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      No war! Нет войне!   03/01/2022

      Dear players, the project does not support the criminal actions of Russia towards Ukraine!
      Everyone can stop this meaningless war and must do everything for it.
      If you're in Russia, stop listening to propaganda! Use alternative information resources. The reality is not what you receive.
      Please, think about the future of your country and do all you can! Now the access to the forum is limited for the users with Russian IP addresses. For these users, there's redirection to the other resource with the addressing speech to the Russian citizens.
      This is the decision of the hosting holding our forum and we cannot influence it.

      However, do not make the chat totally offensive. Please, do not raise this topic in the game or we will have to set punishments.
        Уважаемые пользователи сервера, мы категорически не поддерживаем преступные действия РФ в отношении Украины!
      Каждый кто может остановить эту бессмысленную войну должен сделать для этого все.
      Если вы находитесь в России, перестаньте слушать пропаганду! Посмотрите альтернативные источники которых достаточно. Реальность совсем не такая, как вам подносится.
      Пожалуйста, задумайтесь о будущем вашей же страны и сделайте все что в ваших силах!

      Сейчас доступ к форуму ограничен для пользователей с русскими IP. Происходит редирект на сторонний ресурс с обращением к гражданам РФ.
      Это позиция хостинга где находится наш форум, мы на это не влияем. Но, пожалуйста, давайте не превращать чат в игре в сплошные оскорбления. Пожалуйста, не затрагивайте эту тему в игре, иначе мы будем вынуждены выдавать наказания.    


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    As the server administration doesn't seem to be willing or motivated to create a PVP tournament I am hosting one myself. Link of the bracket Stream will be available here Informations : Standard 1v1 tournament Start time : 8 december - 17H30h INGAME TIME (players must be ready and present at the designated start time) Follow the instructions on the following link; https://www.imgur.com/6LpSSGB Rules : 5 min between each round Bo3 for every match, Bo5 semi-finals and finals No Block, Magic Resist or Magic Suppresion gear. (your details have to be opened - if we see any abuse the player will be disqualified) No invicible potions and xforms Skill restrictions : No DP allowed, no foreign buff! Ranger - Sleep Arrow Sorcerer - Wintry Armor, Boon of Iron-Clad (except against magical class) Spiritmaster - Curse of Fire / Water , Spirit Substitution , 1 fear per round vs cleric Assassin - Spelldodging , Calming Whisper (vs cloth and leather class), Sensory Boost (vs magical class) Templar - Iron Skin , Holy Shield (vs sin), Aether Armor Gladiator - Wall of Steel (except against spiritmasters) Chanter - Aetheric Field / Word of Spellstopping and Word of Quickness (except against spiritmasters) Aethertech - Absorbing Reflector Shield Rewards :: 1st place: 1000 ecoins 2nd place: 250 ecoins 3rd place: 100 ecoins To sign up you must give the following informations : Name - Class ex : Nxz - Assassin PM me on discord (Nxz#7639.) or in comments on this post. You can participate in the tournament with multiple characters. If you have anything to ask or want to suggest anything, pls pm on discord See ya
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    Good day dear players! As many of you know, the server started its work 2 month ago. First time the number of Asmodians was higher, now the situation is vice versa. We are not interested in a strong imbalance of factions, because we know what it leads to. Therefore, from today we are starting a promotion for all new players who start their way on our server! Each new Asmo player at the start of the game will receive at its disposal: Full premium account: Boosts insignias earned in all Crucible instances by 20%. Boosts AP earned by PvP and PvE by 20%. Boosts Energy of Repose XP bonus (by 50%), which makes it into Strong Energy of Repose. Boosts Energy of Repose recharge speed (by 2 times). 5 items of premium account are issued, each for 1 day. You can activate all 5 items at once (premium time will be prolonged), or leave the packs for later. But keep in mind, each premium item occupies a separate cell in your inventory. Administrator's Boon (7-day pass) Cancels any Soul Sickness or XP loss following death. Also, the cost for flight transport or teleportation is reduced to 1 Kinah. For improved soul healing, an additional fee will be charged. This item lasts for 7 days. Ruddytail Heorn (7 days) Movement Speed 12.8 Flight Speed 16.0 Sprint effect available Sprint Movement Speed 15.2 Flight Time Consumed per Second -8.0 These items are issued for only one character on the account! All items are untradeable. The promotion is in progress until 29.12.2019 inclusively. In case the situation gets better earlier, the promotion will be stopped! It can be extended as well! If the promotion does not help in attracting players to the Asmo side, more drastic measures will be taken, in the form of transfers from race to race and complete closure of registration for Ely side. But we would not like to do this, as every day 100+ accounts are registered on the server. And don't forget, that in addition to the bonuses for Asmodians, there are bonuses for all new players on the server! We are waiting for you on the dark side! Enjoy the game! Pay attention! the reward is available only until level 10! As soon as you reach the 10th level, the poll with rewards will disappear! So don't forget to take the rewards during your first 9 levels!
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    Hello, here i have a player from asmo side insulting in allychat, regards.
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    How is that name allowed to exist? Literally promoting rape? Are we serious here? This isn't funny at all...
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    I am not sure if its even worth explaining to you however I will try to briefly when you write things such as that legion name in virtual space you and people you know might take it as a joke and will move on (maybe laugh at it?) however you are not able to control who sees the name and for some people it might not be just a joke (and not to mention different age groups and social/economical/geographical groups are playing game - which also included states where raping is trivialized and not taken seriously.) So @Admin @TheAlmighty please take the relevant actions needed and punish people who made this legion and if theres nothing going to happen theres plenty of ways to report this to different authorities
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    People who created this legion could be nice as much as they want however that does not excuse them from promoting rape culture in virtual space. The name of the legion is very clear and should be in no way tolerated.