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  1. Legion ITA/ENG

    Winner of the first legion event is @kalandre! Gz!
  2. Legion ITA/ENG

    Pve-Pvp legion named Just Hit is actually recruiting. italian/english speaking players, any class, prefer lv 65 but any will be welcomed. we are experienced, friendly, mature and helpful legion, we use discord a lot and have a whatsapp group for coordination, you all only need one thing: deside to play in a group. we will do the rest, help you get gear, teach instances and provide tons of cookies. next week we plan to do legion events and funny challanges, with little prizes for the winners. Pm ellydaddy, ellyskyon or nikky for more info
  3. ely sin Owahl no animation

    this is a speedhack. 100%. the animation can be shorter then normal, it does work like that when u add scroll o atk speed weapons. the hack can speed up the animation beyond the cap ( 50%). that is the hack, free atk speed over the cap. obtain something that legit players cannot obtain. there is a no animation hack, but is different from this one. VIDEO IS SLOWED DOWN. if you cannot understand this, i'm left speechless
  4. [Event] Beritra Treasures

    How new player are supposed to get something out of this event ? Please consider to spread the chest spawning in more spots, and for the nyerk sake, add mithyc Idian to the drop pool, ppl need those and it will be better then temperings. By adding Idian of the max level u can help ppl gear out and do instances. So it is a good way to help new comers with items that disappear once used and cannot be abused. Glorious elim Idian magic is the same as +5 up on a weapon, + nice m ACC and crit. At the end of the event everyone will be happy. There is already a way to obtain temperings in the core drop of the game. Add potions, add Idians, add reset scrolls, or supplements. Those are nice items for newcomers. Blood marks, ancient coin, karhun are sought after and will give u more active players then temperings imho.