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  1. No e-coins

  2. No e-coins

    Just bought e-coins using Enot and bankcard and didn't get them. Also I cannot PM Admin as it says to do so.
  3. Yes, it was Avast!. Whitelisting is not enough, it needs to be shut off to update. Problem solved.
  4. Hello I have seen few people had problem with the client downloading more data than it need. I got this problem since December, tried many times to reinstall the client, game files too and it didn't work. Also I tried to whitelist the game files and executables in Avast and firewall but it never ever helped too. I there any possibility I did something wrong or could I try something else? Did any of you manage to solve this problem? sory for asking again about the same problem but your support seems to copy/paste the same message. Have a nice day!