
  3. Special maintenance 17.08

    Okay this is getting annoying. I understand that you're doing the best you can to fix it, don't get me wrong, but I've been trying to level my character using Value Boost Pack and half of the time is up (the 7d one mind you). I can't speak for everyone of course, but my gaming time is limited due to real life obligations and the little time I spend playing this game that I love - most of the time - it's DDoS attacks/restarts. We don't need another nurse event, we need some real compensation, there are people who pay for this server too not just freebies...
  4. Flying Pagati Survey

    Yeah true...
  5. Flying Pagati Survey

    I'm not talking about the mount, I know about the mount timer (can see it on the scooter too), I'm talking about the survey itself. Don't see any timer on it.
  6. Flying Pagati Survey

    That's just wrong... We should at least know when the survey is expiring so we can grab it before it expires. That is quite unfair, I don't understand what the issue is to be able to pick it up later or just notify us when it expires like some special survey before
  7. Flying Pagati Survey

    Hello. At level 30 I got the Flying Pagati mount survey, which I didn't accept since I still have the Scooter from the DDOS compensation. However I just got lvl 46 and the Flying Pagati survey has been gone. Is there a way for me to get it back? I really don't wanna lose the mount.
  8. Maintenance 12.07.2022

    Could you announce what changes you will make to the game?
  9. Triumphant Legion's War Steed

    Thanks a lot for the reply!
  10. Hello, I want to buy the Triumphant Legion's War Steed with eCoins but I'm not in any legion at the moment. Is this going to be a problem or the description of the mount is there because of the retail version of this mount (being purchased by legion coins)?