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  1. Dodging in pvp instances

    Several people do, but you always end up meeting the same 10-12 people over and over again bcs nobody else is up for it w/o rewards (1v1, 3v3 and 6v6). The point still stands, why have the possibility to apply for a pvp instance if you don't intend to pvp or only want to pick easy fights.
  2. Dodging in pvp instances

    The traders will just trade even more rampantly to ensure season reward. Atm it feels very funny having any sort of monthly reward for the "top pvp players" as it's just rewards for whoever dodges/feeds themselves the most, but I also agree with Khana - if they remove rewards it'll probably kill the last semblance of pvp left on this server. Idk any good solution either, it's a massive player mentality issue at this point. Can't join a lfg group for anything bcs 90% of them are dodging first couple of entries "just to be on the safe side" - absolutely ridiculous. It shouldn't be possible to apply for pvp instances if one does not actually want to play the game. Just log out then.
  3. [Changes] Glory and Legion Rankings

    1. Amateur 2. Elyos Army 1-Star Officer 3. Soldier Rank 1
  4. Fix the dodge issue

    @Christof It sounds like you're not aware, but as NancyFox writes several times in discord there seems to be some internal discussion/work on this already: "We are working on a solution to this problem. We hope to fix this soon." https://discord.com/channels/416536675989323776/486932129800781825/825624117150482443 "Many people ask to make sure that the entrance to the arena cannot be refused. My personal opinion is that the introduction of this function will lead to the fact that players will be more serious about submitting applications to the arena." https://discord.com/channels/416536675989323776/486932129800781825/825651774341775380 "This problem cannot be fixed in 2 days, sorry. Our programmers try to do their best. However, on the PTS client, the changes made are minimal and they must be made very carefully so as not to damage the system and not make even more mistakes. We hope for your patience and understanding." https://discord.com/channels/416536675989323776/486932129800781825/833599750128795668 As Argothon linked above, the topic has been brought up several times with several different suggestions for how to fix it. Being instantly ported inside is probably the best solution (if you have to go afk you have to cancel queue) since people will be forced to fight if they want their entry's worth, but other servers have also implemented getting the arena ticket refunded if no opponents. This wouldn't fix the issue in 6v6 and 12v12, though.
  5. Fix the dodge issue

    It's true the ladder exacerbates the problem, but the GP reset has made it a lot worse and it now also extends to 6v6 and 12v12 where it didn't use to be as much of a problem, so removing ladder won't really do much at this point. Dodging was also a problem on retail - I had quite a few times where enemies would leave arena after seeing my group and there were complaints in the official forums from other groups who had the same issue. Or when you could see opponent names at the start of 6v6 some groups would apply with a burner character that would check if the entry was "safe" and the rest would not enter if they didn't think they could win. Tldr; as long as there are loopholes, people will abuse the system. Ladder is nice because it promotes a bit of competition, but atm that competition is more about whether you didn't get dodged or not which is just silly. Arguably, if you remove the pvp ladder the only ranking will be the abyss rank which will not help anyone (rank tryhards will still dodge, ladder tryhards might quit since there are almost no good fights to be had anyway). Screenshot attached from discipline yesterday btw
  6. Any info on this? Other questions: - Is it best of 3 or is it just 1 match per team matchup? - "Any accessories higher than Blood Marks" does this apply to pvp accessories only, or also defensive accessories like crafted, sauro or hyperion?
  7. Aion patch version

    yes ofc, though runa with kunax was also not that pvp friendly (you can almost afk until kunax spawns and then just full burst it and win) it's generally preferable to camp flips, items, bombs and npcs. but still, we could have the best pvp instances ever but most players on euroaion don't want to go there for some reason, and a big percentage of those who do want to go would dodge opponents they don't want to fight.
  8. Aion patch version

    More pvp instances would be great, but these would be empty/plagued by dodgers too. The lack of pvp is a player mentality problem, not a patch problem.
  9. Server restart

    Does this also go for arena tickets? I was sitting on 8 discipline tickets as I hadn't had time to go in a while, but the time on all of those will have run out by next friday. Are you finally fixing the pvp instance dodging issues?
  10. Results of the January game season

    Please fix the dodging issues in arenas and other pvp instances. We have one (1) try at pvp instances daily, and getting instant win because of no opponent, or having opponents join and then leave again before the instance even starts is incredibly frustrating.
  11. Remove entry item from Katalamize

    Deleting the entry item would remove a big kinah source for many players, though. Boosting the drop rate would be a better solution imo
  12. You can run kkm comfortably as asmo these days to gear if you don't fancy looking for an eb/swb premade. Atm ow pvp is not the worst, but pvp instances are kinda... in any sort of arena you risk getting dodged for w/e reason, and in tdred & eob/jmr there aren't that many static groups (but I suppose that's alright for a solo player). Pve wise there's tons of people doing basically everything so you shouldn't have problems there either.
  13. Arena Tickets

    Agreed, same for 3v3. Can you please also do something about empty/instant win 6v6 and 12v12... the dodging tactic to try to win pvp ladder or w/e is getting ridiculous.
  14. This will not be true until you fix the dodging problems currently plaguing all pvp instances. Atm one can only hope one will 1) get opponents at all, 2) that those opponents will stay inside the instance, and, in the luxury of both conditions 1 and 2 being met; 3) that they will actually fight. In the case of arenas, one additionally has to hope that 4) the opponents will not leave before the arena starts (effectively wasting tickets as this gives no points), or 5) (in the case of 3v3) that the opponents will not "punish" the winning team with only 1 or 2 players leaving (rewarding as little as 0.001 points). A thread on this topic was opened 2 months ago, and the problem has only become worse since then. Please fix your pvp instance system.
  15. Ascertainment

    But as I said there are already more elyos than asmodians in open world and in faction based pvp instances, despite elyos not having forts lately. The point is, the admins can do very little about elyos siege participation. If elyos don't want to join sieges it's a player mentality problem and not an administration problem.