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    Please fix the dodging issues in arenas and other pvp instances. We have one (1) try at pvp instances daily, and getting instant win because of no opponent, or having opponents join and then leave again before the instance even starts is incredibly frustrating.
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    Hello, THe server doesn't call players for using bad words or kick you out of the team. If you have troubles with players, it is either the player or you causing them, not the server. On the screenshots provided, there's nothing to set sanctions for, there is no punishment for whisper chat (you can block the player in game) and no punishment for kicking out of the group.
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    we can provide name of his toons on asmo and ely side they are aroun 50 !!! and he is 24/7 on the mobs
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    Because whos gonna be watching low skill, boring-ass people do boring and repetitive stuff that everyone does on a daily basis.