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  1. no one noticed!

    Oh Ok. Feel free to delete to delete this topic then.
  2. noob question

    Thanks Chusheen! A pity there is no options of obtaining other classes skills. Like maybe by doing some masochistic quest or something. Even if its only a few skills or just one skill, it would still make the game much more varied and fun. P.S. : I like your topic in the Guides section. Click, Click.
  3. noob question

    Then why are they there? Hope whoever answers next is not so short on words.
  4. noob question

    Hello, I see a purchasable skills from different class in the shop. That means that any class can learn all of them?
  5. Hello, Having played Aion for a few days, I have a suggestion, - make possible to turn off/on the "quest tracker" window. Either by a key binding, or from the options menu. It takes a lot of screenspace, and while its possible to minimize it and it is useful, I do not always want it on my screen. I searched through the web and found that it should be possible turn it off from the options menu but havent found any such options on the client. The same suggestion about the "World" Chat Tab. There is no way to turn it off. It would be real nice to at least be able to stick it to the rest of the tabs in a chat window. Come on guys, EuroAion is THE best Aion server on the web, better then even the official servers this days. A player should have more freedom in managing their interface. Best Regards, Sefhet
  6. Player Reports

    Issue 1: player by the name "Vasyazhidkiystul" is using offensive language. By having a name. "Vasyazhidkiystul" is "Vasya zhidki" stul" is russian transliterated for "Vasilii's liquid shit". "Vasilii" itself is a russian common name. Screenshot attached. Issue 2: player "just" is using HEAVY vulgar language. Screenshots attached. All screenshots were taken on April 25 in the evening to around midnight by EST. P.S. : I dont care what people say in whisper, - its possible to block it. Nor do I care what when its on local level, - "dont touch so that it doesnt smell" so to say. But when its a global message its a bit to much. P.P.S. : Same principle with strange player names. When you meet a player who has a name like "jkadsfghkafjsdgh" that spoils the feeling of immersion. When you meet "liquid...", forget about immersion, its not about it anymore.
  7. Hello When choosing a method to download client the optional download from a file storage server is not there. Screenshot attached. I mean EuroAion downloader is good but doesnt always provide stable output. So downloading 42GB of data can take up to 3-4 hours.
  8. Quest Tracker Stuck?

    Thanks Budixx! As I understand there is no option to completely turn of the window? Its transparent, but I still dont like it there taking screen space.
  9. Quest Tracker Stuck?

    Hello! Im new to the server and to the game, so perhaps i dont understand something, Still, - in-game there is something called quest tracker - transparent window on the right of the screen with tracked, recommended, zone, level, recent, tabs in it. Its fine and wonderful to have it there when i want it. Not so fine and wonderful when i cant turn it off. I searched the web for a solution. Found out that its possible to turn it off in the game settings->interface. But i have not found any such options. Please help to turn it off. Best Regards, Sefhet