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    А есть какие ни будь доказательства? просто не был у компьютера порядка 2х недель и тут по приезду домой обнаруживается такой "Сюрприз"
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    I spoke with admins about this idea over a year ago, they strictly said NO because of "Reasons". But I do think it would be fair. I have 5 characters and all of them took different amounts of Katas to get 6/6. Some took around 100, other just 12 runs for a full 6/6. I know people who went almost 200 times and still didn't get full set. Personally, I wouldn't find it "unfair" to those who did 100+ runs to get a full set. Exchanging 100 Hyperion pieces for a piece is a fair idea.
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    И учитывая последние сообщения форума сюда явно уже месяц люди не заходили
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    Hello! Your suggestion has been forwarded to the Administration.